70 Most Funny Among Us Jokes

Welcome aboard the SS Hilarity, the only spaceship in the galaxy where the emergency meetings are for punchlines, not peril. Buckle up as we defy the laws of gravity with our humor – and remember, in space, no one can hear you chuckle, but here, we’ll make sure your laughter is louder than a supernova!

Among Us One-Liner Jokes

1. “In ‘Among Us,’ an impostor’s best tool is a poker face.”

2. “‘Among Us’ crewmates never play cards; they can’t deal with a bad hand.”

3. “Why was the ‘Among Us’ game so quiet? Because the ‘mute’ button was on.”

4. “In space, no one can hear you sus.”

5. “An ‘Among Us’ player’s favorite vegetable? Sus-squash.”

6. “Why don’t impostors like weekends? Too many witnesses.”

7. “‘Among Us’: Where ‘trust me’ is always a lie.”

8. “Playing ‘Among Us’ is like a box of chocolates, you never know who you’re gonna eject.”

9. “In ‘Among Us,’ the only thing deeper than space is the deception.”

10. Why do ‘Among Us’ players excel at school? They’re great at passing blame.”

Among Us Joke

11. “An impostor’s favorite activity? A game of deceit and seek.”

12. “What’s a crewmate’s favorite hobby? Space-crafting.”

13. “‘Among Us’ strategy: If in doubt, vent it out.”

14. “In ‘Among Us,’ every meeting is a wild guess party.”

15. “Why are ‘Among Us’ players bad poets? They always sus-pect the rhyme.”

16. Playing ‘Among Us’: Where ‘I was in electrical’ is the new ‘I was in the bathroom.’

17. “An impostor’s favorite place? Anywhere but the truth.”

18. “‘Among Us’ logic: When in doubt, eject someone out.”

19. “Why don’t impostors have friends? They tend to stab them in the back.”

20. In ‘Among Us,’ it’s not a bug, it’s a feature – unless you’re the impostor.

Best Among Us Puns

21. Why do “Among Us” players make terrible soccer players?
They keep ejecting their teammates.

22. How do “Among Us” crewmates fix a broken light?
They don’t, they just call a meeting about it.

23. What’s an impostor’s favorite snack in “Among Us”?
Sus-picious cookies.

24. Why was the “Among Us” player bad at hide and seek?
He was always spotted near the vents.

25. What do “Among Us” players do when they’re cold?
They stand in the corner, it’s always 90 degrees.

26. Why don’t “Among Us” impostors use calendars?
Their days are always numbered.

27. What’s an “Among Us” crewmate’s favorite type of chips?

28. Why did the “Among Us” player bring a ladder to the game?
To reach new heights of suspicion.

29. What do you call an honest “Among Us” player?
A crew-truth.

30. Why was the “Among Us” meeting so long?
Everyone was rambling in circles.

Among Us Joke


31. How do “Among Us” players write secret messages?
In invisible ink.

32. Why was the “Among Us” impostor a bad comedian?
His jokes were too predictable.

33. What’s the hardest task in “Among Us”?
Trying not to look sus.

34. Why don’t “Among Us” crewmates like knock-knock jokes?
They always think it’s an impostor knocking.

35. What do you call a group of friends playing “Among Us”?
A sus-pectacular gathering.

36. Why did the “Among Us” impostor go to school?
To learn how to vent better.

37. What’s a crewmate’s favorite type of movie in “Among Us”?
Suspense thrillers.

38. Why don’t “Among Us” players like to share?
They’re afraid of being called sus.

39. How does an “Among Us” player catch a squirrel?
They climb a tree and act like a nut.

40. What do you call a very small crewmate in “Among Us”?
A mini-mate.

Funniest Among Us Jokes

41. Why are ghosts in “Among Us” so bad at lying?
Because you can see right through them.

42. What’s an impostor’s favorite magic trick in “Among Us”?
Disappearing into the vent.

43. Why was the “Among Us” crewmate afraid of the dark?
He couldn’t see who was sus.

44. What do you call a detective in “Among Us”?
An investi-gator.

45. Why are “Among Us” crewmates bad at keeping secrets?
They always end up in a meeting.

46. How do impostors in “Among Us” write their diary?
In code, so no one vents their secrets.

47. Why did the “Among Us” crewmate go to therapy?
He had too many trust issues.

48. What’s a ghost’s favorite task in “Among Us”?
Phant-om wiring.

49. Why did the “Among Us” player bring a map to the game?
He was lost in suspicion.

50. What’s an impostor’s favorite dance move in “Among Us?
The back-stab.

51. How do you know if a ghost is lying in “Among Us”?
You don’t; they’re always transparent.

52. Why did the crewmate stay away from MedBay in “Among Us”?
He had a fear of injections.

53. What’s an impostor’s favorite kind of art?
Abstract sus-picion.

54. Why was the “Among Us” crewmate so good at yoga?
He was flexible with his alibis.

55. What do “Among Us” players do when they get lost?
They call a meeting.

Among Us Joke


56. Why was the “Among Us” meeting held in space?
To give everyone some breathing room.

57. How do “Among Us” players tell ghost stories?
“Once upon a vent…”

58. What do you call an “Among Us” player who’s good at hiding?
A sus-vivor.

59. Why don’t “Among Us” impostors play cards?
They can’t deal with the truth.

60. What do you call a crewmate who’s always calm?
A medita-mate.

61. “In ‘Among Us,’ the only thing higher than
the stakes is the spaceship.”

62. “Why are ‘Among Us’ players bad at secrets?
They always vent.”

63. “‘Among Us’: Where ‘seeing red’
has a whole new meaning.”

64. “Why don’t ‘Among Us’ impostors like daylight?
They thrive in sus-picion.”

65. “In ‘Among Us,’ a closed door
can open a can of worms.”

66. “Why was the ‘Among Us’ ghost lonely?
It couldn’t participate in meetings.”

67. “‘Among Us’ strategy: When in doubt,
blame the quiet one.”

68. “Playing ‘Among Us’:
Where trust is more scarce than oxygen.”

69. “In ‘Among Us,’ honesty is not just the best policy,
it’s the only way to not get ejected.”

70. “Why do ‘Among Us’ players hate autumn?
Too many leaves to sus out.”


Thanks for joining our ‘Among Us’ joke journey! Remember, in space, no one can hear you chuckle. Keep laughing and stay sus out there!


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