100 Funniest Attack on Titan Jokes

In a world of big Titans and brave fighters, we’ve got jokes that’ll surely delighters. With a wink and a nod to our favorite show, here are some laughs, ready to go!

Attack on Titan One-Liner Jokes

1. If Eren opens a store, it would be “Jaeger Bombastic!”

2. When Titans play basketball, it’s always a slam “chomp.”

3. Levi’s cleaning products? They’re a “kick” above the rest!

4. Hange’s glasses? Because two eyes just aren’t enough for science!

5. Sasha’s diet tip: “Why have salad, when there’s potato?

6. Why did Armin bring sunscreen? To avoid a “colossal” burn!

7. Jean: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the horse-face of them all?”

8. Historia’s autobiography? “Too Short to Reign.”

9. Connie’s hair salon? Bald and Bold Barbers.

10. When Mikasa wears her scarf in summer, Eren says it’s “hot-tachment issues.”

11. Annie’s rock collection? Just one, but it’s a biggie!

12. Erwin’s favorite game? “Arm” wrestling, obviously.

13. Reiner’s therapy group: “Split Personality Survivors.”

14. When Bertholdt sweats, he’s just “steaming off.”

15. Why did the Marleyan bring a ladder? To get a taste of Eldian cuisine!

16. Levi’s favorite song? Kick-start My Heart.

17. Eren’s favorite game? “Break the Wall.”

18. Zeke’s tip for a good hair day? “Beast it out!”

19. Floch’s hair salon slogan? Redhead Ahead!

20. When asked about their favorite season, Titans always say: “Snack time!

Attack on Titan Joke

21. Levi’s preferred coffee? “Espresso-cleano.”

22. Eren’s biggest fear? Basement termites!

23. Mikasa’s favorite game? “Tethered to Eren.”

24. Armin’s sunscreen? SPF “Colossal.”

25. Sasha’s bakery? “Breads & Spuds.”

26. Why did the Titan get glasses? To see the snack-sized humans better!

27. Jean’s favorite song? “Wild Horses” (because he can relate).

28. Hange’s idea of a light snack? Titan “jellybeans.”

29. Annie’s favorite dance? The “stone-cold shuffle.”

30. What’s Historia’s go-to karaoke song? Short People Got No Reason to Live.

31. Why was Erwin a good baseball player? He had a strong “arm.”

32. Connie’s favorite comedy? Anything about hair growth!

33. Reiner’s motivational book? “How to Live Double.”

34. Why did Zeke always win at hide-and-seek? He had “ape-titude.”

35. Levi’s cleaning motto? “If you’re going to kick dust, make sure it’s up!”

36. What’s the Titans’ favorite snack? “A-pe-tizers.”

37. Mikasa’s favorite sewing stitch? The “Eren-broidery.”

38. Armin’s favorite tea? “Titan-size” Earl Grey.

39. What’s Eren’s favorite fruit? “Wall-termelon.”

40. Why did the Titan bring a spoon to dinner? He heard there was a “human stew.”

Best Attack on Titan Puns

41. Why did Eren attend the music school?
Because he wanted to master the “basement”!

42. Why did Armin get kicked out of the library?
He couldn’t stop “book”ering about Titans!

43. How does Captain Levi clean his house?
With “precise and efficient” sweeps!

44. Why was Mikasa bad at hide and seek?
Because Eren always knew where she was, even when she didn’t want him to!

45. Why did Historia start a farm?
Because she wanted to “reign” over chickens!

46. How do Titans like their steaks?
Giant-sized and raw!

47. Why did Erwin become a teacher after the war?
Because he had an “arm” for raising hands in class!

48. Why did Jean audition for a horse movie?
Because everyone told him he had the “face” for it!

49. What did the Titan say after eating a human?
Tastes just like chicken!

50. Why didn’t Sasha ever become a Titan?
Because she was too busy chasing after the next big “potato!

51. How do the Scouts make their tea?
In a Levi!

52. Why did Reiner have so many secrets?
Because he was always “split” between two worlds!

53. What do you call a Titan who tells jokes?
A “Chuckle” Titan!

54. Why did Hange wear glasses?
So she could see the world “titanically”!

55. What did Connie say during the haircut?
“Short in the front, Spike in the back!”

Attack on Titan Joke

56. Why did the Titan cross the wall?
To eat the humans on the other side!

57. How do Titans flirt?
They give you a “big” smile!

58. Why didn’t Annie go to the dance?
She was too busy being a “rock”!

59. What’s Zeke’s favorite game?
Catch! But only with rocks!

60. Why was the Marleyan army so bad at baseball?
Because every time they pitched, Eren would transform!

61. Why does Hange love morning coffee?
It’s the only thing that “perks” her up more than Titans!

62. Why doesn’t Bertholdt need an alarm clock?
He’s already a “blast” to wake up!

63. Why did Mikasa bring Eren to the magician’s show?
She wanted to make sure he didn’t “disappear” this time!

64. What’s Levi’s favorite dance?
The “kickline”!

65. Why is Hange the best at poker?
Because she always plays her “four eyes”!

66. Why was Bertholdt bad at secrets?
Because he always felt the need to “explode” with information!

67. Why does Mikasa love winter?
Because it’s another reason to be “wrapped up” with Eren!

68. What did Levi say when he saw a dusty Eren?
“Looks like you need a kick… of freshness!”

69. Why was Hange always in trouble in school?
Too busy “experimenting” with the rules!

70. Why did Bertholdt get jealous at the park?
Annie was “rocking” without him!

Most Funny Attack on Titan Jokes

71. Why did Eren refuse to join the cook-off?
He heard they were making a “Marleyan” stew!

72. How do Titans like their humans?
Well-done, but they sometimes get them “rare”!

73. Why was Mikasa always prepared for winter?
She had her “scarf” game on point!

74. Why did Levi never play basketball?
He always went for the “clean sweep” instead of a dunk!

75. How do the Scouts like their coffee?
On the rocks, with a dash of “Titan”!

76. What did Armin say when he became a Colossal Titan?
“Looks like I’ve got some big shoes to fill!”

77. Why did Jean hate looking in the mirror?
He felt it was a bit too “horse-faced”!

78. Why couldn’t Bertholdt keep a secret?
Because he always “burst” out with the truth!

79. When Hange started a comedy club, what was it called?
“Titanic Laughs!”

80. Why was Historia always at the top of her class?
Because she knew how to “rule”!

81. What do you call a Titan on a diet?
“Lean” Titan!

82. How does Levi handle stress?
By giving it a good “spin”!

83. Why did Eren hate doing math?
Too many “divisions” reminded him of the military!

84. Why did Sasha never eat seafood?
Because she didn’t want to trade potatoes for “fish sticks”!

85. Why was Connie always in a hurry?
Because he didn’t want to “miss” out!

Attack on Titan Joke

86. Why did the Survey Corps bring instruments to the field?
They wanted to play “beats” for the Titans!

87. What’s a Titan’s favorite type of play?
A “chomp-edy”!

88. How did Annie feel at the reunion?
She was stoned!

89. Why was Zeke bad at hide and seek?
He always left a “trail of rocks” behind!

90. What’s Reiner’s favorite musical?
“Two-Faced” on Broadway!

91. Why did Mikasa bring Eren to the fabric store?
Because she heard they were having a sale on “attachments”!

92. Why did Eren dislike soccer?
Every time he missed a goal, Levi was there to give him a “kick”!

93. Why did Hange need four eyes?
Two to study Titans and the other two to keep an eye on her experiments escaping!

94. Why did Bertholdt hate the summer?
People kept asking if he was “Bertholdt enough” to handle the heat!

95. Why did Mikasa get kicked out of the bakery?
Every time they said they were “short on rolls,” she’d yell, “Where’s Eren?!”

96. Why does Eren avoid karaoke with Levi?
Because every time he’s out of tune, Levi gives a new meaning to “hitting the high notes”!

97. Why does Hange always bring spare glasses to Titan fights?
In case things get “spectacularly” out of hand!

98. Why did Bertholdt never use a doorbell?
Because he preferred to make a “colossal” entrance!

99. Why did Mikasa join the track team?
To always be “running” after Eren!

100. Why doesn’t Eren play tag with Levi anymore?
Because “kick” is always Levi’s response to “you’re it!”


As the Titans loom large and our heroes stand tall, it’s humor that reminds us of the lighter side in us all. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just passing through, these “Attack on Titan” jokes are our gift to you. Remember, even in the fiercest battles, a good laugh can be the best kind of rattle


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