80 Most Funny Balloons Jokes

Balloons are a symbol of celebration, joy, and sometimes, a good laugh! From parties to parades, they float into our lives and add a touch of whimsy.

Dive into these buoyant jokes about balloons, and you may find yourself rising above the everyday with a smile, or at the very least, not letting these puns burst your bubble!

Balloons One-Liner Jokes

1. I wanted to tell a balloon joke, but it might just float over your head.

2. Trust issues? Get a balloon; they stand up until they’re popped.

3. Balloon arguments always end in a blowout.

4. Balloons are the only thing that can blow up and become more popular!

5. Ever tried writing with a broken balloon? It’s pointless.

6. In a relationship with a balloon? Better not get attached!

7. Why are balloons so wise? They always rise above it all.

8. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity balloons – it’s impossible to put down!

9. Want to hear a construction joke? Oh, never mind, I’m still working on that balloon.

10. Tried to start a hot air balloon business but it never took off.

Balloons joke

11. Helium balloons are for people who want to rise above the ordinary.

12. I told a joke about a balloon, but it was too inflated.

13. Why are balloon lovers always so happy? They never let themselves down.

14. Balloon artists really know how to twist things around.

15. Went to a balloon convention, but it was a total blow-up.

16. Why don’t balloons ever get stressed? They always know how to let off steam.

17. I used to be a balloon artist, but I got tired of people bursting my bubble.

18. Why did the balloon go to school? To get a little lighter!

19. Ever met a talking balloon? It’ll just float the conversation.

20. Want to hear my balloon joke? Never mind, it’s over-inflated.

Best Balloons Puns

21. Why did the balloon go near the needle?
It wanted to be a “pop” star!

22. What do you call a cat that loves balloons?
A “purr-inflated” feline!

23. Why don’t balloons ever get invited to parties?
Because they always pop up uninvited!

24. What did the balloon say to the pin?
“I think you’re just my type, but we need to take it slow or things might get out of hand!”

25. Why did the balloon refuse to make friends with the needle?
It knew that it was just going to be a point of contention!

26. How do balloons send secret messages?
They use “inflate-mail!”

27. What’s a balloon’s least favorite type of music?
Pop music, of course!

28. Why was the balloon feeling down?
It was just let go by someone it was attached to!

29. What do you call a balloon that’s tired of floating?
A deflate-ist!

Balloon joke

30. How do you catch a squirrel?
Climb a tree and act like a helium balloon!

31. Why did the balloon go to school?
To get a little lighter and rise to the top of its class!

32. What did the grape say to the balloon?
“Stop whining, you’ll never be a bottle of champagne!”

33. What did the balloon say to its child?
“Just hang on tight, and you’ll never feel deflated!”

34. What’s a balloon’s favorite kind of cake?
Sponge cake – because it’s light and airy!

35. Why don’t balloons make good comedians?
They always burst out laughing at their own jokes!

36. What did one balloon say to the other?
“I’m feeling a little deflated today. How about you?”

37. Why did the balloon factory worker get fired?
He kept blowing up his responsibilities!

38. What’s the best way to communicate with a balloon?
Just inflate its ego, and it will open up to you!

39. Why do balloons never argue with their spouses?
They just don’t want to burst each other’s bubbles!

40. How do you write a book about balloons?
Just inflate the plot and tie up the ending!

41. What’s a balloon’s favorite type of dance?
The bop – they just love to pop and lock!

42. Why did the balloon cross the road?
To show it could rise above the rest!

43. How do you keep a balloon from drifting away?
Tie it down, or it might just pop in to visit the neighbors!

44. What’s a balloon’s favorite weather?
A gentle breeze – it takes them wherever they please!

45. Why did the balloon visit the bank?
To get a new savings inflation plan!

46. How do you know when a balloon is at your door?
You feel a little pressure, and then it pops in!

47. What do you call a balloon filled with ice cream?
A chilly reception at a summer party!

48. Why did the balloon make a great friend?
It was always uplifting!

49. What’s a balloon’s favorite place to hang out?
The living room – lots of air, no sharp objects!

50. How do you make a balloon dog?
Very carefully – one wrong move, and it could “paws” a problem!

Funniest Balloons Jokes

51. Why did the balloon go on a diet?
It wanted to lose a little inflation!

52. How do you make a balloon stop chasing you?
Pop its enthusiasm!

53. Why was the balloon so proud?
It was on top of the world, until it got deflated by reality!

54. What did the rude balloon say to the party guest?
“I’m tired of hanging around you!”

55. Why did the balloon break up with its partner?
It felt suffocated and needed more space!

56. What do you call an educated balloon?
Inflated intelligence, of course!

57. Why did the helium balloon refuse to socialize with the regular balloons?
It thought it was above the rest!

58. What’s a balloon’s favorite type of movie?
Anything but a tearjerker!

59. How did the balloon ask its friend to the party?
“Are you up for some inflation and fun?”

60. Why was the balloon so wise?
It always understood the ups and downs of life!

61. What do you call a parade of balloons?
An inflation celebration!

Balloon joke

62. Why do balloons hate riddles?
They always find them too popping perplexing!

63. How do you annoy a balloon?
Keep poking fun at it, eventually, it will burst!

64. Why did the balloon go to therapy?
It had too many inflated issues!

65. What did the balloon say to the wind?
“You blow me away!”

66. How do you know if a balloon is lying?
It gets all puffed up!

67. Why did the balloon apply for a job?
It wanted to get itself off the ground!

68. What’s a balloon’s least favorite room in the house?
The kitchen – too many sharp objects!

69. What do balloons use to fix everything?
Helium, it makes everything better!

70. Why don’t balloons ever win races?
They always come up a little flat!

71. Why did the balloon wear a belt?
To avoid getting too inflated!

72. Why don’t balloons make good detectives?
They always blow the case!

73. What’s a balloon’s favorite exercise?
Aerobics – it keeps them light and floating!

74. How did the balloon find its way home?
It followed the “air-rows”!

75. What did the balloon say to the wall?
“I’m stuck on you!”

76. Why did the balloon blush?
It saw something pop!

77. What’s a balloon’s least favorite day?
Pop quiz day – they always get nervous!

78. Why do balloons love parties?
Because they get to hang out and rise to the occasion!

79. Why don’t balloons ever go bad?
They always stay fresh and inflated!

80. What did one wall say to the other?
“I’ll meet you at the corner, and we’ll trap the balloon!”


Inflated with humor and filled with a light-hearted spirit, these balloon jokes have hopefully added some lift to your day! Whether it’s a pop of laughter or a gentle rise of a smile, may these quips keep your spirits buoyant. Remember, just like a balloon, it’s never too late to soar with a little bit of fun!


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