59 Funniest Basketball Jokes

Step onto the court of comedy where basketball meets banter. From dribbling punchlines to full-court jests, these one-liners are nothing but net. Get ready to laugh, because it’s game time for giggles!

Basketball One-Line Jokes

1. I told my basketball to stop going away, but it just keeps bouncing back.

2. If Cinderella played basketball, would her shoes be glass sneakers?

3. Jump shots make me jump, but dunk shots make me nuts.

4. Why did the basketball blush? It saw the net undressing.

5. A basketball’s favorite music? Net-tunes!

6. B-ball players are so tall because they never short-change their dreams.

7. You can’t run with the ball – that’s traveling, just ask any referee!

8. Why don’t basketballs gossip? They bounce around too much!

9. When it comes to jokes, basketball puns are a slam dunk.

10. Which basketball player loves donuts? Dunkin’!

Basketball Joke

11. I’d tell you a joke about basketball… but I’ll pass!

12. Why don’t basketballs write tests? They always dribble!

13. I don’t play basketball for the fame; I play for the bounce checks.

14. How do basketball players flirt? They shoot their shot!

15. Life without basketball would be a missed shot.

16. Why did the basketball sit in school? It was tired of getting picked up.

17. They said I couldn’t play basketball in the jungle, too many cheetahs!

18. A good basketball game is like an open book – full of rebounds.

19. It’s tough to be a basketball, everyone’s always throwing you around.

20. I asked the basketball if it was stressed – it said it’s just a bit deflated.

Best BasketBall Puns

21. Why did the basketball go to the bank?
To get its bounce checked!

22. How do basketball players stay cool during games?
They stand near the fans!

23. Why did the basketball team go to the donut shop?
To get a roll!

24. Why was the belt arrested at the basketball game?
For holding up a pair of shorts!

25. Why did the basketball player bring string to the game?
To tie the score!

26. Why did the basketball player go to school?
He wanted to be a little b-ball-er!

27. What’s a ghost’s favorite basketball move?
The boo-layup!

28. Why was the basketball court wet?
The players had a lot of dribble!

29. I tried to date a basketball once, but it had commitment issues;
kept running from court to court.

30. What did the basketball say to the player?
“You make me feel so inflated!”

Basketball Joke about dunkin donuts

31. Why did the scarecrow become a basketball player?
Because he was outstanding in his field!

32. Why did the tomato turn red?
Because it saw the salad dressing and the basketball undressing!

33. What do you call a basketball player’s favorite platform?
Slam DunkedIn!

34. Why did the basketball team go to the beach?
To practice their sand shots!

35. Why did the bicycle apply for the basketball team?
Because it had the wheels!

36. What do you call a group of musical basketball players?
A basketball band that always scores!

37. What’s a basketball’s favorite type of music?

38. Why was the math book a great basketball player?
Because it had a lot of problems to solve on the court!

39. How do basketball players stay hydrated?
They drink jump shots!

40. What did the basketball say when complimenting its friend?
“You’ve got some serious hops!”

Most Funny BasketBall Jokes

41. Why did the basketball go to art school?
To learn how to draw fouls!

42. Why was Cinderella kicked off the basketball team?
She ran away from the ball!

43. Why do basketball players make terrible musicians?
They always break the court!

44. How can you tell if a basketball player is a baker?
When he rolls the dough before making the shot!

45. Why did the basketball player sit on the sideline sketching?
He was drawing up a play!

46. What do you call a bear playing basketball?
A slam dunking bear!

47. Why don’t basketball players need time-outs?
Because they have good handles!

48. How do basketball players greet each other?

49. Why did the basketball team love donuts?
Because they can’t resist dunking them!

50. What does a basketball player do when he loses his vision?
He becomes a referee!

Basketball Jokes

51. Why was the computer great at basketball?
It had a hard drive!

52. Why did the vegetarian go out for basketball?
Because he wanted to toss salads instead of balls!

53. Why was the basketball game so hot?
Because all the matches were on fire!

54. Why did the basketball player carry an umbrella?
In case of a rain check!

55. How do basketball players stay connected?
They always touch base!

56. Why did the basketball player get a promotion?
He was great at shooting up the ladder!

57. What do basketball players do in the winter?
Dribble snowballs!

58. What did the basketball wear to the beach?
A jersey-tan!

59. Why did the referee write a book?
To have the final word in basketball!


As the final buzzer sounds, our journey through basketball humor wraps up. From the court’s comedy to the sideline’s snickers, may these jests keep you laughing off the court. Keep shooting those hoops and punchlines!


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