80 Most Funny Bath Jokes

Preapre to go into a world of bubbly humor with these bath-themed quips! Whether you’re a fan of a long soak or a quick splash, these jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone. Ready to be drenched in laughter?

Bath One-Liner Jokes

1. I told my bath it was dirty, and now it’s soaking mad.

2. Tried making a bath salad; now I’m in deep water.

3. My bath’s favorite song? “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba.

4. Why did the bath join the choir? It wanted to hit the high showers.

5. I bought my bath a bell; now it has a clean ring to it.

6. Baths love calm music; they’re always soaking it in.

7. Gave my tub a GPS; now it’s better at draining.

8. Baths prefer morning meetings; they’re great at breaking the ice.

9. My bath’s hobby is philosophy; it’s full of deep thoughts.

10. My bath’s autobiography? “From Faucet to Fantastic.”

11. My tub and toaster had a debate; it was electrifying.

12. Baths love winter; they’re all about the chill soak.

13. Why don’t baths work in finance? Too much liquidation.

14. I told my bath a joke; it was overflowing with laughter.

15. Baths love magic; especially the disappearing act with water.

 Bath Joke

16. My bath’s favorite actor? Johnny Deep.

17. Told my bath about global warming; now it’s steaming mad.

18. Baths hate deadlines; they always feel drained.

19. Why do baths excel in debates? They always have a good soaking point.

20. My bath wanted a pet; now there’s a rubber duck floating around.

21. My bath’s on a diet; trying to shed some water weight.

22. Told my bath to relax; it just soaked it all in.

23. My bath’s favorite novel? “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Foam.”

24. Baths hate hide and seek; they always spill the water.

25. My bath tried stand-up; the audience was in stitches from its shower thoughts.

26. When my bath gets cold, it wears a tub scarf.

27. My bath started a blog; it’s all about soap operas.

28. Baths love holidays; they always celebrate Sink-o de Mayo.

29. Tried teaching my bath math; but it just couldn’t count bubbles.

30. Why don’t baths like mysteries? They can’t stand unsolved drips.

Best Bath Puns

31. Why did the bubble take a bath?
To get a clean pop!

32. Why don’t baths spend time gossiping?
They don’t like to sink too low.

33. What did the soap say to the towel?
“You wipe, I’ll lather!”

34. Why did the bathtub bring a pencil?
To draw a bath!

35. How do you know when your bath is ready?
When the water stops running!

36. What’s a bathtub’s favorite song?
“Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath!”

37. Why was the bathtub feeling down?
It was drained.

38. Why did the bath blush?
It saw someone in the shower!

39. How does a bath get in touch with its feelings?
It soaks in them.

40. Why did the shampoo go to school?
To improve its head knowledge!

 Bath Joke

41. What do you call someone who steals a bath?
A robber ducky!

42. How does the bath keep its skin smooth?
It ex-foliates with soap!

43. Why was the tap talking to the bath?
It had some draining issues to discuss.

44. What did the bath say to the towel?
“You got my back!”

45. Why did the bath never lie?
Because it’s always upfront about its depth!

46. Why did the math book bring a soap to the bath?
It had too many problems to wash off!

47. What did the bath say to the bubbles?
“Pop on over!”

48. Why was the bathtub always calm?
It had seen people naked; nothing could surprise it anymore!

49. How does a bathtub say goodbye?

50. Why did the bath get an award?
It was outstanding in its field… of cleanliness!

Funniest Bath Jokes

51. Why did the bath attend school?
To brush up on its shower-thoughts!

52. What does a bath call its best friend?
Its shower buddy!

53. Why did the bath go to therapy?
It had too much to tub about.

54. Why did the bath need glasses?
To help with the soap-blur vision!

55. How do baths say hello in the morning?
“Shower you doing?”

56. Why did the bath bring a tennis racket?
It heard about the shower match.

57. Why was the bathtub feeling musical?
It was in the mood for some tub-a tunes!

58. How does a bathtub flirt?
“Wanna shower together?”

59. Why did the bath get a promotion?
It was bubbling with potential!

60. What’s a bathtub’s favorite game?
Duck, duck, soap!

61. Why did the bath get mad at the shower?
It was hogging all the water pressure.

62. What do you call a sneaky bath?
A tub-erninja.

63. Why did the bath want to join the circus?
It loved the tub-mbling act.

64. What’s a bath’s favorite type of music?
Bubblegum pop!

65. Why was the bath always optimistic?
It believed in coming out in the wash.

 Bath Joke

66. What did the bath say during the heated argument?
“I won’t be drained by this!”

67. Why did the soap break up with the bath?
It felt taken for lathered.

68. Why did the bathtub go to the dance?
To have a bubbly good time!

69. How do you make a bath laugh?
Throw in a rubber ducky and watch it quack up.

70. Why was the bath so good at secrets?
It always kept things under the surface.

71. Why did the bath go on a diet?
It didn’t want to overflow!

72. Why was the bath so confident?
It felt it could handle any pressure.

73. Why did the bath apply for a job?
It wanted to be a soaking consultant.

74. How does a bath introduce its family?
“Meet my faucet relatives!”

75. Why did the bath want to go to the beach?
To have a salty soak.

76. What’s a bathtub’s favorite meal?

77. Why did the bath avoid the kettle?
It didn’t want a hot-headed conversation.

78. What’s a bath’s favorite movie?
“The Drain Before Time.”

79. Why was the bath always happy on weekends?
It had extra tub time!

80. Why did the bath refuse to team up with the sink?
It was tired of basin relationships.


As we drain away from our tub of chuckles, remember: a good laugh is the best way to keep things afloat. Whether you’re in the bath or beyond, keep these jokes handy for a quick giggle. Until next time, keep those bubbles bursting with laughter!


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