77 Most Funny Ben 10 Jokes

Laugh along with Ben 10’s wild adventures! From Grandpa Max’s cooking to Gwen’s spells, these jokes are all fun. Let’s go for a funny ride with Ben and his crew!

Ben 10 One-Liner Jokes

1. How does Ben choose his aliens? He uses a “watch list.”

2. Ben asked Wildmutt to fetch the paper, and he brought back the whole newsstand.

3. Kevin Levin tried to sell antiques, but he kept absorbing their historical value.

4. Ben’s least favorite school subject? History — he prefers the future, one alien at a time.

5. Wildmutt joined a track team; he thought the “track” was something to chew on.

6. Why did Ben get an award at school? For outstanding transformation in character!

7. Grey Matter tried to start a tech company, but his products were too small to see.

8. Stinkfly was the worst at hide-and-seek; he was always sniffed out.

9. Why did Echo Echo start a band? Because he loves to multiply the rock ‘n’ roll!

10. Ben’s watch stopped working; even the Omnitrix needs some “time off.”

11. Diamondhead tried to play the guitar, but he kept cutting strings.

12. Four Arms became a tailor, but he kept giving everyone extra sleeves.

13. Ghostfreak tried to start a light bulb company, but the ideas were too dim.

14. Why doesn’t Heatblast have a Twitter? Every time he tweets, his phone melts.

15. Gwen cast a spell to clean her room, but all she got was a broom that sweeps itself.

Ben 10 Joke

16. When Ben plays chess, he uses Four Arms — for four times the strategy.

17. Cannonbolt joined a football team, and now they’re literally rolling to victory.

18. Four Arms went to a yoga class and mastered the “quadrapus” pose.

19. Grey Matter entered a spelling bee; they had to invent new words just for him.

20. Ben wanted a pet cat, but with Wildmutt around, he’s already got enough to handle!

21. How does Four Arms clap? Very carefully, or he’ll start an applause!

22. XLR8 quit playing musical chairs; he’d sit down before the music even started.

23. How does Ben 10 text his friends? With short alien-messages (SMS)!

24. Upgrade tried to watch a movie but ended up streaming himself.

25. Diamondhead started cleaning windows, but he kept leaving scratches.

26. Why doesn’t Ghostfreak wear a watch? Because he’s timeless.

27. Upgrade downloaded himself into a robot vacuum; now it’s a clean sweep every time.

28. How does Ben get a new haircut? He turns into Diamondhead and has his hair “crystal-cut”!

29. Upgrade tried to watch a movie but ended up streaming himself.

30. Grandpa Max tried to cook breakfast, but Heatblast kept turning the bacon to ash.

Best Ben 10 Puns

31. Why did Grandpa Max’s smoothie business fail? Because every time Ben helped, the fruits would mysteriously disappear with a flick of the Omnitrix!

32. Why don’t you play cards with Ben? He’s always got a few tricks up his sleeve, or should we say, a few aliens in his watch.

33. Why did Gwen join the debate team? Because with a spell and a point, she can argue both sides simultaneously!

34. How does Kevin Levin do his laundry? He absorbs the washing machine and does a spin cycle himself!

35. Why did Wildmutt get in trouble at the dog park? Every time someone yelled “Sit!” he’d dig up the ground instead.

36. When Heatblast cooks dinner, why does the fire alarm cheer?
It finally gets to meet its hero!

37. Why is Four Arms the worst at hide and seek? Because it’s hard to hide when you’re twice the size and four times the arms!

38. Why doesn’t XLR8 have a job?
Because by the time he starts, he’s already finished!

39. Why did Diamondhead become a jeweler?
He found he had a real “gem” of a talent!

40. Why does Ghostfreak never write a book?
Because his stories always ghost through the pages!

Ben 10 Joke

41. Cannonbolt signed up for yoga and the class rolled with it
until he literally rolled with it.

42. Why doesn’t Ripjaws need a bath?
Because he’s always fishy, whether he’s clean or not.

43. Why did Stinkfly win an award?
For being the best at “buzz-iness” networking!

44. Why is Grey Matter the best at chess?
Because he thinks big, even when he’s small.

45. How does Upgrade charge his phone?
He just gives it a pat and it’s at 100%!

46. Ditto tried to open a bakery,
but he ended up eating all the “self-made” doughnuts.

47. Why did Way Big stop playing hide and seek?
Because he couldn’t find a place where he didn’t stand out.

48. Overflow tried to start a car wash,
but customers complained their cars got too “full” of service.

49. Why did Dr. Animo get into comedy?
Because his jokes are as wild as his creatures!

50. What did the Omnitrix say when Ben was late for school?
“Time to jet, or you’ll need to Echo Echo the lessons you miss!”

Funniest Ben 10 Jokes

51. Why did Heatblast stop doing stand-up comedy?
He kept burning up the punchlines.

52. Why does XLR8 never lose at tag?
Because you can’t tag what you can’t see!

53. Why doesn’t Four Arms need a smartphone?
Because he’s got an extra pair of hands for multitasking!

54. How does Diamondhead sharpen his pencils?
He just uses his finger.

55. Why did Wildmutt start a blog?
Because he had a lot of “barking” points.

56. Why was Stinkfly so good at hockey?
Because nobody wanted to check him into the boards.

57. What’s Upgrade’s favorite holiday?
Cyber Monday, for all the tech deals.

58. Why did Ghostfreak go to a party?
To lift everyone’s spirits.

59. Why did Grey Matter win the chess championship?
Because small moves make big impacts.

60. Why does Ripjaws dislike sushi restaurants?
He can’t stand to see fish out of water.

61. Why did Cannonbolt get hired as a wrecking ball?
He knows how to make an impact.

62. What’s Four Arms’ favorite exercise?
The push-up, because he can do four at a time.

63. Why does Heatblast never use a blanket?
He’s already too hot to handle.

64. How does XLR8 read a book?
He’s on the last page before you can blink.

65. Why did Diamondhead go to the beach?
To hang out with his “grainy” friends.

Ben 10 Joke

66. What sport does Wildmutt play?
Fetch, but he always ends up fetching the other players.

67. Why did Stinkfly avoid the perfume store?
He didn’t want to mix scents.

68. Why was Upgrade the best at video games?
He just merges with the console for the high score.

69. What’s Ghostfreak’s favorite type of music?
Soul, of course.

70. Why was Grey Matter always picked first for team projects?
Because great things come in small packages.

71. When Heatblast lights the barbecue,
you don’t need charcoal—or the barbecue.

72. Kevin Levin loves recycling,
sometimes directly into a garbage truck.

73. XLR8 tried soccer,
but was always offside before the game started.

74. Gwen’s book club was short-lived;
she kept spoiling the endings with future sight.

75. Kevin Levin once tried to fix a computer;
now it’s part of his arm.

76. Grandpa Max’s diner’s special today:
“Whatever’s Left in the Fridge—Alien Style.”

77. Ben went fishing with Ripjaws once;
they didn’t catch fish, they just had a great conversation.


We beleive you enjoyed the alien-sized laughs with Ben 10 and pals! Whether it’s Grandpa Max’s cooking or Kevin’s car trouble, remember, in Ben’s world, even the jokes have superpowers. Keep chuckling until the next adventure!


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