90 Big Head Jokes To Make You Laugh

Got a friend with a big head and an even bigger sense of humor? Dive into these ‘big head’ jokes! They’re all about fun, laughs, and heads that seem to stand out. Get ready to chuckle!

Big Head One-Liner Jokes

1. Took the big head an hour to shampoo – one side at a time.

2. Tried putting ideas into the big head, but there was a space issue.

3. The big head’s favorite song? “I Ain’t Got No Room For Doubt.”

4. Asked the big head for his hat size, and he said, “Planetarium.”

5. The big head’s selfies are called panoramas.

6. The big head always has room for one more thought… or ten.

7. When the big head nods, it’s measured on the Richter scale.

8. Told the big head a secret, now it’s an IMAX feature.

9. The big head’s thoughts are never too close for comfort.

10. Sunscreen for the big head? Sold by the gallon.

11. When the big head dreams, it’s always in wide-screen format.

12. The big head’s brainwaves are basically tsunamis.

13. The big head doesn’t get headaches; he gets earthquakes.

14. Why did the big head buy a boat? He wanted a hat!

15. For the big head, every idea is a big idea.

big head joke about zombies

16. The big head’s favorite game? “Heads Up!” (It lasts hours.)

17. Met a big head at the park, thought it was a new monument.

18. The big head doesn’t need VR; reality is wide-angle enough.

19. When the big head enters a room, his thoughts come in five minutes later.

20. The big head tried meditation, now there’s a new galaxy.

21. When the big head gets a haircut, it’s a landscaping project.

22. The big head’s favorite vacation spot? The “head” waters.

23. Thinking cap” for the big head? More like a thinking tent!

24. The big head’s sunglasses? Two windshields will do.

25. When the big head thinks, local Wi-Fi gets disrupted.

26. The big head doesn’t have hair strands; he has zip lines.

27. When the big head goes to concerts, he’s his own section.

28. The big head tried a puzzle, now it’s a citywide event.

29. If the big head was a computer, we’d all have infinite storage.

30. The big head’s favorite band? Talking Heads, naturally.

Best Big Head Puns

His arguments were always head and shoulders above the rest!

32. Why couldn’t the big head fit through the door?
Ego issues!

33. What did the hat say to the big head?
“I think we need some space.”

34. Why did the big-headed person avoid the sun?
He didn’t want his thoughts to be too bright.

35. Why did the big head join the soccer team?
Because he was a natural at headers!

36. What did the big head say to the barber?
I hope you charge by the square foot.

37. Why do big-headed people never need GPS?
Because wherever they go, they’re always on their mind!

38. What did the big head wear during winter?
A snow globe as a beanie.

39. Why was the big-headed guy great at keeping secrets?
There was plenty of room to hide them!

40. What did the big head say at the math competition?
“I’ve got a big problem.”

41. Why did the big head go to art school?
He had a vast canvas for imagination!

42. Why don’t big-headed people play hide and seek?
Good luck hiding that head!

43. How do you make a big head laugh?
Tell a mind-blowing joke!

44. What did the big head say at the bakery?
“I’ll take a loaf of bread, and a bun for my head!”

45. Why do big heads love rain?
Because it’s like a shower, but for the mind.

big head joke

46. How does the big head sleep at night?
On a king-sized pillow, of course!

47. Why do big-headed people make great detectives?
They’re always a-head in their investigations!

48. Why did the big head never feel alone?
Because he was full of himself!

49. What do big heads use for headphones?
Two boomboxes, one for each side.

50. Why did the big head avoid puddles?
He didn’t want a reflection competition!

51. Why did the big head attend the psychic fair?
They were the main attraction!

52. Why was the big head at the funeral?
He heard there was space available underground.

53. How does a big head play hide and seek in a graveyard?
He fits right in!

54. Why didn’t the big head mind zombie movies?
If someone’s going to eat brains, might as well get a full meal!

55. What did the big head say after the apocalypse?
“Well, at least I have space for all these thoughts now.”

56. Why did the big head bring a flashlight to the haunted house?
To illuminate his dark thoughts.

57. How does the big head handle bad news?
He buries it deep… very, very deep.

58. Why did the big head visit the pyramid?
To see if it was a family tomb.

59. What’s the big head’s favorite horror story?
“Night of the Overthinking Dead.”

60. How does the big head prepare for a disaster?
By storing his darkest thoughts in a safe place.

Funniest Big Head Jokes

61. Why was the big head always calm?
Because he had a vast space for peace of mind!

62. Why did the big head never play basketball?
He was afraid of getting dunked on his own!

63. What did the mountain say to the big head?
“Nice to meet someone who thinks on my level!”

64. Why did the big head go to space?
To see if his head was bigger than the moon!

65. Why was the big-headed guy bad at poker?
He couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself.

66. Why did the big head bring an umbrella?
To shade his massive thoughts from the sun.

67. How does the big head do yoga?
With a lot of headstands!

68. Why did the big head dislike photos?
Cameras just couldn’t capture his best side.

69. Brain: “With a head that expansive, you’d think you’d have found a way to rule the world by now.
Stewie: “And with a name like ‘Brain’, one would assume you’d be smarter. Guess we’re both full of surprises.

70. Why do big heads never get lost?
They’re always on the map!

big head joke

71. What’s a big head’s favorite song?
“Can’t Get You Out of My Head.”

72. Why did the big head avoid roller coasters?
He didn’t want any more ups and downs in his life.

73. How does a big head relax?
By letting his thoughts roam free.

74. Why did the big head go to the beach?
To dive deep into his thoughts!

75. How does the big head use the internet?
On multiple tabs, because one just isn’t enough.

76. Why was the big head a great musician?
Because he had a lot of space for notes.

77. How do big heads drink coffee?
In large mugs, for their oversized cravings.

78. Why did the big head get a job at the observatory?
He was used to big spaces.

79. What did the big head say to the mirror?
“Reflecting my thoughts is a big task, huh?”

80. Why did the big head never wear hats?
He believed in giving thoughts room to breathe!

81. Why did the big head go to therapy?
Even his dark thoughts needed an oversized couch.

82. Why did the big head get kicked out of the vampire club?
His head was too big a bite for them.

83. How does the big head do in a post-apocalyptic world?
He’s a head above the rest.

84. Why didn’t the grim reaper visit the big head?
He couldn’t carry the weight of his soul.

85. What did the big head say at the witch trial?
“Burn me, and you’ll have a bonfire for days!”

86. Why did the big head never fear the boogeyman?
There was enough room for both of them in there.

87. What do big heads and graveyards have in common?
Lots of buried secrets.

88. Why did the big head like haunted houses?
They felt like a home away from home.

89. Why did the big head get invited to the monster ball?
His head was the main course.

90. How did the big head handle the zombie apocalypse?
He started a support group for the undead, called “Brains Anonymous.”


We hope you enjoyed our playful take on ‘big head’ jokes! Remember, laughter is a universal language, and it’s always fun to share a chuckle or two. So, spread the joy and keep those smiles coming!


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