77 Funiest Blue Jokes

Welcome to our blue jokes session! From sky to sea, anything blue becomes a source of laughter here. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s time for a joyride into the world of blue humor!

Blue One-Liners Jokes

1. I asked the sky why it was so blue, it said it was just a phase of the moon.

2. I had a joke about a blue pencil, but it was pointless.

3. Why did the blue shirt go to therapy? Because it had separation anxiety from the jeans!

4. I bought a blue boomerang. I wonder if it will come back to me?

5. I told my friend a joke about the color blue, but it went over his head, just like the sky!

6. Why was the color blue always so calm? It had found its inner peace in the sea and sky.

7. Why did the smurf stop drinking coffee? It was making him feel too azure!

8. I had a joke about a blue moon, but it only comes around once in a while.

9. Blue car’s shower: under rain.

10. I told a blue joke, the sky fell for it.

11. I was going to make a joke about a blue guitar, but it didn’t strike a chord with me.

12. Why was the blue star popular? Because it was always in light spirits!

13. Why did the sky win the talent show? It nailed the performance, blue everyone away!

14. Why was the blueberry always at the gym? It didn’t want to turn into a blooberry!

15. I wanted to tell you a joke about the blue sea, but it’s too deep.

Joke about blue sky color

16. I had a joke about a blue balloon, but it blew up.

17. Why did the blue key go to school? Because it wanted to be a master key!

18. Why did the blue lemonade feel left out? Because it wasn’t part of the main squeeze!

19. What did the blue traffic light say to the car? Don’t look! I’m about to change.

20. Why did the blue notebook go to the psychiatrist? It felt empty inside!

21. When the sky plays hide-and-seek, it always blue itself.

22. I heard a blue song yesterday, but couldn’t catch the beat because it kept wavering!

23. I’d tell a joke about a blue submarine, but it’s too deep.

24. What is blue and not heavy? Light blue.

25. The sky applied for a job, hoping to be outstanding in its field.

26. The blue boat sailed through the punch line.

27. Blue used to be green, then it got a job.

28. The sea blushed when it saw the sky’s blue.

29. Why didn’t the blue paper fold? It didn’t want to crease the moment.

30. The blue candle burned out, it couldn’t hold a flame to the joke.

Best Blue Puns

31. Why did the scarecrow turn blue?
Because it heard the cornfield was feeling a little down!

32. Why don’t skeletons like the color blue?
Because they prefer “bone” white!

33. What did one blueberry say to the other blueberry?
“If we weren’t so sweet, people would probably call us ‘blue-bitteries’!”

34. Why did the painter only use blue paint?
Because he was feeling a bit “palette-ic”!

35.Why was the color blue always so calm?
Because whenever it got stressed, it would just wave it off!

36. What did one ocean say to the other ocean?
“Nothing, they just waved!”

37. Why did the skydiver wear a blue jumpsuit?
Because it made him feel “sky”-larious!

38. What’s a sad person’s favorite color?
Blue, because they’re always feeling “blue”!

39. Why was the computer cold?
It left its Windows open and caught a “blue” screen!

40. Why was the blueberry so polite?
Because it had “berry” good manners!

41. Why did the blue color decide to be an artist?
– Because it wanted to make a real indigo of itself!

42. Why couldn’t the color blue become a poet?
– Because it couldn’t rhyme, even though it was feeling rhyme-bault blue!

Joke about blue ocean

43. What did the blue color say to its therapist?
– “I’m feeling azure and azure day by day!”

44. Why did blue break up with green?
– It said, “I can’t be with you anymore, you make me feel teal green!”

45. What did the sky say to the sea on Valentine’s Day?
– “I’m so blue, I would be lost without you!”

46. Why did blue refuse to fight red?
– Because it didn’t want to create a violet situation!

47. What do you call a blue comedian?
– A stand-up cerulean!

48. Why was blue a terrible gossip?
– Because it always spilled the teal!

49. What did the ocean say to the blue boat?
– “You navy-gate well!”

50. Why did blue never lose at poker?
– Because it always had a royal flush in spades!

51. Why did blue get in trouble in school?
– Because it always crossed the line, in sky-writing!

52. Why did the blue crayon taste terrible?
– Because it wasn’t mint to be eaten!

53. Why did the sky get a ticket?
– Because it was caught azure-handed going too fast!

54. Why did blue never finish the race?
– Because it always felt out of the running, with everyone passing with flying colors!

55. Why did the color blue hate the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams?
– Because it always made it feel so…blue!

56. What did blue say to its crush, yellow?
– “I’m falling for you out of the sky-blue!”

57. Why did blue get a time-out?
– Because it made the teacher feel blue with all its pranks!

58. Why did the blue balloon pop?
– Because it couldn’t handle the pressure and went sky high!

59. Why was blue a great politician?
– Because it always won by a royal-blue landslide!

60. Why did the sky break up with blue?
– Because it wanted more space, and blue was always just hanging around!

Funniest Blue Jokes

61. Why did the blue planet refuse to go to the school reunion?
It didn’t want to be called a dwarf again!

61. Why was the blue moon always out of breath?
Because it was always running around the Earth!

63. What did the ocean say when it saw the blue beach ball?
“You’ve got quite the buoy-ant personality!”

64. Why did the bluebird refuse to make a Twitter account?
Because it didn’t want to be accused of tweeting about its feelings too much!

65. Why did the blueberry pie refuse to participate in the baking competition?
Because it didn’t want to crumble under pressure!

66. Why was the blue marker always nervous during the art class?
Because it knew it would be drawn into any situation!

Joke about blue snowman

67. What did the blue computer say to the printer?
“Stop making a spectacle of yourself, you’re making me ink!”

68. Why did the blue sky blush?
Because it saw the stars twinkling!

69. What did the blue ice say to the sun?
“I melt whenever I see you!”

70. What did the blue star say to the night sky?
“Your darkness brings out my light!”

71. Why did the blue envelope feel so important?
Because it knew it was pushing the envelope!

72. Why did the blue onion start crying?
It remembered a joke that cut deep!

73. What did the blue sock say to the shoe?
“You’re the soul to my sole!”

74. Why did the blue rose feel so special?
Because it knew it was a one in a blue moon!

75. Why was the color blue a poor secret keeper?
Because it always spilled the beans to the sea!

76. Why was the blue computer always laughing?
Because it found the data completely “byte”-ful!

77. Why did the blue light bulb never win the talent show? It couldn’t handle the spotlight!


That’s it for our blue jokes! We’ve had laughs as wide as the ocean and as bright as the sky. Keep your spirits high, your laughs loud, and always remember to enjoy the lighter, bluer side of life!


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