80 Blue Lock Jokes to Make You Laugh

Buckle up for some laughter with these puns inspired by ‘Blue Lock’! Each joke is a playful nod to the unique abilities and quirky aspects of the characters from this thrilling anime about soccer. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for a chuckle, these jokes are sure to score some smiles!

Blue Lock One-Liner Jokes

1. When Isagi plays soccer, even the goalpost pays attention!

2. Kunigami’s favorite song? “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – literally!

3. Chigiri runs so fast, he finishes the match before it starts!

4. Bachira’s dribble is so mesmerizing, it could be a hypnosis technique!

5. Kira’s shots are like plot twists – nobody sees them coming!

6. Raichi’s goal celebrations are more dramatic than a soap opera finale!

7. Imamura’s game sense is so good, he could find a needle in a haystack – with his feet!

8. Gagamaru’s presence on the field is like a rock concert – all eyes on him!

9. Kuon’s moves are so slick, the ball gets dizzy!

10. Wanima’s optimism is like a light bulb – always bright, even during blackouts!

Lock Joke

11. Mikage plays soccer like a chess grandmaster – always three steps ahead!

12. Naruhaya’s agility is like a ninja’s – swift and silent!

13. Iemon’s defense is so strong, attackers need GPS to get past him!

14. Igarashi’s game plans are like a secret recipe – effective and hard to copy!

15. Keisuke Wanima’s energy is like a firework – explosive and spectacular!

16. Itoshi’s precision is like a laser – pinpoint and deadly!

17. Niko’s fashion sense is so strong, he could start trends in his sleep!

18. Baro’s stamina is like a marathon runner’s – endless and impressive!

19. Tokimitsu’s play is like a thriller movie – full of suspense and surprises!

20. Nagi’s footwork is so smooth, he could dance on water!

Best Blue Lock Puns

21. Why doesn’t Isagi play hide and seek?
Because in his vision, everyone’s already found!

22. Why did Kunigami stop playing soccer?
He thought he’d try his foot at stand-up comedy, but he kept missing the punchline!

23. Why did Chigiri join a dance class?
Because his soccer moves weren’t tricky enough!

24. Why doesn’t Bachira play chess?
Because in soccer, he can make a move every second!

25. Why is Kira bad at keeping secrets?
Because he always spills the beans with a goal-scoring kick!

26. Why did Raichi go to art school?
To improve his striking pose!

27. Why doesn’t Imamura play video games?
Because he can’t find a controller as responsive as his soccer ball!

28. Why did Gagamaru start gardening?
He wanted to see if he could grow a plant as well as he defends his goal!

29. What’s Kuon’s favorite movie genre?
Anything with a good plot twist, just like his playing style!

30. Why doesn’t Wanima use a watch?
Because he always knows when it’s time to score!

31. Why did Mikage start doing yoga?
To add more flexibility to his already unpredictable moves!

32. Why does Naruhaya love cloudy days?
Because he shines best when there’s no Asahi (sunrise)!

33. Why did Iemon become a chef?
Because he’s as good at slicing defenses as he is at slicing vegetables!

34. Why does Igarashi always carry a map?
To find new ways to navigate through defenders!

35. Why did Keisuke join the circus?
To show off his balancing skills with the soccer ball!

Lock Anime Joke

36. Why doesn’t Itoshi play hide and seek?
Because he always stands out, just like when he’s scoring goals!

37. Why did Niko start a fashion line?
Because his dribbling wasn’t the only thing turning heads!

38. Why did Baro start a band?
Because he wanted to see if he could hit the notes as well as he hits goals!

39. Why did Tokimitsu take up painting?
To capture the art of a perfect pass!

40. Why is Nagi bad at math?
Because he only counts goals, not numbers!

41. Why did Mikage start bird watching?
He’s used to looking out for opportunities on the pitch!

42. Why doesn’t Naruhaya like sleeping?
He’s always dreaming about scoring goals!

43. Why did Iemon start a travel agency?
He’s good at guiding his team through tough defenses!

44. Why is Igarashi bad at playing cards?
He always shows his hand on the field, not at the table!

45. Why did Keisuke start mountain climbing?
He loves the challenge, just like scoring a goal!

46. Why doesn’t Itoshi play marbles?
His aim is only for the soccer net!

47. Why did Niko start a fashion blog?
He’s as stylish on the field as he is off it!

48. Why is Baro so good at parties?
Because he’s always in the center of action!

49. Why did Tokimitsu join a chess club?
He’s a master of strategy, on and off the field!

50. Why doesn’t Nagi like to sit still?
He’s always moving forward, just like in a game!

Funniest Blue Lock Jokes

51. Why did Isagi refuse to play chess?
Because in soccer, every move leads to a goal, not just a checkmate!

52. Why did Kunigami become a poet?
His passes are as smooth as rhymes!

53. Why doesn’t Chigiri play video games?
Because no joystick can match his lightning-fast footwork on the field!

54. Why did Bachira join the circus?
His dribbling skills are more entertaining than juggling clowns!

55. Why is Kira bad at playing guitar?
He’s too used to striking goals, not chords!

56. Why did Raichi refuse to play darts?
Because for him, hitting the target is easier with a soccer ball!

57. Why doesn’t Imamura like escalators?
He prefers to run up the field, not stand still!

58. Why did Gagamaru start playing drums?
His defensive blocks are as rhythmic as drum beats!

59. Why doesn’t Kuon enjoy puzzles?
He’s too busy solving defenses on the soccer field!

60. Why is Wanima bad at fishing?
He’s used to catching goals, not fish!

61. Why did Mikage refuse to play ping pong?
Because his deceptive moves are meant for soccer, not a tiny ball!

62. Why doesn’t Naruhaya like elevators?
He’s more about fast breaks than slow rides!

63. Why did Iemon quit playing piano?
His fingers are better at stealing soccer balls than playing notes!

64. Why is Igarashi bad at baking?
He’s used to cooking up strategies, not cakes!

65. Why did Keisuke start skydiving?
He’s accustomed to high-pressure situations, like scoring goals!

Lock anime Joke

66. Why doesn’t Itoshi play billiards?
His precision is meant for passing, not pool!

67. Why is Niko bad at gardening?
He’s too busy growing his skills on the field!

68. Why did Baro refuse to go skiing?
He prefers sliding tackles to snowy slopes!

69. Why did Tokimitsu become a magician?
His ball-handling skills are as mysterious as magic tricks!

70. Why doesn’t Nagi like shopping?
He finds weaving through defenders more thrilling than browsing aisles!

71. Why did Isagi start a bakery?
Because he’s great at making goal-a bread!

72. Why doesn’t Kunigami play hide and seek?
Because he never hides his talent on the field!

73. Why did Chigiri buy a boat?
He’s used to sailing past defenders!

74. Why did Bachira become a comedian?
Because he’s always dribbling everyone into laughter!

75. Why is Kira bad at knitting?
He’s better at tying up defenders than yarn!

76. Why did Raichi refuse to be a chef?
He can’t cook up anything better than his soccer skills!

77. Why doesn’t Imamura use a map?
He’s always finding his way to the goal!

78. Why did Gagamaru join the orchestra?
His defensive timing is music to the ears!

79. Why doesn’t Kuon use a calendar?
Every day is a good day for soccer!

80. Why is Wanima bad at playing the trumpet?
He’s too busy blowing away the competition on the field!


And that’s the final whistle for our ‘Blue Lock’ joke session! We hope these light-hearted jokes brought some fun and laughter to your day. Remember, in the world of soccer and comedy, it’s all about having a ball!


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