80 Boba Tea Jokes To Make You Laugh

Get ready for a sip of humor with these boba tea jokes! Perfect for bubble tea lovers, each line is a blend of puns and playful quips. Enjoy these lighthearted jokes that are as fun as your favorite boba drink!

Boba Tea One-Liner Jokes

1. Boba tea: where the straw is mightier than the sword.

2. I’m not addicted to boba tea; we’re just in a committed relationship.

3. Boba tea – because why not put dessert in your drink?

4. “Boba-tea-licious” should be a word.

5. My therapist said I need something that holds me together. I chose boba tea.

6. Boba tea: Making ‘pearl’y whites since its inception.

7. A balanced diet is a boba tea in each hand.

8. Boba tea: It’s like a party in a cup, and everyone’s invited.

9. Why did the boba tea go to the gym? To stay ‘pearl’fect.

10. Instant happiness? Just add boba.

11. Boba tea: For when water is just too clear.

12. Boba is the answer. Who cares what the question is?

13. Some call it boba tea; I call it “reasons to live.”

14. Boba tea: Because adulting needs chewable moments.

15. “Espresso” your love with coffee, but “boba” your enthusiasm with tea.

Boba Tea Joke

16. Why did the boba cross the road? To get to the tea shop.

17. Boba tea is not just a drink; it’s a lifestyle.

18. Boba tea: Where every sip brings a smile.

19. Boba tea: The drink that’s also a snack.

20. My favorite exercise? Sipping boba tea.

21. Boba tea: The only drink where you can chew the scenery.

22. I’m reading a book on boba tea; it’s full of juicy pearls of wisdom.

23. Boba tea is like life – full of surprises and sweet moments.

24. “Have a boba-tea-ful day!” – Every bubble tea enthusiast.

25. Boba tea – the only time it’s okay to slurp your food.

26. Life’s not perfect, but your boba can be.

27. Why did the boba go to therapy? It had too many straws in its cup.

28. A day without boba tea is like… just kidding, I have no idea.

29. I followed my heart, and it led me to boba tea.

30. Boba tea: Because adulting is hard.

Best Boba Tea Puns

31. Why did the boba go to school?
To become a little ‘pearl’ of wisdom!

32. What’s a boba’s favorite type of music?
Bubble wrap.

33. Why was the boba tea so confident?
It always had a ‘pearl’ of wisdom at the bottom.

34. What did one boba say to the other in the tea?
“We’re in a sticky situation.”

35. Why did the boba apply for a job?
It wanted to make some extra ‘dough’.

36. What do you call a scared boba?
A shaken tea!

37. What’s a boba’s favorite movie?
The Great Gats-tea!

38. How do boba teas stay fresh?
They keep each other in the ‘loop’.

39. Why don’t secrets last in a boba shop?
Because they spill the tea!

40. What’s a boba’s favorite sport?

41. How does a boba flirt?
It says, “You’re tea-riffic!”

42. Why did the boba stop rolling?
It hit rock bottom.

43. What do you call an adventurous boba?
A globe-trot-tea-er.

44. Why did the boba go to the therapist?
To address its ‘straw’ issues.

45. What’s a boba’s life motto?
“Sip, sip, hooray!”

Boba Tea Joke

46. How do you cheer up a sad boba?
Give it a sweet talk.

47. Why was the boba tea so popular?
Because it was full of ‘charac-tea’.

48. What do you call an overworked boba?

49. Why did the boba join the orchestra?
It wanted to be part of the ‘tea-mphony’.

50. What’s a boba’s favorite dance move?
The tapioca-tap.

51. Why don’t boba teas need smartphones?
They’re already in good company with their ‘pearls’ of friends.

52. What did the boba say to the ice?
“You’re cool, but I’m cooler.”

53. How do you know a boba tea is rich?
It’s always in the ‘upper’ tea-r.

54. Why was the boba tea always calm?
It had a lot of inner ‘peas’.

55. What’s a boba’s favorite day of the week?
Chews-day, for choosing flavors.

56. What do you call a boba tea that’s a great dancer?
A bubble waltz.

57. Why did the boba tea get promoted?
It was outstanding in its ‘field’.

58. What’s a boba tea’s favorite game?
Sip and Seek.

59. Why did the boba tea go to outer space?
To be a little more ‘out of this world’.

60. How do you ask a boba tea out on a date?
“Would you like to steep together?”

Funniest Boba Tea Jokes

61. Why did the boba tea get into acting?
To be in the limelight-tea.

62. What did the boba say to the straw?
“I think we’ve met before, you seem familiar.”

63. Why was the boba tea always late?
It got lost in the sip of things.

64. What do you call an intelligent boba tea?
A ‘brew’-teaser.

65. How do boba teas greet each other?
“Long time no tea!”

66. Why don’t boba teas ever start a fight?
They prefer to ‘milk’ the peace.

67. What’s a boba’s favorite part of a joke?
The punch-tea-line.

68. Why did the boba tea go to space?
To be a little starry.

69. What do you call a boba tea on a skateboard?
A rolling pearl.

70. Why did the boba join the army?
To be part of the ‘Tea’ force.

Boba Tea Joke

71. What do boba teas do on a hot day?
Chill out.

72. Why was the boba tea so smart?
It was full of bubbles of wisdom.

73. What’s a boba tea’s favorite kind of story?
A sip-sational tale.

74. Why did the boba tea go to the beach?
To have some sandy sips.

75. How do you impress a boba tea?
Brew something extraordinary.

76. What did the boba tea say to its friend?
“You’re my best-tea!”

77. Why was the boba tea so good at tennis?
It had a great serve with a twist.

78. What’s a boba tea’s favorite weather?
A little bit mist-tea.

79. Why did the boba tea start a blog?
To share its ‘flavorful’ experiences.

80. What do you call a boba tea’s autobiography?
“Life Through a Straw.”


That wraps up our bubble tea comedy session! I hope these jokes brought some smiles and made your day a bit sweeter, just like a perfectly brewed cup of boba tea. Remember, life is like boba tea – full of surprises and always better with a little bit of sweetness!


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