60 Funniest Bowling Jokes

Prepare to roll a strike in the game of humor? These bowling jokes are aimed right up your alley, designed to bowl you over with laughter. Get ready to hit the pins of comedy, and let’s dive into the world of bowling jokes!

Bowling One-Liner Jokes

1. Bowling is right up my alley – unlike my social life!

2. If you think bowling is a bore, you’re just not striking the right chord.

3. I told my friend a bowling joke, but it went straight into the gutter.

4. Never date a bowler; they’ll only let you down when you’re in the alley.

5. Bowlers always have time to spare, especially during the game.

6. Why don’t bowlers make good comedians? Their jokes are a real strikeout!

7. A strike in bowling is great, but my last strike was at work – now I’m unemployed.

8. Why do bowlers make good partners? They know how to stay in their lane!

9. I once knew a dog that was great at bowling. It was a real pin-terrier!

10. My life’s like a game of bowling – full of gutter moments and occasional strikes.

Bowling Joke

11. I asked my bowling ball for advice, but it just gave me a blank roll.

12. My bowling team’s called “The Strikes.” Too bad we never live up to our name!

13. Why don’t bowlers use smartphones? They’re afraid of the unwanted ring.

14. I wanted to become a bowler, but I couldn’t make ends meet – too many splits!

15. Ever heard of the bowling team that stole the show? They were real pin-snatchers!

16. I told my wife I’d quit bowling. That’s when the real striking started!

17. You know you’re bad at bowling when even the pins look disappointed.

18. If I had a dollar for every gutter ball, I’d be richer than my bowling skills.

19. My doctor said I need more exercise, so I’ve been bowling over the idea.

20. Bowlers know the real key to success – always aim for a striking appearance!

Best Bowling Puns

21. Why don’t bowling balls ever get lost?
Because they always find their way to the gutter!

22. Why did the vampire go bowling?
He wanted to spare his victims!

23. Why was the bowler’s calendar so messy?
It was full of splits and strikes!

24. What do you call a country full of great bowlers?
A bowling nation!

25. Why did the bowler get kicked out of the team?
He was always striking at the wrong time!

26. Why do bowling pins have such a hard life?
They always get knocked down but have to stand right back up again!

27. What did the bowler say to his teammate who was late?
“You’re just in time for the tenth frame. Spare me the excuses!”

28. Why did the bowler bring a pencil to the game?
Because he wanted to get the lead out!

29. How do you know when a bowler is lying?
When they say they scored a 300 in practice!

30. Why don’t bowlers ever tell secrets?
Because they always end up in the alley!

31. What do bowlers and bakers have in common?
They both need the perfect roll to be successful!

32. Why did the bowler go to school?
To improve his striking ability!

Bowling Joke

33. Why was the bad bowler nicknamed “Lightning”?
Because he never struck twice!

34. What’s a bowler’s favorite drink?
Anything in a spare mug!

35. Why did the bowler bring string to the alley?
He wanted to tie the game!

36. Why did the bicycle fall over at the bowling alley?
It was two tired to stand up to the strikes!

37. How do you know you’re a hardcore bowler?
When your bowling ball has its own room in the house!

38. Why did the scarecrow become a champion bowler?
He was outstanding in his lane!

39. What do you call a cat who’s amazing at bowling?
A purr-fect striker!

40. Why don’t bad bowlers make good friends?
They’re always throwing you in the gutter!

Most Funny Bowling Jokes

41. What did the kingpin say to his subjects?
“Bowling before me!”

42. Why did the zombie go bowling?
He heard they had spare parts!

43. What’s a bowler’s favorite type of weather?
A perfect strike of lightning!

44. Why did the turkey go bowling?
Because it wanted three strikes in a row!

45. How do you get the attention of a bowling ball?
Just give it a little roll call!

46. Why do bowlers make terrible novelists?
They always have a problem with the final frame!

Bowling Joke

47. What do you call a fashionable bowler?
A glam-pin!

48. What’s a bowler’s least favorite insect?
A pin-demic of bugs!

49. Why did the chicken go bowling?
To lay a strike!

50. What did the frustrated bowler say to his ball?
“I’m tired of your gutter talk!”

51. Why was the snowman a great bowler?
He had a perfect ice spin!

52. What’s a bowler’s favorite vegetable?
Bowling broccoli!

53. How do professional bowlers keep their cool?
They take everything in stride and roll with it!

54. What’s a ghost’s favorite score in bowling?
A boo-l!

55. Why are computers terrible bowlers?
They always seem to freeze up during the final frame!

56. What did the bowling pin wear to the ball?
Its strike tie!

57. What did the dentist say to the professional bowler?
“You have too many fillings. Stick to strikes!”

58. Why did the bad bowler bring a ladder to the alley?
He needed help getting out of the gutter!

59. How do you know when you’re dating a bowler?
They’re always looking to pick up a spare!

60. Why don’t bowlers ever get lonely?
They always have their pins to keep them company!


That’s the end of our bowling comedy lane! Whether you’ve scored a strike or found yourself in the gutter, we hope these jokes have bowled you over with laughter. Keep rolling, and may your humor always stay in its lane!


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