64 Most Funny Boxes Jokes

Prepare to be packed with laughter with these hysterical box jokes! From quirky puns to playful one-liners, these jokes will have you bursting at the seams with laughter.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this collection of box-based humor. Whether it’s a cardboard box or a cereal box, these jokes will certainly tickle your funny bone and prove that humor can be found even in the most ordinary, square corners of life!

Boxes One-Liner Jokes

1. What do you call a box who can play music? A “beat” box.

2. Why did the cereal box get an award? It was outstanding in its “shelf.”

3. Why was the box a bad actor? Because it always “cracked” under pressure.

4. Why did the box apply for a job? Because it wanted to be more than just a “container.”

5. Why do boxes make good detectives? Because they always “package” the evidence nicely.

6. Why are boxes terrible at hide and seek? Because they always “stand out.”

7. What do you call a really old box? A “card-bored.”

8. Why did the box go to the gym? Because it wanted to “bulk” up.

9. Why did the box never tell secrets? Because it didn’t want to “spill the goods.”

10. Why are boxes bad at soccer? Because they’re always getting “kicked around.”

11. Why do boxes make terrible dancers? They can never “unfold” to the rhythm.

12. Why was the cardboard box afraid of the rain? Because it didn’t want to “fall apart.

13. How do boxes stay in touch? They send each other a “parcel” post.

14. What did the empty box say to the full box? “You’re so full of it!”

15. Why did the box go to the boxing match? Because it wanted to see its relatives in action!

16. Why was the box invited to the meeting? Because it had “important contents.”

Boxes Joke

17. Why was the box so good at math? It knew all about “dimensions.”

18. Why did the sandwich box never feel alone? Because it always had a “wrap” around it.

19. Why did the box go to the art gallery? It had an interest in “cubism.”

20. Why did the box go to therapy? It had too many “inner layers.”

21. Why did the box go to school? Because it wanted to be a “smart” box.

22. What did the shoe box say to the cereal box? “At least I’m not filled with ‘flakes!'”

23. Why did the joke about the box not make anyone laugh? Because it was “square.”

24. Why did the box get promoted? Because it always “thinks outside the box.”

25. How do boxes keep their pants up? With a “package” belt!

26. Why did the gift box go to the party? It heard there would be “presents” there

27. Why was the box so good at meditation? Because it always stayed “centered.”

28. What does a box use to keep its hair in place? A “package” of hair gel!

29. Why are boxes the best comedians? Because they always “deliver” the punchlines!

30. Why was the cardboard box always tired? Because it was always “out of shape.”

Best Boxes Puns

31. Why do boxes make terrible secret keepers? Because you can always see right through them.

32. Why are boxes such bad chefs? Because they can’t handle the “heat” and always end up “folded.”

33. Why was the little box scared of the big box? Because the big box was a “bully,” always “cornering” the small one.

34. What did the shoe box say to the delivery box? “Stop moving around, you’re making me ‘shoe’ sick!”

33. What does a cat in a box and a gift have in common? They both love being “wrapped up” in their surroundings!

34. Why don’t boxes ever go on vacation? They’re afraid they won’t be able to “unpack” themselves.

35. What did the small box say to the big box? “You are out of my ‘league,’ but I think I have you ‘cornered.'”

Box Joke

36. Why was the box nervous about its first day at school? It was worried it wouldn’t fit in, but luckily it found its place in the cubbies.

37. Why did the box try to become a writer? Because it wanted to have novels inside it, not just knick-knacks.

38. What happened when the box went on a diet? It lost a few “pounds,” but it was still a bit “overweight.”

39. Why did the box become a musician? It was tired of being “handled” and wanted to “drum” up some excitement.

40. Why was the box the perfect companion on a road trip? Because it always came “packed” with snacks.

41. Why was the shoe box upset at the sneaker? It said the sneaker was always “stepping” on its feelings.

42. Why did the box refuse to enter the haunted house? It didn’t want to be scared out of its “wits” or its “flaps.”

43. What’s a box’s favorite TV show? “Packed to the Rafters!” But don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret… they’re good at keeping things boxed in.

44. Did you hear about the box that went to the party? It stole the show when it said, “I am the life of the ‘parcel’!”

45. What did the Christmas box say to the birthday box? “I guess we both know how it feels to be wrapped up in something!”

46. Why did the box apply for a job at the post office? It thought it would be great at “handling” the packages.

Funniest Boxes Jokes

47. What did the shoebox say to the sneaker?
“You’re the perfect ‘fit’ for me!”

48. Why did the cardboard box compliment the wrapping paper?
It said, “You’ve got ‘wrap’ skills that are off the ‘chart!'”

49. What did the lunchbox say to the sandwich?
“You really know how to ‘fill’ a space.”

50. What did the mailbox say to the postman?
“You always ‘deliver’ good news!”

51. What’s a box’s favorite subject in school?
Geometry, because it’s all about the right angles!

52. Why was the tissue box a great magician?
Because it always pulled out something to “blow” the audience away.

53. What did the mailbox say to the package?
“You’ve got ‘mail’ written all over you.”

54. What did the cereal box say to the breakfast table?
I guess it’s time to ‘spill the beans’, or in my case, the flakes!

55. What did the lunchbox say to the thermos?
“Chill out, it’s only soup!”

Boxes Joke about cat

56. Why was the pizza box afraid of the pizza cutter?
It didn’t want to be ‘sliced’ and diced!

57. What did the jewelry box say to the diamond ring?
“Quit ‘sparkling’, you’re blinding me!”

58. Why was the toolbox so popular at parties?
It could ‘turn’ any screw and ‘hammer’ any nail!

59. What did the matchbox say to the lighter?
“You’re ‘striking’ me as hot!”

60. Why did the hatbox make a great comedian?
It knew how to ‘cap‘ off a joke!

61. Why was the box of chocolates so well-liked?
Because it was ‘sweet’ inside and out!

62. Why did the toy box go to therapy?
It had too many ‘jumbled’ feelings inside!

63. What did the tissue box say to the sneeze?
“I’m ‘a-choo’sing’ to help you out!”

64. What did the safe box say to the key?
“You always ‘unlock’ the best in me!”


So, there you have it – boxes aren’t just for storing or moving things, they can also be the source of lots of laughter!

Next time you spot a box, remember, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Thanks for joining us on this side-splitting journey through box humor – we hope it was a “packed” full of fun!


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