58 Butt Jokes to Make you Laugh

From the cheeky to the downright punny, here’s a collection of puns sure to get you cracking up. Dive into the humorous world of ‘butt’ jokes, where every jest has a playful end in sight!

Butt One-Line Jokes

1. “A butt’s life motto? ‘Always cover your bases.'”

2. My butt has its own sense of humor, it cracks up at the weirdest times.

3. “Being a calendar’s butt must be tough; always under days’ pressure!”

4. “You think your life’s in shambles? My butt’s always cracking up!”

5. “Went on a diet because there was too much junk in my trunk.”

6. “Butts: always at the end of a good tale.”

7. “I tried to catch my butt, but it was always one step behind.”

8. “My butt’s not opinionated; it just thinks it’s the end.”

9. “Butt puns? They’re always a cheeky choice.”

10. “Met a wise butt once; it was well-rounded with experience.”

Butt Joke

11. “If my butt was an app, it’d have the best user interface.”

12. “Told my butt to quit making jokes. It said, ‘I can’t help being cheeky.'”

13. Butts and grapes have one thing in common – both are better when rounded.

14. “Told my butt to get in shape; it’s been circling the issue ever since.”

15. “Did you hear about the mathematician’s butt? It had all the right angles!”

16. “Always trust your butt, it stands behind you 100%!”

17. “Wanted to be a butt model; they told me I had a ‘rear’ talent.”

18. “All butts are honest; they always get to the bottom of things.”

19. “The best thing about butts? They’ve got your back.”

20. “Butts don’t need alarms, they always rise early.”

Best Butt Puns

21. Why did the butt go to school?
It wanted to get a little behind in its studies!

22. Why did the butt sit down?
To bottom out the conversation.

23. Why did the butt get promoted?
It was the butt of all jokes!

24. What did the chair say to the butt?
“You crack me up!”

25. How do you make your butt smile?
Give it a little pat.

26. Why was the belt arrested?
For holding up a pair of pants!

27. What do butts like to read?
“Tales” from the behind!

28. Why don’t butts get lonely?
Because they always come with a pair.

29. What did the pants say to the butt?
“I’ve got your back!”

30. What did the waiter say to the butt?
“Is everything seated to your satisfaction?”

Butt Joke

31. How do you tell a butt it’s doing a good job?
“Bottoms up!”

32. What did the butt say to the uncomfortable chair?
“You’re a real pain in the rear!”

33. Why did the butt break up with the toilet?
It got dumped too many times!

34. How do you describe a clever butt?

35. Why was the butt so proud?
It was the bottom of every joke!

36. Why did the butt get invited to the party?
Because it knew how to shake things up!

37. How did the butt become a detective?
It got to the bottom of things!

38. Why did the scarecrow win an award?
Because he was outstanding in his field… and had a nice butt!

39. How do you compliment a confident butt?
Tell it, “You’re cheeky!”

Funniest Butt Jokes

40. Why did the butt go to therapy?
It had too much emotional baggage in its trunk!

41. Why did the butt get glasses?
To improve its “rear” view!

42. What did the butt say after a long jog?
“I’m wiped!”

43. Why was the butt always calm?
It could always sit on its problems.

44. Why did the butt apply for a loan?
It wanted to get its finances in order.

45. How do you describe an elegant butt?

46. What’s a butt’s favorite song?
“Shake it Off”.

47. Why don’t butts like secrets?
Because they can’t keep things under wraps!

48. Why did the butt get a trophy?
For best “rear” performance.

Butt Joke

49. What did the beach say to the butt?
“You sure can make some waves!”

50. How does a butt apologize?
“I didn’t mean to be cheeky.”

51. Why did the butt go on a diet?
It wanted to lose a little junk in the trunk!

52. Why was the butt so good at meditation?
It knew how to sit in silence.

53. What did the yoga instructor say to the butt?
“Let’s work on your pose-ture!”

54. Why did the butt bring a pencil?
In case it had to draw a line behind it.

55. What’s a butt’s favorite instrument?
The “bass” guitar.

56. Why was the butt feeling nostalgic?
It missed the good old “seat” days.

57. What did the magician say to the butt?
“And now, I’ll make this crack disappear!”

58. Why did the butt get an award?
For being “rear”markable!


Humor truly knows no bounds. From our light-hearted jabs at the ‘behind,’ it’s clear that laughter really is the best medicine. Here’s to more chuckles and pun-filled moments!


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