77 Funniest Car Jokes

Accelerate into the fast lane of laughter with this collection of car-themed jokes! Each quip is a pit stop of humor, designed to fuel your funny bone. From the garage to the open road, these jokes are sure to drive you to a destination of delight. Enjoy the ride!

Car One-Liner Jokes

1. Why don’t cars like parties? They can’t stand being parked for too long!

2. What’s a car’s favorite meal? Brake-fast!

3. What’s a car’s least favorite footwear? Brake shoes!

4. How does a car flirt? It winks its headlights and honks!

5. What’s a car’s favorite game at the carnival? Bumper cars, of course!

6. What do you call a musician’s car? A “tune-up” truck!

7. Why did the car fail the driving test? It just couldn’t get into gear.

8. What do you call a car with lots of jokes? A comedy vehicle!

9. Why did the transmission go to school? To improve its shifting grades.

10. Why don’t cars ever tell jokes at night? They auto-matically get quieter!

11. What do you call a car that’s always late? A “drag” racer.

12. How do car lovers end their prayers? “Car-men!”

13. What did the car say to the gasoline? “You fuel my life!”

14. Why did the lemon car apply for a job? It wanted to be a zest driver!

15. What’s a car’s favorite horror movie? “The Brake-ing Dead.”

16. Why did the car bring a backpack? It was ready for a road “trip”!

Car Joke

17. What do you call a frog that likes to ride in cars? A “jump starter.”

18. How do you make a car top? Tickle its undercarriage!

19. Why don’t cars ever get mad? They’ve learned how to brake their anger!

20. What do you call a noisy car? A “horn”-mobile!

21. Why was the car a terrible soccer player? It kept stalling on the field!

22. What do you call a car that can dance? An “auto-matic” dancer!

23. What’s a car’s least favorite day of the week? Traffic jam Monday!

24. Why did the convertible date the sedan? Because it was so open-hearted!

25. What do you call a vehicle that loves gardening? A “flower car!

26. How do you know when a car is cold? When it starts wearing its winter tires!

27. Why did the car go to space? To visit the parking meteors!

28. What did the car do when it got bored? It started a “rev”-olution!

29. Why did the car sit in the sun for too long? It wanted to get a hot rod look!

30. What do you call a car that’s always early? A “fast and punctual” vehicle!

31. Why did the muffler go to the doctor? It was exhausted!

32. How do you catch a runaway car? With a “brake-net”!

33. Why don’t cars ever get sad? Because they always have drive!

Best Car Puns

34. Why did the traffic jam taste so bad?
It was seasoned with too many exhaust fumes!

35. Why don’t old cars ever get lost?
They always find their way back to the junkyard.

36. Why did the manual car break up with the automatic?
It was tired of changing all the time.

37. Why did the car take art lessons?
Because it wanted to learn how to draw a better road map!

38. What did the compact car say to the SUV?
“You may be bigger, but I’m more fuel-efficient!”

39. Why don’t cars ever get a good night’s sleep?
They keep waking up at every brake!

40. How do you stop a car from charging?
Take away its credit card!

41. What’s a car’s favorite story?
“The Little Engine That Could” because it’s so motivational!

42. Why don’t luxury cars ever play soccer?
They’re afraid of getting too many dents!

Car Joke

43. How did the car get hurt?
It was in an auto-matic accident!

44. Why did the car put on a watch?
Because it wanted to be in-tune with the times!

45. Why did the electric car apply to the university?
It wanted to get a battery degree!

46. What did one parallel parking space say to the other?
“I think I’m stuck between two hard places.”

47. Why don’t luxury cars ever feel lonely?
Because they come with a lot of extra features!

48. Why did the scarecrow win an award?
Because he was outstanding in his field, but he still couldn’t drive a tractor!

49. How do you describe a car that doesn’t like taking baths?
An auto-matic dirt collector!

50. Why did the traffic light turn red?
It saw the cars coming and needed to change its appearance!

52. What do you call a vehicle that only drives at night?
A “car-pire”!

53. Why did the car go to the therapist?
Because it had an identity crisis; it couldn’t find its keys!

54. What did the speed bump say to the aggressive car?
“Slow down there, champ, I’m not going anywhere!”

55. Why did the math book look so sad?
Because it had too many problems, and none of them were about cars!

56. What’s a vehicle’s favorite type of music?
Heavy metal, because it’s all about those parts!

57. What did the car say to its owner after a long drive?
“I think we need to put brakes on this relationship!”

Most Funny Car Jokes

58. What do you call a laughing motorcycle?
A “Yama-hahaha!”

59. Why did the car break up with the road?
It was a bumpy relationship!

60. What did the car say to its old tires?
“Wheely nice knowing you!”

61. Why did the car blush?
It saw the truck naked!

62. What did the family car say at dinner time?
“I’m tired of fast food; I need something with more fuel to it. How about a nice oil salad?”

63. Why did the car refuse to race the bicycle?
It said, “I’m not going to compete with you; we’re in totally different lanes in life!”

64. What did the car do when it saw a sign that said “Watch for Animals?
It sat there for hours, but not a single animal wore a watch!

65. Why don’t luxury cars ever play hide and seek?
They always stand out!

66. How did the car propose to its sweetheart?
It got down on one knee-matic transmission and said, “Will you drive through life with me?”

67. Why did the car get a sunburn?
It stayed too long in the parking lot!

68. What do you call a story about a car?
An “auto”-biography!

Car Joke

69. Why did the car go to a yoga class?
It wanted to find its inner peace and alignment, but it couldn’t get past the “pump” pose.

70. What did the car say to its reflection in the mirror?
“I’m feeling run-down today; maybe it’s time for a brake.”

71. Why was the car always gossiping?
Because it wanted to know what was going on under everyone’s hood!

72. What did the car do on its birthday?
It threw a “brake” dance party and invited all the “suspension”-ful characters from the garage.

73. How do you know when a car is lying?
Its story seems to shift gears too often, and the details just don’t seem to align!

74. Why don’t cars ever get lost?
They always follow their road map!

75. Why was the math book sad at the car lot?
Too many problems with the vehicles!

76. What did the hybrid car say to the gas car?
“I’m electric, and you’re shocked!”

77. What did the police car say to the speeding vehicle?
“You might think you’re fast, but your luck is about to run out of gas!”


We hope this collection of car jokes has taken you on a memorable ride through the world of automotive humor. May these puns and one-liners continue to ignite smiles and laughter in your journey ahead. Thanks for cruising with us, and remember, life’s too short not to enjoy the ride!


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