80 Most Funny Cement Jokes

Get ready to mix humor with a touch of adult wit. Here’s a collection of cement jokes that promise to be as entertaining as they are solid. Fasten your belts; it’s about to get rock-hard hilarious!

Cement One-Liner Jokes

1. I once dated a cement mixer, but we just didn’t set well together.

2. Ever tried a cement cocktail? It’s a hard drink to swallow.

3. Cement went to a party and got plastered.

4. Why was cement the best at poker? It always had a stone face.

5. I heard a risqué joke about cement. It was solid but a little dirty.

6. I had a fling with a cement bag. Now, I’m stuck with the aftermath.

7. Tried a cement diet, but it just weighed me down.

8. I’m like cement in the bedroom; give me time, and I’ll set the mood.

9. Ever heard of the cement that became a stripper? Talk about a concrete pole dance.

10. My cement mixer friend doesn’t need a dating app; he’s a smooth operator.

11. I told my partner our love is like cement: sometimes rocky, but always solid.

12. Cement’s favorite pick-up line? “Let’s lay the foundation for tonight.”

13. I flirted with cement once, but got stuck in a hard place.

14. Cement and wine have one thing in common: both get better as they age.

15. Took cement to a club, and it became the life of the concrete jungle.

Cement Joke

16. My buddy said his date with cement was unforgettable; they had rock-hard chemistry.

17. Cement in a bar always orders the hardest drink.

18. I told cement a dirty joke, and it set the tone for the evening.

19. The cement walked into a bar and said, “Make it a double; I’ve had a cracking day.”

20. I thought my date with cement would be dull, but it was a rock-hard party.

21. I asked cement for relationship advice. It said, “Stick together and avoid cracks.”

22. Why did cement get promoted? It always had concrete results in bed.

23. Tried seducing cement with wine. Turns out it’s already set in its ways.

24. Cement’s dating profile: “Hard at first, but I’ve got a solid foundation.”

25. Why did cement get kicked out of the library? It always had a hardened opinion.

26. Cement’s love life? Solid, but tends to get stuck in the same old routine.

27. Ever dated cement? It’s a commitment; once you bond, you’re stuck.

28. Cement’s philosophy in bed? Lay it right the first time.

29. Took cement to a speed dating event. By the end, things were setting fast.

30. Cement’s motto at the bar? “Mix well with others.”

Best Cement Puns

31. Why did the cement go to school?
It wanted to become a little more concrete in its understanding.

32. I heard a joke about cement.
It was a solid one, but it took a while to set in.

33. Why did the cement go to therapy?
It had too many issues with being stepped on.

34. Did you hear about the scandal between sand and cement?
It’s not a smooth mix; some gritty details were exposed.

35. The cement said to the brick,
“Without me, you’d be another brick in the wall.”

36. How do cement comedians make you laugh?
They crack you up before they harden their punchline.

37. I tried telling a joke about cement to my architect friend.
He just couldn’t lay off the criticism.

38. Why did the romantic cement send flowers?
It wanted to cement its relationship.

39. My friend said he can swim in liquid cement.
Sounds like a hard thing to do.

40. Why did the cement join the orchestra?
It had the base covered.

Cement Joke

41. I wrote a poem about cement.
But critics said it was set in its ways.

42. Did you hear about the cement truck that broke down?
It was a hard stop.

43. Why was the cement so good at meditation?
Because it always sets its mind to it.

44. A philosopher once said, “In life, be like cement.
No matter how rough things get, always have the potential to become solid.”

45. The cement mixer went on a date.
It was looking for someone to bond with.

46. Did you hear about the cement that went to the art show?
It wanted to become a plasterpiece.

47. What did the cement say during its motivational speech?
“Life may beat you down, but you set the pace for solid results.”

48. Why did the cement go to the bakery?
It heard they make hard rolls.

49. Ever heard the story of the shy cement?
It always stayed in the background, but had the strength to hold everything together.

50. The cement was caught stealing.
It was a hardened criminal.

Funniest Cement Jokes

51. Why did the cement get kicked out of the bar?
It had too many mixers.

52. Why did the cement break up with the brick?
It felt taken for granite.

53. I once dated cement. The relationship was strong,
but emotionally it was rocky.

54. How does cement flirt at the bar?
“Wanna set the foundation for tonight?”

55. My friend married a bag of cement.
He’s now stuck in a hardened relationship.

56. Why did the cement go to the club?
To concrete some new relationships.

57. Ever hear about the cement that wrote romance novels?
Its stories have quite the foundation.

58. Cement walked into a bar.
Bartender says, “You look plastered.”

59. Why did the cement get a promotion at work?
It had a solid reputation.

60. How did the cement apologize after a fight?
“I didn’t mean to be so abrasive.”

61. My therapist told me I’m like cement.
I seem tough, but it takes time for things to settle in.

62. Why did the cement have a midlife crisis?
It was tired of being in a rut.

63. Cement and sand were at a party. Cement told sand,
“You’re fine, but sometimes you’re just too coarse.”

64. Why was the cement always stressed?
It felt pressured to always hold things together.

65. Why did the cement file for divorce?
It was tired of its partner just laying around.

Cement Joke

66. I took cement to a wine tasting.
Apparently, it has a palate for full-bodied bricks.

67. What did the cement say to its therapist?
“I just can’t seem to bond with anyone.”

68. Why was the cement a great detective?
It always had the dirt on someone.

69. Cement’s dating profile:
“Looking for someone to build a lifetime of memories. Hard exterior but a softy inside.”

70. My cement contractor told me a joke.
I didn’t get it until the next day. That’s when it set in.

71. Why did the cement go on a diet?
It wanted to shed some gravel.

72. Did you hear about the cement that became a lawyer?
Now it’s laying down the law.

73. What did the cement say to the attractive tile?
“I’ve got a crush on you.”

74. I tried breaking up with cement once.
It was a tough split; things got pretty set between us.

75. Cement and water went on a date.
Things got a little muddy.

76. Why was the cement so good at debates?
It always had a concrete argument.

77. Did you hear about the cement mixer’s party?
It was a blast; everyone got plastered.

78. What did the introverted cement say?
“I just need some space to set.”

79. Cement’s life coach advised:
“Find a balance, or you’ll crumble under pressure.”

80. My buddy said dating cement is hard.
I told him, “Just wait, it gets even harder.”


As we wrap up, remember that humor, much like cement, needs the right elements to set. Thanks for journeying through our concrete comedy lane. May your laughter always be as solid and enduring!


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