80 Cookie Jokes To Make You Laugh

Buckle up to dunk into laughter with these cookie and milk jokes! These jokes blend the sweet humor of cookies with the smooth wit of milk. Perfect for sharing over your next snack break, these jokes are sure to bring smiles and giggles to all ages!

Cookie One-Liner Jokes

1. “Why do cookies never argue with milk? Because milk always has the last splash.”

2. “Milk asked the cookie, ‘Do you believe in love at first sip?'”

3. “What did the cookie say to the milk? ‘You’re udderly fantastic!'”

4. “The cookie said to milk, ‘You’re my best-tea!'”

5. “Milk said to the cookie, ‘You make my world a butter place.'”

6. “Why was the cookie always with milk? It believed in ‘soak mates.'”

7. “What did the cookie say during a toast? ‘Here’s to milk, for never leaving me dry!'”

8. “Milk told the cookie, ‘You’re the raisin I smile.'”

9. “Why do cookies love milk? Because it’s the cream of the crop.”

10. “The cookie said to milk, ‘We’re a perfect blend – you’re hot, I’m baked.'”

Cookie Joke

11. “What’s a cookie’s favorite philosophy? ‘I dunk, therefore I am.'”

12. “Milk to the cookie: ‘You’re a chip off the old choc.'”

13. “Why was the cookie so wise? It always had milk to consult.”

14. “The cookie said to milk, ‘Together, we’re whey cool.'”

15. “Why did the cookie love the milk? It was love at first dip.”

16. “Milk said to the cookie, ‘You had me at crumble.'”

17. “What did the cookie say in court? ‘I plead crumby.'”

18. “Milk to cookie: ‘You’re my sweet escape from a crummy day.'”

19. “Why do cookies and milk get along? They both believe in spooning.”

20. “The cookie said, ‘I’m feeling crumbly,’ and milk replied, ‘I’m your shoulder to drip on.'”

Best Cookie Puns

21. Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Because it felt crumbly.

22. What’s a cookie’s favorite music genre?
Crumb rock.

23. Why don’t cookies win races?
They always crumble under pressure.

24. Why did the Oreo go to the dentist?
Because it lost its filling.

25. What do you call a cookie that becomes a lawyer?
A smart cookie.

26. How does a cookie cry?
It lets out a little “waafer.”

27. Why was the cookie sad?
Because his mom was a wafer so long.

28. What’s a monster’s favorite cookie?
Ghoul scout cookies.

29. Why did the cookie join the police?
He wanted to be a cop-per.

30. How do you make a dumb cookie smart?
Put a little “smarty” on it.

31. Why did the cookie take a nap?
It was feeling a bit crumby.

32. What’s a cookie’s favorite dance move?
The chip and dip.

33. What did the gingerbread man put on his bed?
A cookie sheet.

34. Why did the cookie go to school?
To get a little “breader.”

35. What’s a cookie’s life philosophy?
“Life’s short, eat dessert first.”

Cookie Joke

36. Why don’t cookies argue?
Because they always crumble in a debate.

37. How does a cookie greet another cookie?
“Hey, sweetie!”

38. Why did the computer eat the cookie?
It needed bytes.

39. What’s a kangaroo’s favorite cookie?
The jump-er-doodle.

40. Why was the cookie scared of the computer?
It didn’t want to get deleted.

41. Why was the cookie sad without milk?
It felt incomplete without its better half.

42. What’s a snickerdoodle’s favorite drink?
Cinnamon-spice milk.

43. How do you know a cookie and milk are best friends?
They’re always seen dunking around.

44. Why was the milk scared of the cookie?
It heard the cookie had a tough bite.

45. What do macadamia nut cookies bring to the milk party?
A nutty personality.

46. How did the peanut butter cookie cheer up the milk?
By sticking close to it.

47. Why did the milk go to the cookie convention?
To feel like part of the batch.

48. What’s a chocolate cookie’s favorite kind of milk?
Double choco-latte.

49. How do milk and a cookie resolve a fight?
By dunking it out.

50. What’s a thumbprint cookie’s favorite milk activity?
Leaving an impression.

Funniest Cookie Jokes

51. Why did the cookie go to the hospital?
It felt a bit crummy.

52. What’s a cookie’s favorite mode of transportation?
The gravy train.

53. Why was the cookie always calm?
It had a lot of self-con-troll.

54. How do you get a mouse to smile?
Say “cheese… cake cookie!

55. What do you call an athletic cookie?
A gingerbread man.

56. Why did the cookie go to the astrology class?
To learn about its star sign, Oreo-n.

57. What’s a cookie’s favorite sci-fi show?
Star Trek: The Next Gener-raisin.

58. Why did the cookie join the art class?
It had a flair for the eclairs.

59. What do you call a group of cookies working together?
A batch.

60. Why don’t cookies trust anything?
Because they crumble under questioning.

61. What’s a cookie’s favorite Shakespeare play?
“Munch Ado About Nothing.”

62. Why did the cookie write a letter?
It wanted to express its fillings.

63. What’s a cookie’s favorite part of the computer?
The cookie jar-drive.

64. Why did the cookie go to the beach?
For some sandies and sun.

65. What did the cookie say after breaking up?
I need my space…bar.

Cookie Joke

66. Why was the cookie so smart?
It was full of wise cracks.

67. How do you keep a cookie secret?
Put it in a jar.

68. Why did the cookie go to the party alone?
It wanted to mix and mingle.

69. What did the cookie say to the unhappy cake?
“Hey, what’s eating you?”

70. Why did the cookie go to the library?
It wanted to read a batch of new books.

71. Why did the cookie go to school with milk?
Because milk was its best “pour”-fessor.

72. What did the chocolate chip cookie say to the milk?
“You complete me!”

73. Why do cookies never fight milk?
Because milk always has the upper pour.

74. What’s a fortune cookie’s favorite drink?

75. Why was the milk nervous?
Because the cookies looked so crumb-elling.

76. How does an oatmeal cookie cheer up milk?
By being oat-standingly sweet.

77. Why did the milk break up with the cookie?
It felt the relationship was too crumbly.

78. What did the gingerbread cookie say to the milk?
“I find you very a-moo-sing!”

79. Why did the sugar cookie go to the dance with milk?
Because milk was so smooth.

80. What do cookies and milk do at a party?
They mix and mingle.


We hope these cookie and milk jokes have added a sprinkle of joy to your day! Remember, life is like a cookie jar – it’s all about what you put into it. Keep smiling and stay sweet, just like your favorite cookie!


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