70 Cricket Jokes to Make You Laugh

Cricket isn’t just a game of bat and ball; it’s a source of endless humor too! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a passionate fan, these cricket-themed jokes are sure to bowl you over with laughter. Let’s add a bit of laughter to the love of cricket!

Cricket One-Liner Jokes

1. Cricketers are great musicians; they always hit the perfect pitch.

2. Why do cricketers carry bats? For runs, not for flies.

3. In cricket, every catch is a good catch, except when it’s your flight.

4. Cricketers are poor singers; they can’t find the right pitch.

5. Why did the cricketer go to jail? For catching a thief.

6. How do cricketers stay cool? By batting near the fans.

7. Why was the cricket team so calm? They had plenty of overs left.

8. A cricketer’s favorite movie? ‘The Big Bash.’

9. Why are cricketers bad at chess? Too much focus on the knight.

10. A cricketer’s least favorite fruit? Run-out melons.

Cricket Joke

11. Why did the cricketer sit on the sideline? He missed the bench-mark.

12. Cricketers don’t like baking; they can’t handle the buns.

13. Why don’t cricketers play hide and seek? They always get caught.

14. Cricketers love elevators; they’re great at catching a lift.

15. Why was the cricket player so relaxed? He just bowled a maiden over.

16. What’s a cricketer’s favorite insect? The wicket-keeper.

17. Cricketers are great at parties; they always bowl over the guests.

18. Why did the cricketer become a gardener? He loved the green field.

19. Cricketers don’t like fishing; they can’t stand the long wait.

20. Why did the cricketer wear two pairs of pants? In case he got a hole in one.

Best Cricket Puns

21. Why don’t crickets use phones?
Because they believe in catching up in person!

22. What’s a cricket player’s favorite reptile?
The wicket-keeper!

23. Why was the cricket team so cool?
They kept hitting chill shots!

24. How do you know if a cricket player is a good driver?
They know how to handle the swings and bouncers!

25. Why was the cricket team always in trouble?
They kept getting caught behind!

26. What’s a ghost’s favorite position in cricket?
The phantom keeper!

27. Why was the cricket pitch so hot after the game?
All the fans left!

28. Why are cricket players good at bowling?
They have the perfect run-up to a strike!

29. How did the cricket ball lose its job?
It was caught napping at the boundary!

30. Why did the cricket bat get promoted?
Because it was outstanding in its field!

Cricket Joke

31. What’s a cricket player’s favorite fish?
A slip!

32. Why did the cricket player refuse to play cards?
He was afraid of getting dealt a bad innings!

33. What do you call an insect that’s good at cricket?
A cricket-er!

34. How do crickets fix a broken light?
They just bowl a googly at it!

35. Why don’t cricket players ever sweat?
They have too many fans!

36. What do you call a cricket player with a rubber toe?

37. Why did the cricket player sit on the pitch?
He wanted to join the sit-spinners!

38. What’s a cricket player’s favorite kitchen utensil?
A batula!

39. Why did the cricket ball get thrown out of the bar?
It was smashed!

40. Why don’t cricket players tell secrets on the field?
Because the wickets have ears!

Funniest Cricket Jokes

41. Why don’t cricket players stay in hotels?
Because they prefer to be caught at home!

42. Why are crickets terrible at hide and seek?
Because they always end up getting caught!

43. What do you call an insect that’s great at cricket?
A cricket!

44. Why was the cricket team bad at performing music?
Because they kept dropping the beat…
and the catches!

45. Why don’t crickets play basketball?
They’re afraid of the bat!

46. What did the cricket umpire suffer from after a long match?
A bad case of the LBWs (Long Boring Whinges)!

47. Why did the cricket player go to jail?
Because he was caught behind!

48. Why are spiders great cricket players?
They’re good at catching flies!

49. Why did the cricket ball turn red?
It was embarrassed to be hit for a six again!

50. Why do cricket players make terrible comedians?
They always play it straight!

51. How do you comfort a grammar enthusiast at a cricket match?
Tell them it’s just a matter of tense!

52. Why did the cricket team hire a baker?
Because they needed a good batter!

53. Why did the cricket team go to space?
To catch some stars!

54. Why don’t cricket players ever get cold?
Because they have plenty of sweaters (sweater is a term for a jumper often worn by cricketers)!

55. What do cricket players eat at teatime?
Scones with wickets and cream!

Cricket Joke

56. Why don’t crickets use smartphones?
They can’t find any apps for bails!

57. What’s a cricket player’s favorite furniture?
The arm-chair umpire!

58. Why did the cricket player break his leg?
He played a sweeping shot!

59. Why did the cricket player get an award in school?
He was brilliant at taking catches in class!

60. Why did the cricket spectator bring a rope to the match?
He heard the players were on a winning streak!

61. Why did the cricket player take a piece of sandpaper to the match?
He wanted to smooth out his innings.

62. How can you tell if a cricket player is a bowler or a batsman? Wait and see if they’re better with a leather or a willow!

63. What do you call a cricket player who makes a salad?
A tosser.

64. Why don’t cricket batsmen ever get lost?
Because they know every run counts.

65. Why did the cricket player break up with his partner?
There was no appeal left in the relationship.

66. How do cricket batsmen stay cool?
By standing near the fans.

67. Why do cricket players always carry a spare bat?
In case they get a chance to hit a nightwatchman.

68. What did the cricket player say after a night out?
“I’m feeling a bit out of my crease.”

69. Why did the cricket player get arrested?
He stole a run!

70. Why are cricket players never struck by lightning?
Because they’re the best at avoiding the strike.


We are certain that enjoyed this funny spin on cricket! Remember, whether it’s a six or a duck, a little laughter makes every match better. Keep smiling and keep loving the game!


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