80 Funniest Dental Jokes

Dentists might make us nervous, but they also give us some really funny jokes! From teeth to braces, let’s dive into some playful laughs about the world of dental care. Ready to smile? 😁

Dental One-Liner Jokes

1. Why was the dentist good at yoga? Because he knew the drill!

2. I told my dentist a joke, and he said, “That’s plaque-tastic!”

3. My dentist’s favorite time is tooth-thirty.

4. I asked my dentist for his Wi-Fi password, he replied, “Floss daily!”

5. Why did the dentist and the tree get along? They both know the root of the issue.

6. My dentist is great at multitasking – he fills cavities while cracking jokes!

7. Molars are so wise; they always come in with age.

8. My dentist’s favorite song? “Crown Me Maybe.”

9. I told my dentist I wanted white teeth, and he handed me a chalk.

10. Every dentist’s favorite playground ride? The molar-coaster!

Dental Joke

11. My dentist has a side job – he’s a plaque-tician.

12. My dentist recommended a braces diet: it’s hard to chew, but it straightens things out.

13. My dentist’s favorite dance? The floss!

14. I know a song about oral hygiene – it’s a clean hit!

15. I asked my dentist for a joke, he said, “Brace yourself!”

16. My dentist says I don’t need toothpaste, I need truth-paste.

17. My teeth are so bad, my dentist booked two appointments… one for each row!

18. Why did the dentist get an award? He had the best bite in town!

19. I can’t find my dental hygienist anywhere – she always brushes off meetings.

20. My dentist moonlights as a stand-up comic – he always gets to the root of humor!

Best Dental Puns

21. Why did the dentist bring a toothbrush to the potluck?
To brush up on his cooking skills.

22. What does a dentist call his x-rays?

23. Why did the computer go to the dentist?
It had a byte problem.

24. I told my dentist I wanted a flossy lifestyle.
Now I’m brushing up on my dreams!

25. Why did the dentist become a baseball coach?
He knows the drill!

26. What did one molar say to the other?
“We’re so close, I can’t help but feel impacted by you.”

27. Why did the dentist go to art school?
He wanted to learn how to draw a good bite!

28. What does a dentist give out on Halloween?
Floss-flavored candy.

29. Why did the dentist keep checking his watch?
He didn’t want to miss his tooth-hurty appointment!

30. How does a dentist comfort his patients?
“Brace yourself, it won’t be long!”

31. Why did the dentist get promoted?
He was outstanding in his fill-d!

32. When the dentist joined the orchestra, which instrument did he play?
The tuba toothpaste!

33. How do you know if a dentist is going on a trip?
He says, “I’ll be flossing for a while.”

34. Why was the dental report so hard to read?
It had too many fillings.

35. Why did the deer go to the dentist?
To get his buck teeth checked!

Dental Joke

36. What do you call a dentist’s advice?
His floss-ophy.

37. How did the dentist become a track star?
He mastered the tooth hurty sprint!

38. Why was the toothbrush so good at making decisions?
It always goes straight to the root of the problem.

39. What’s a dentist’s favorite musical instrument?
The plaque-pipe!

40. Why do dentists like potatoes?
Because they make great molar-tatoes!

41. What did the dentist say to the golfer?
“You have a hole in one… tooth!”

42. Why did the dentist visit the beach?
To check out the sandy molars.

43. Why was the dentist good at the gym?
He knew the drill.

44. What did the dentist give to the tooth fairy for her birthday?
A bite-cake.

45. How do teeth text each other?
With blue-tooth technology.

46. Why did the tooth apply for a job?
It wanted to get its bite into the working world.

47. How do you organize a dental space party?
You planet with molar system charts!

48. Why did the tooth bring a suitcase to the dentist’s office?
It was going on a plaque-cation.

49. Why was the toothbrush feeling sad?
Because it felt it was always getting the brush off.

50. How did the sensitive tooth give advice?
It spoke softly and carried a big stick.

Most Funny Dental Jokes

51. Why did the king go to the dentist?
To get his crown checked!

52. What do you call a dentist who can play the piano?
A tooth fairy-tale prodigy.

53. How did the dentist become a heart surgeon?
He found the root of all heartache.

54. What do you call a dentist’s autobiography?
“Molar Memories.”

55. Why was the orthodontist calm during the storm?
He always braces himself for the worst.

56. Why did the dentist bring string to the bar?
To floss the night away.

57. Why did the dentist get locked out of their practice?
They had the wrong key filling.

58. How does a dentist flirt?
“Do you believe in love at first bite?”

59. Why did the dentist get an award?
For his outstanding plaque removal!

60. Why did the tooth go to school?
To get a bit smarter.

61. Why was the dentist so good at solving mysteries?
He always knew how to get to the root of the problem.

62. How do dentists greet each other?
“How’s it filling?”

63. What did the molar say after a breakup?
“I just wasn’t ready for this kind of crown-commitment.”

64. Why did the dentist and the manicurist fight?
They argued tooth and nail!

65. What did the dentist say after examining the beaver?
“Your biting habits are dam good.”

Dental Joke

66. Why was the dentist always calm?
He knew how to brace himself.

67. Why did the tooth get an award?
It had outstanding bite-havior.

68. Why did the dentist become a juggler?
He was great at handling multiple fillings at once!

69. What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A gummy bear!

70. What did the vampire say to the dentist?
“Could you look at my bat molars?”

71. Why did the astronaut become a dentist?
He knew the drill about space cavities.

72. How did the vampire know he needed braces?
His bite was off.

73. “You have a cavity,” said the dentist. I replied,
“Well, that’s a bit hole-y unexpected!”74. Why did the tomato turn red?
It saw the salad dressing and the tooth flossing!

75. What’s a dentist’s favorite game?
Cavity Search.

76. Why do dentists always look so down?
They’re always feeling below the gum line.

77. What do you call a dentist’s meditation?

78. Why did the dentist join the army?
He was a drill sergeant.

79. What did the orthodontist say to the werewolf?
“Looks like you’re overdue for a bite adjustment.”

80. Why don’t teeth need to use computers?
Because they already come with bytes.


The world of dentistry is ripe with opportunities for humor, effortlessly blending the lighthearted with the technical. From “tooth-hurty” jokes to clever plays on dental procedures, these puns showcase the playful side of oral care. Remember, a day without laughter is a day wasted, so keep brushing up on those jokes!


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