80 Dragon Ball Jokes to Make You Laugh

Venture beyond the realm of power-ups and dragon wishes. In the world of Dragon Ball, humor often strikes harder than a Super Saiyan punch. Get ready to laugh faster than a speeding Kamehameha!

Dragon Ball One-Liner Jokes

1. Chi-Chi: “How was your day?” Goku: “Planet’s still here, so pretty good!”

2. I’d tell you a time travel joke, but you didn’t like it last week.

3. Why did Beerus and Omni-King start a band? They wanted to create universal hits!

4. Master Roshi’s shades aren’t just for style; they hide decades of anime spoilers.

5. Why are Saiyans bad storytellers? They drag-on the plot.

6. When a Saiyan sneezes, it’s not a cold, it’s a power-up.

7. Capsule Corp’s business motto: “We’ve got problems? There’s a capsule for that!”

8. Hyperbolic Time Chamber: where a minute feels like a year of filler episodes.

9. If Vegeta opened a vegetable store, would it be called “Vegetables by Vegeta”?

10. Don’t play hide and seek with Goku; he’ll just instant transmit.

dragon ball joke about goku wedding

11. Saiyan barbershop specials: Super Saiyan spikes, no gel required.

12. Why was the Dragon Ball musician so good? He mastered the scales.

13. Saiyans don’t need coffee; their natural state is hyper.

14. You know you’re a Saiyan if your hair color predicts your mood.

15. Being best friends with a Saiyan? It’s a blast… literally.

16. Don’t challenge a Namekian in a drinking game; they don’t water down.

17. Tried to get a Saiyan’s attention? Just mention the next big fight.

18. Majin Buu’s diet tip: Turn junk food into people; it’s less tempting.

19. Gohan’s study tip: If you can dodge a punch, you can dodge a question.

20. Frieza’s ice cream parlor melted… he couldn’t handle the heat.

Best Dragon Ball Puns

21. Why did Vegeta go to art school?
To improve his sketchy power levels!

22. What does Frieza serve at his ice cream shop?
Frosted Saiyans.

23. Why did Goku get a ticket?
For speeding while Instant Transmitting!

24. How do the Z Fighters organize a party?
They plan-et.

25. Why was Bulma worried about her new job at the electric company?
She heard they were short-circuiting Saiyans!

26. Why did Piccolo go to music school?
To master the scales.

27. How do you know Vegeta is having a mid-life crisis?
He can’t stop talking about his Super Saiyan glory days.

28. How does Trunks keep his pants up?
With a Saiyan belt.

29. Why did Android 17 have so many friends?
Because he was cell-fone popular!

30. Why did Frieza stay calm during the hot summer?
Because he’s used to the heat after being in hell.

31. What’s Goku’s favorite vegetable?
A carrot… I mean Kakarot!

32. What did Gohan say to his date?
“I might be a half-Saiyan, but my feelings for you are full!”

33. How does Krillin answer his phone?
“Krillin it today, how can I help?”

34. Why did Shenron get tired at the party?
Because everyone kept wishing for more!

35. How did Yamcha feel after his baseball game?
Like he had been hit by a Saibaman.

Dragon Ball Joke

36. Why don’t the Saiyans write tests?
Because they always go beyond the marking scale!

37. How do Saiyans cut their vegetables?
With a Beam Sword!

38. What’s Frieza’s favorite soda?
Coca-Cola, because it’s so chilling!

39. Why did Goku bring a ladder?
Because he wanted to reach Super Saiyan heights!

40. What’s Vegeta’s favorite social media app?

41. Why was the Time Chamber a popular workout spot?
Because you could get a year’s workout in a day!

42. Why don’t Saiyans need coffee?
Because the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is the ultimate wake-up call!

43. How do you organize a space party?
You “planet” with the Namekians.

44. Why did the Saiyan get kicked out of school?
Too many power trips!

45. Why was the fusion dance banned from prom?
It made too many power couples!

46. What did the fighter say at the Dragon Ball buffet?
“I wish for a second serving!”

47. Why was Capsule Corp. bad at secrets?
Because everything was always popping out!

48. How do you impress a Dragon Ball fan on their birthday?
Give them a Super Saiyan surprise!

49. What do Saiyans put on their pizza?
Pepperoni, mushrooms, and a side of Dragon Balls.

50. Why did the Tuffle avoid playing cards with Saiyans?
Too many wild cards!

Funniest Dragon Ball Jokes

51. Why did Goku refuse to join the soccer team?
Because every time he gets a penalty, he asks for three episodes to take it!

52. How does Vegeta like his steak?
Over 9000 degrees!

53. Why does Frieza never get a cold?
Because he’s at his best when he’s the “coolest.”

54. Why was Gohan bad at hide and seek as a child?
He’d always Piccolo place to hide!

55. Why does Trunks never tell secrets?
Because he has a history of “brief” leaks.

56. Why did Beerus go to a wine tasting?
He was looking for a divine drink fit for a god!

57. Why does Whis never play chess?
He always prefers to “train” his moves!

58. Why did the androids open a tech store?
Because they had the best “connections”!

59. Goku’s logic: “Why punch your enemy
when you can feed them first?”

60. Why is Chi-Chi good at board games?
Because she’s the queen of “Monopoly” in the Goku household!

61. Why did Majin Buu stop eating sweets?
He wanted to avoid a “bubble-gum” crisis.

62. Why is Krillin a great DJ?
Because he’s always dropping “bald” beats!

63. Why does Master Roshi never use a smartphone?
Because he’s stuck in “shell” mode!

64. Why did Piccolo get kicked out of the orchestra?
He played too many “Namekian” notes!

65. Why does Pan love pancake breakfasts?
Because she flips at the chance!

Dragon Ball Joke about bulma

66. Why is Omega Shenron bad at math?
Because every time he counts, it’s a “dragon” process!

67. Why did Zamasu go to therapy?
He couldn’t handle his “fusion” of feelings!

68. Why did Jiren refuse to start a rock band?
He doesn’t believe in “beats”!

69. Why does Broly hate libraries?
Because every time he reads, it’s a “legendary” outburst!

70. Why did Cabba get promoted in the vegetable store?
Because he was a “fresh” Saiyan!

71. How do you know a joke is from the Dragon Ball universe?
It takes five episodes to get to the punchline.

72. Why did the android go to art school?
To draw better circuits.

73. How do Z Fighters like their drinks?
Over ice… unless they’re facing Frieza.

74. Why was the martial arts tournament so loud?
Too many Cell phones!

75. Why did the Saiyan avoid the computer?
He was worried about the virus, especially from Dr. Gero.

76. Why don’t Saiyans tell secrets?
They have a tendency to “blow up.”

77. Why was the Dragon Radar in therapy?
It had too many attachment issues!

78. How do you compliment a Saiyan’s hairstyle?
Tell them it’s out of this world!

79. What do you call a sneezy Saiyan?
A “Blessed” Super Saiyan.

80. Why don’t Namekians need a GPS?
Because they always “Nail” the direction.


As we wrap up our journey through Dragon Ball humor, it’s clear that even mighty warriors have a lighter side. These jests remind us that between epic battles, there’s room for a chuckle. Until our next comedic adventure, keep those ki-charged laughs coming!


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