66 Funniest Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg Jokes

Welcome to this unique collection of jokes, where we combine the worlds of tech and comedy! Drawing inspiration from two tech giants, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Get ready for a laugh-out-loud journey from Facebook to SpaceX, from social media profiles to Martian exploration!

Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg One-Liner Jokes

1. Mark Zuckerberg: “My site has 2.8 billion users!” Elon Musk: “Mine has infinite space.”

2. Elon Musk is trying to reach the stars while Zuckerberg can’t even control his star ratings.

3. Elon Musk: “I launched a car into space.” Mark Zuckerberg: “I launched a new timeline.

4. Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg: “You collect data, I collect milestones.”

5. Zuckerberg: “I’m king of the social world.” Musk: “That’s cute, I’m aiming for a whole planet.”

6. Zuckerberg wants to socialize the world, Musk wants to socialize Mars.

7. Zuckerberg’s all about the ‘likes’, Musk’s all about the ‘lightyears’.

8. Zuckerberg launches apps, Musk launches spacecraft.

9. Musk to Zuckerberg: “You might own Facebook, but I own the face of Mars.”

10. Zuckerberg: “Facebook’s everywhere!” Musk: “Not on Mars…yet.”

11. Zuckerberg updates status while Musk updates flight status.

12. While Zuckerberg’s busy poking, Musk’s busy launching.

13. Zuckerberg’s platform connects people, Musk’s rockets disconnect people from Earth.

14. Zuckerberg tries to make virtual reality feel real, Musk tries to make reality feel unreal.

15. Zuckerberg’s definition of space: Data centers. Musk’s definition of space: The universe.

16. Zuckerberg thinks big with Facebook. Musk thinks bigger with SpaceX.

17. Zuckerberg’s focus is on software updates, Musk’s focus is on space updates.

18. Musk and Zuckerberg are both in tech, but only one’s technology is literally out of this world.

19. Zuckerberg: “I’ll tag you on Facebook!” Musk: “I’ll tag you on Mars!”

20. Zuckerberg wants to be on your timeline, Musk wants to redefine time with a line to Mars.

Best Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg Puns

21. Why does Mark Zuckerberg never challenge Elon Musk to a car race?
Because he knows he can’t beat the guy who’s already left Earth’s orbit.

22. Why did Elon Musk invite Mark Zuckerberg to join his Mars mission?
He wanted to show him what a real “global network” looks like.

23. How are Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg different when it comes to goals?
One wants to take us to the stars, the other is satisfied with five stars rating on the app store.

24. Why did Mark Zuckerberg unfriend Elon Musk on Facebook?
Because Elon kept posting pictures of his Tesla and saying, “Look, no privacy issues here!”

25. Why did Elon Musk say when Mark Zuckerberg asked for a tour of SpaceX?
“Sure Mark, but remember, this isn’t like Facebook – what happens here stays here.”

26. What’s the difference between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk’s plans for the future?
Zuckerberg wants a world where everyone is on Facebook. Musk wants a world where everyone is on Mars.

27. How is SpaceX different from Facebook according to Elon Musk?
“At SpaceX we aim for the stars, not your personal data.”

28. Why did Elon Musk launch a satellite network around Earth?
Because he heard Zuckerberg say that Facebook is a ‘global’ community.

29. What’s common between Elon Musk’s rockets and Mark Zuckerberg’s programming skills?
They both started in a dorm room and then took off.

30. Why does Elon Musk prefer Twitter over Facebook?
Because 280 characters are easier to handle than Zuckerberg’s algorithms.

31. How does Zuckerberg like his Facebook and Musk like his rockets?
They both like them high-flying and out of this world.

32. What did Elon Musk say to Mark Zuckerberg about virtual reality?
“I’m trying to send people to Mars, not create a virtual one.”

33. How are Elon Musk’s rockets and Mark Zuckerberg’s algorithms similar?
One propels you into space, the other sucks you into a virtual space.

34. Why did Mark Zuckerberg go to a SpaceX launch?
To see what real-time streaming feels like.

35. How is Mark Zuckerberg’s vision different from Elon Musk’s?
Zuckerberg wants to connect the world. Musk is ready to leave it.

36. What did Elon Musk say when Mark Zuckerberg suggested a joint venture?
“Only if we name it ‘SpaceBook’.”

37. Why did Elon Musk decide to send a Tesla to Mars?
Because Mark Zuckerberg sent his ‘Like’ button all over the world.

38. What do you call it when Elon Musk takes over Facebook?
SpaceBook – now with actual space!

39. What would happen if Elon Musk was in charge of Facebook?
We would all be sharing photos from Mars by now.

40. Why did Elon Musk refuse to let Mark Zuckerberg buy a SpaceX rocket?
Because he didn’t want Facebook’s terms and conditions anywhere near it.

Funniest Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg Jokes

41. Why did Elon Musk challenge Mark Zuckerberg to a rocket-building competition?
Because he wanted to show that what goes up doesn’t always have to come down like Facebook’s stock.

42. What’s the difference between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg?
Musk is trying to find intelligent life in space, Zuckerberg is still looking for it on Facebook.

43. How does Elon Musk’s evening routine differ from Mark Zuckerberg’s?
Musk looks up at the stars and dreams of colonizing Mars, Zuckerberg just updates his status.

44. Why doesn’t Mark Zuckerberg ask Elon Musk for a ride to Mars?
Because Musk said there’s no Wi-Fi.

45. Why did Mark Zuckerberg try to buy Tesla?
Because he heard they were working on a ‘social’ electric car, and thought it was a new Facebook feature.

46. Why did Elon Musk start a social media platform on Mars?
Because he wanted to put some space between him and Facebook.

47. How are Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk similar?
One’s updating status, while the other’s updating software in orbit.

48. Why did Mark Zuckerberg finally agree to travel to Mars with Elon Musk?
Because he figured out he could tag himself in a different planet.

49. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg decide to race their cars. Who wins?
Nobody, Zuckerberg’s Facebook crashes, and Musk’s Tesla just drives itself.

50. What’s the difference between Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook?
One launches rockets to the sky, the other launches people’s data to the cloud.

51. Why doesn’t Elon Musk use Facebook?
Because he’s afraid Zuckerberg will sell his plan for colonizing Mars to the Martians.

52. How is Mark Zuckerberg like a SpaceX rocket?
Both have a tendency to crash and burn in public view.

53. Why did Elon Musk refuse Mark Zuckerberg’s friend request?
Because he’s planning to block him, on Mars.

54. What did Elon Musk say when Mark Zuckerberg asked him for a spaceship?
“Sorry, Mark. The spaceship is not on the ‘marketplace’.”

55. What happened when Mark Zuckerberg invited Elon Musk to play a game on Facebook?
Elon said, “Sorry, I’m too busy playing real-life ‘Surviving Mars’.”

56. How is Elon Musk’s Starship different from Facebook?
One faces heat while re-entering the atmosphere, the other faces heat for not respecting people’s privacy.

57. Why did Elon Musk launch a Tesla Roadster to space?
To get as far away as possible from Facebook’s ad reach.

58. Why does Elon Musk want to move to Mars?
Because there’s no Facebook there, yet.

59. What do you get if you cross Mark Zuckerberg with Elon Musk?
A guy who tries to sell you a self-driving car every time you log into Facebook.

60. What did Elon Musk say when Mark Zuckerberg asked to partner on his Mars project?
“I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in creating ‘FaceMars’.”

61. What’s the biggest difference between SpaceX and Facebook?
One successfully launches, while the other constantly re-launches its privacy policy.

62. Why did Elon Musk finally agree to give Mark Zuckerberg a tour of SpaceX?
So he could show him what a ‘rocketing’ share price looks like.

63. Why did Zuckerberg never make it to Mars with Elon Musk?
Because he couldn’t agree to Musk’s ‘no data collection’ policy.

64. What did Mark Zuckerberg say when Elon Musk invited him to join SpaceX?
“I’d love to, but my status is currently ‘grounded’.”

65. Why did Mark Zuckerberg start taking rocket lessons from Elon Musk?
He thought it could help his stocks ‘lift-off’ again.

66.Why did Mark Zuckerberg visit SpaceX?
To learn how to launch a product without crashing.


Thank you for joining us on this laughter-fueled rocket ride. Whether it’s launching a social media platform or a spaceship, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg certainly know how to keep things interesting.

Continue to laugh, dream, and look up to the stars—because who knows? The next big joke, or innovation, could be just around the corner. Until next time, keep your humor detectors ON and your laughter engines ignited!


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