73 Funniest Hat Jokes

Put on your thinking cap and get ready to laugh! Hats aren’t just for keeping our heads warm or looking stylish; they’re great for jokes too. Here are some funny hat jokes that are sure to make you tip your hat and smile!

Hat One-Liner Jokes

1. If you’re always wearing two hats, I guess that makes you a little two-headed!

2. Why was the baseball team always well-dressed? They had the perfect cap for every game.

3. I told my hat a secret, but it’s always been good at keeping things under the lid.

4. Why did the hat file a police report? It was fed up with being taken!

5. Hats off to the cap that stayed on in the wind – it’s a headstrong piece!

6. A good hat is like a good friend: always there when you need to cover up.

7. If you want to get ahead in life, wear a nice hat – they’re always on top of things.

8. I told my hat it needed to lose weight, but it insisted it was just a little too capacious.

9. My hat’s been acting strangely – I think it’s going through a mid-life cap-sis.

10. A hat walked into a bar, and the bartender said, “Why the long brim?

Hat Joke

11. The winter hat said to the summer hat, “You seem cool, but I’m just warming up to you.”

12. Why did the hat go to the bank? To check its cap-ital investment.

13. The fedora said to the beanie, “I’m above you,” and the beanie replied, “I’m over you!”

14. I have a joke about a hat, but it’s a little over the top.

15. My hat’s favorite movie? “Top Gun” – it loves being the headliner.

16. Why did the chef’s hat become a baker? It wanted to rise to the occasion!

17. I had a joke about a hat, but it was too capricious to put into words.

18. My hat is always a-head of the latest fashion trends.

19. Why don’t hats ever feel down? Because they always find themselves at the peak!

20. I tried to get into the hat business, but I found it too over-capped-itating!

Best Hat Puns

21. Why did the hat feel embarrassed?
It felt like it was always being tipped off!

22. What do you call a magical hat?
A cap-tivating spellbinder!

23. How did the detective find the missing hat?
He kept it under his cap until he had all the evidence!

24. Why did the hat sit on the computer?
It wanted to keep an eye on the mouse and keyboard, from the top down!

25. What did the fedora say to the cap?
“You seem casual today, everything above board?”

26. Why did the hat go to the party?
It wanted to be the head of the occasion!

27. Why don’t witches ever lose their hats?
Because they’re always over their broomsticks!

Hat Joke

28. What did the umbrella say to the hat?
You cover the head, I’ll handle the rest!

29. How do you know if a hat is clever?
When it’s always one step a-head!

30. Why do sombreros never get lost?
They always know where to hang their hat!

31. What did the top hat say to the baseball cap?
“You must be from the casual part of town!”

32. Why did the cowboy hat go to school?
To improve its “western” literature skills!

33. How did the beanie become so wise?
It was a close-knit part of many thoughtful heads!

34. Why don’t hats ever gossip?
They prefer to keep things under the brim!

35. What did the beret say to the fedora?
“You seem a bit formal today. Feeling up to par?”

36. Why did the hat wear sunscreen?
It didn’t want to become a sun cap!

37. How do you make a wet hat dry?
Just tip it over!

38. Why was the beanie feeling stressed?
It was pulled too tightly over too many issues!

39. What do you call a snowman with a hat?
A chilly topper!

40. Why did the hat go to therapy?
It had too many hang-ups about being hung up!

Most Funny Hat Jokes

41. Why was the hat blushing?
Because it saw the other hats changing their bands!

42. What did the hat say to the glove?
“I’ll handle the top if you handle the hand!”

43. Why are hats never punctual?
Because they always cap it off with a delay!

44. What’s a hat’s favorite musical note?
A flat cap!

45. Why did the hat get thrown out of school?
It was always talking back, cap-sass-ity!

46. Why did the cat sit on the hat?
It wanted to be a cat in the hat, of course!

47. Why don’t hats get jealous?
Because they’re always content with being above it all!

48. What do you call a bear wearing a hat in the rain?
A drizzly bear!

49. Why did the hat get a medal?
For outstanding service in the field of head coverage!

50. Why was the computer cold at the hat shop?
Because it left its Windows open!

51. What did the fedora say to the sun hat?
“I’m brimming with excitement to meet you!”

52. Why did the hat apply for a loan?
It wanted to get ahead in business but was a little strapped!

53. What’s a hat’s favorite type of humor?
Dry – it hates getting wet!

54. Why don’t hats get lost in the forest? “They always stick to the right path – the head trail!”

55. How did the hat compliment the scarf?
“You hang in there, and I’ll top it off!”

Hat Joke


56. What did the beanie say to the fedora?
“I might be casual, but I’ve got my head screwed on right!”

57. Why do hats never play cards with other clothing?
They don’t want to deal with anything below their level!

58. What did the baseball cap say to the pitcher?
“I’ve got my eye on your every move. I’m head of the game!”

59. Why did the detective wear a special hat?
To cap-ture the essence of the crime scene!

60. Why was the snowman looking through the carrots?
He was picking his nose, but his hat insisted on perfection!

61. Why don’t hats ever apologize?
Because they always believe they’re over your head!

62. Did you hear about the hat who got promoted?
It’s now the headwear of the department!

63. What did one hat say to the other hat on the hat rack?
“You stay here, I’ll go on a-head!”

64. Why did the scarecrow wear a hat?
To keep its thoughts under its cap!

65. Why don’t hats get lost?
Because they always find themselves on top of things!

66. What did the hat maker say to his apprentice?
“You’ve got to use your head to get ahead in this business!”

67. Why are bank robbers bad hat-makers?
They always take caps!

68. What do you call a hat that’s been through the wash too many times?
A fedorable mess!

69. Why don’t baseball caps ever get a time-out?
Because they always have their head in the game!

70. What did the baseball cap say to the tie?
“You hang around here, I’ll go on ahead!”

71. Why did the cowboy always wear a hat?
He didn’t want anyone to saddle him with hair appointments!

72. Why did the hat go to the doctor?
It was feeling a little too cap-sized!

73. Why was the chef’s hat so tall?
It had to make room for all the “thyme” and “seasoning”!


And there you have it – a collection of hat jokes that are sure to have topped off your day with a smile! Whether you’re a fan of fedoras or a supporter of sombreros, we hope these jokes have brought a bit of joy to your day. Remember, life’s too short not to enjoy a good laugh, so keep your hat on and keep smiling!


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