70 Funniest Hurricane Jokes

Brace yourselves for a gust of laughter with these breezy one-liners. They’ll whirl you into a fit of giggles without the stormy vocabulary!

Hurricane One-Liner Jokes

1. What do you call it when a hurricane takes a break? An eye-rest.

2. Why did the hurricane refuse to go outside? It didn’t want to be mistaken for a light breeze.

3. What’s a hurricane’s favorite type of internet? High-speed!

4. Why did the hurricane apply for a job? It wanted to show off its strong work ethic.

5. How does a hurricane like its drinks? On the rocks, naturally.

6. Why are hurricanes bad at poker? They can’t control their tells; they always wind up.

7. What’s a hurricane’s favorite laundry cycle? The spin cycle.

8. Why did the hurricane wear a wig? It was tired of being called bald at the eye.

9. Why don’t hurricanes get promoted? Because they always stir things up at the office.

10. What do you call a group of musical hurricanes? An orchestra of organ winds.

Hurricane Joke

11. Why did the hurricane use a doorbell? Because knocking is just too mainstream.

12. How do you stop a hurricane from charging? Take away its credit cards.

13. Why was the hurricane so smart? It had a lot of brainstorms.

14. Why don’t hurricanes make good journalists? Their stories are always full of spin.

15. What did the hurricane say to the other natural disasters? “Blow me away with your stories!”

16. Why was the hurricane always on time? It kept up with the gust of the moment.

17. Why do hurricanes make terrible roommates? They never clean up after themselves.

18. What do you call a fashionable hurricane? A trend-storm.

19. Why did the hurricane wear a tuxedo? It wanted to be dapper in the disaster.

20. Why did the hurricane get an acting gig? Because it could always bring in the drama.

Best Hurricane Puns

21. Why did the hurricane break up with the tornado?
Because every time they got together, things just went in circles and someone’s roof came off.

22. Why do hurricanes use Twitter?
They’re big fans of followers—and they can’t resist going viral!

23. Why was the hurricane a minimalist?
It took everything down to bare walls.

24. What’s a ghost’s favorite weather?
A hurricane – it’s the ultimate way to lift spirits.

25. Why was the hurricane always broke?
It kept throwing its money into the wind.

26. How do you find a hurricane’s private information?
Just wait, they tend to spill everything eventually.

27. What did the overconfident hurricane say?
“I’m outstanding in my field—just ask the scarecrow!”

28. Why don’t hurricanes make good thieves?
They’re loud, they draw too much attention, and they always leave a trail of destruction.

29. How are a hurricane party and a pirate’s den similar?
After both, you can’t find your deck chairs.

30. Why did the hurricane get an award?
It was outstanding in its field—literally.

Hurricane Joke

31. Why are hurricanes considered the most loyal partners?
When they leave, you can be sure they’ll take half of everything you own.

32. Why don’t hurricanes make good chefs?
They always toss the salad too much.

33. How do hurricanes stay in shape?
They run in circles and throw things around for exercise.

34. What’s a hurricane’s favorite dessert?
Anything, as long as it’s in a whirl.

35. Why did the hurricane say to the other storm?
“You can huff and puff all you want, but I’ll blow the house down.”

36. Why do hurricanes never eavesdrop?
They prefer to blow the roof off to get their information.

37. What do you call a hurricane that loves to dance?
A twist-er.

38. Why did the hurricane join the circus?
It had a talent for juggling cars and trucks.

39. Why do hurricanes make terrible secret agents?
They always get caught wind of.

40. Why was the hurricane so good at Jeopardy?
Because it was always quick with a spin.

Most Funny Hurricane Jokes

41. Why are hurricanes bad at math?
They always end up rounding.

42. What’s a hurricane’s favorite song?
“Rock You Like a Hurricane,” but it only plays it on full blast.

43. Why are hurricanes the ultimate musicians?
They can really rock and roll.

44. What’s a hurricane’s favorite type of lighting?
Naturally, it prefers flashlights.

45. How does a hurricane propose?
“I can’t contain my love for you any longer; it’s about to overflow.”

46. What did one hurricane say to the other?
“I have my eye on you!”

47. Why was the hurricane always invited to parties?
Because it knew how to shake things up!

48. What’s a hurricane’s least favorite spice?
Cinnamon. It can’t handle the powder.

49. How does a hurricane keep its hair in place?
With a tropical depression.

50. Why did the hurricane refuse to go to school?
It was afraid of facing a pop quiz on its pressure.

51. What did the hurricane wear to the beach?
A windbreaker.

52. How does a hurricane say goodbye?
“I’ll be circling back to you later!”

53. What did the hurricane say to the coconut palm tree?
“Don’t be surprised if I drop in unannounced.”

54. Why do hurricanes make poor secretaries?
They always blow away the paperwork.

55. What’s a hurricane’s favorite hobby?
Surfing—the waves, the internet, it doesn’t matter.

Hurricane Joke

56. Why don’t hurricanes ever brush their teeth?
They prefer a full gale-force wind to freshen up.

57. How do hurricanes stay so fit?
By always being on the move.

58. Why are hurricanes bad at chess?
They lose their knights after the first few moves.

59. What do hurricanes and exes have in common?
They’re both unpredictable when they come back into your life.

60. Why don’t hurricanes make good chefs?
They can’t resist stirring up trouble.

61. Why don’t hurricanes ever go on blind dates?
They always end up making a terrible first impression.

62. What do you call a retired hurricane?
A breeze of the past!

63. How does a hurricane fix a flat tire?
With a wind-vane!

64. Why did the hurricane apologize to the island?
It didn’t mean to sweep everyone off their feet.

65. What do you get when you cross a hurricane with a potato?
A potatornado!

66. Why did the weather reporter give the hurricane a name?
Because it wouldn’t respond to “Hey, you!”

67. What’s a hurricane’s favorite game to play?

68. Why did the hurricane break up with the tropical storm?
It needed more space.

69. Why was the hurricane always so confused?
It could never find the eye of the storm.

70. Why don’t hurricanes ever succeed in the music industry?
They can only produce one-hit wonders.


We are certain that these tempestuous ticklers brought some sunshine to your day! Remember, laughter can be a great anchor when the winds of life pick up. Stay safe, and may your spirits be ever more unshakable than the mightiest of hurricanes!


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