69 Most Funny Jackass Jokes

Get ready for some good-natured humor with these jokes! Each jest cleverly plays with the word ‘jackass,’ blending puns and witty wordplay for a hearty laugh. Whether you’re a fan of animals or just enjoy a clever quip, these jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone and bring a smile to your day. Enjoy the whimsy!

JackassOne-Liner Jokes

1. My jackass’s motto? “Hee-haw or never.”

2. Why don’t jackasses write well? They always press the wrong “bray-ke.”

3. My jackass’s favorite vegetable? “Bray-ssels sprouts.”

4. Jackasses don’t play sports; they think it’s all just horse play.

5. My jackass joined a band, but he only plays the “trom-bray-ne.”

6. When my jackass goes to the beach, he always gets a sandy hoof.

7. My jackass’s favorite drink? A “long island iced bray.”

8. Why don’t jackasses use phones? Too many “wrong numb-hooves.”

9. My jackass tried to start a blog, but it turned into a “bray-log.”

10. Jackasses don’t watch TV; they prefer reality bray-king news.

Jackass Jokes

11. My jackass’s favorite game? “Pin the tail on himself.”

12. Why don’t jackasses like secrets? They always spill the beans.

13. My jackass is a terrible driver; he always misses the “bray-kes.”

14. Jackasses don’t get lost; they just take scenic detours.

15. My jackass’s favorite music? Anything with a good “beet.”

16. Why don’t jackasses go to school? They already know everything!

17. My jackass tried painting, but he could only draw flies.

18. Jackasses don’t tell jokes; they just stand around and bray.

19. My jackass’s favorite dance? The “hoof-shuffle.”

20. Why don’t jackasses use maps? They prefer to “wing it.”

Best Jackass Puns

21. Why did the jackass apply for a job?
Because he heard they were looking for a real workhorse!

22. Why don’t jackasses ever play hide and seek? Because they always bray when they’re nervous, giving their hiding spot away!

23. What do you call a jackass with a PhD?
A smart ass!

24. How do you make a jackass laugh on Saturday?
Tell him a joke on Wednesday!

25. What did the farmer say to the jackass when it sat down?
“You’re half-assing the job!”

26. Why did the jackass bring a ladder to the bar?
He heard the drinks were on the house!

27. What do you call a jackass who’s good at math?
An add-ass!

28. How does a jackass write its autobiography?
With a kickstart!

29. Why did the jackass go to school?
To improve its “eeyore-cation”!

30. What’s a jackass’s favorite game?

Jackass Jokes

31. Why did the jackass join the band?
He had a great “bray-king” voice!

32. What’s a jackass’s favorite type of movie?
Anything rated “Hee-Haw”!

33. How do you stop a jackass from charging?
Take away its credit card!

34. Why was the jackass always picked last in soccer?
He always hoofed the ball!

35. Why don’t jackasses ever get lost?
They always have a “hee-haw” of finding their way!

36. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a jackass?

37. Why did the jackass sit on the clock?
It wanted to be “on time!

38. What game do jackasses hate the most?
Donkey Kong, it’s too realistic!

39. Why did the jackass stand in front of the mirror?
He couldn’t believe he was seeing a “donkey-double”!

40. Why don’t jackasses use smartphones?
They can’t stop hitting the wrong “bray-tons”!

Funniest Jackass Jokes

41. Why did the jackass get a job at the bakery?
Because he was good at making “ass-orted” pastries!

42. What’s a jackass’s favorite dance move?
The “bray-k dance”!

43. Why did the jackass become a detective?
He had a knack for “kicking” up clues!

44. How do you know if a jackass is lying?
His lips are moving, but all you hear is “bray”!

45. Why don’t jackasses play cards?
They can’t stand being called a “wild ass”!

46. What do you call a jackass in a vest?
An “invest-ass-gator”!

47. Why did the jackass go to the therapist?
He had too many “burdens” to bear!

48. How does a jackass stay fit?
By doing “donkey-lates”!

49. What did the jackass say to the mirror?
“I see a little ass-pect of myself!”

50. Why did the jackass join the choir?
He had a natural talent for “harmony-haw”!

51. What’s a jackass’s favorite kind of music?
“Rock and bray”!

52. Why don’t jackasses get good reception?
They always have “donkey” signals!

53. How does a jackass keep its skin soft?
By using “hee-haw-lotion”!

54. Why did the jackass become a farmer?
He was great at “field-kicking”!

55. What’s a jackass’s favorite snack?
“Bray-tos” chips!

Jackass Jokes

56. Why did the jackass go to the moon?
To get a better “view of the earth”!

57. What do you call a fashionable jackass?
“Ass couture”!

58. Why don’t jackasses play basketball?
They always “bray-k” the rules!

59. How does a jackass answer the phone?
“Hay, who’s this?”

60. Why was the jackass always calm?
He practiced “mindful braying”!

61. Why did the jackass refuse to play cards?
Because he was afraid of being the wild card!

62. Why did the jackass get a job at the bank?
To make sure his friends weren’t losing their “ass-ets”!

63. What do you call a jackass who’s good at sports?
An athletic ass!

64. Why was the jackass always late for work?
Because he couldn’t stop hitting the snooze “bray-ton”!

65. How does a jackass pay for things?
With “bray-king” news!

66. What’s a jackass’s favorite drink?
An “ass-perol” spritz!

67. Why don’t jackasses become chefs?
They can’t stand the heat in the “bray-kitchen”!

68. How does a jackass send secret messages?
Through “ass-cii” code!

69. What do you call a smart jackass?
A wise “ass-et”!


I hope you enjoyed this amusing collection of ‘jackass’ themed puns. Remember, humor is a great way to spread joy and connect with others. Keep smiling and sharing the laughter!


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