70 Most Funny Juice Jokes

Buckle up for a burst of laughter with these zesty Jokes! From the grove to your funny bone, these juice-themed jokes are squeezed with humor. Whether you’re a fan of oranges, lemons, or grapes, these puns are ripe for sharing!”

Juice One-Liner Jokes

1. I added fruit to my diet; now my kitchen’s a juice joint.

2. I told my orange juice a joke; it didn’t laugh, just gave a little pulp.

3. A lemon’s favorite movie? The Sourcerer’s Apprentice!

4. Life’s like a box of juices; you never know which one will squirt.

5. My juice went on a diet; now it’s a smoothie.

6. Do oranges do well in school? Only in concentrate.

7. A grape’s life story? From vine to wine.

8. I asked my juice to be less sweet; it said, “I can’t concentrate.”

9. Why was the juice blushing? It saw the salad dressing.

10. What’s a lemon’s favorite song? Lemon Drops Keep Falling on My Head.

11. I drank a juice that was 100% fruit. Now I can’t concentrate.

12. What do you call a juice that’s all shook up? A smoothie in disguise.

13. My orange tried to write a book, but it had too much pulp.

14. Why did the juice go to therapy? It had too many bottled-up feelings.

15. If you’re not into yoga, are you into juice?

Juice Joke

16. What do you call an artistic juice? A smoothie Picasso.

17. My juice is on a roll – it just went from carton to bottle.

18. Why did the orange stop? It ran out of juice!

19. A tomato is technically a fruit; does that mean ketchup is a smoothie?

20. Did you hear about the juice that went to Hollywood? It became a starfruit!

21. I tried to concentrate, but then I realized I’m not orange juice.

22. Never trust a lemon, they always spill the juice.

23. I asked the apple for its number, but it said it only had juice.

24. You’re not a true ninja unless you can slice a fruit into juice!

25. If you listen closely, every bottle of juice has a juicy story to tell.

26. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity juice. It’s impossible to put down.

27. The lemon failed its driving test – it couldn’t stay in its lime.

28. My orange juice wrote a memoir; it’s pulp non-fiction.

29. Fruit juices love the gym; they’re all about the squeeze.

30. The apple went to the doctor because it lost its peel.

Best Juice Puns

31. Why did the orange stop rolling down the hill?
It ran out of juice!

32. What do you call a sad fruit?
A blueberry without juice.

33. Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road?
Because it ran out of juice!

34. Why don’t secrets stay secret in a juice factory?
Because they always get squeezed out.

35. What did one orange say to the other orange during a romantic moment?
“You’re the zest!”

36. What do you get when you put an apple in a power outlet?
Apple juice!

37. Why was the juice box so good at school?
It was packed with concentrate.

38. What do you call a dinosaur covered in juice?
A Tri-sip-tops!

39. How do oranges do their makeup?
With fruit juice and powder.

40. What did the orange say before a fight?
“I’m gonna juice you!”

Juice Joke

41. Why did the lemon go to the doctor?
It wasn’t peeling well.

42. What’s a ghost’s favorite juice?

43. What’s a boxer’s favorite drink?

44. Why did the orange juice fail the test?
It didn’t concentrate!

45. What’s a fruit’s favorite TV show?
Juice of Hazard.

46. Why did the juice go to the gym?
To get berry strong.

47. What do you call a juice that’s into fitness?
A power smoothie!

48. What’s a vampire’s favorite juice?

49. Why don’t fruits like secrets?
Because they can’t hold their juice!

50. What do you call an artist who paints with fruit juice?
A smoothie artist.

Funniest Juice Jokes

51. Why did the apple stop rolling?
It ran out of juice!

52. What do you call a banana that likes to dance?
A banana shake!

53. Why was the grape sad?
Because it was crushed into juice!

54. Why did the orange go out with a prune?
Because it couldn’t find a date to squeeze!

55. Why did the tomato turn red?
Because it saw the salad dressing and got juiced!

56. What do you call a pineapple with a cold?
Juice with a little cough!

57. Why did the lemon stop rolling?
It didn’t have enough juice!

58. Why was the carrot juice embarrassed?
It saw the veggie salad dressing!

59. What do you call a pomegranate after a workout?
Pomegranate pump!

60. What did the watermelon say to the cantaloupe?
“You’re one in a melon, but I’m juicier!”

Juice Joke

61. Why was the peach always calm?
Because it was stone-cold juicy!

62. Why did the mango go to school?
To become a smooth operator!

63. Why was the blueberry always sad?
It was always in a jam!

64. Why did the cranberry stop bouncing?
It ran out of juice!

65. What did the cherry say to its friend?
“You’re the berry best!”

66. Why was the kiwi always tired?
It was exhausted from being squeezed!

67. Why did the strawberry get a lawyer?
Because it was in a jam!

68. What do you call a sad raspberry?
A blueberry!

69. Why did the pear go out with a prune?
Because it couldn’t find a date!

70. Why was the blackberry always picked on?
Because it was the juiciest one in the bunch!


Remember, when life gives you lemons (or any fruit, really), turn them into a reason to smile. Keep squeezing the day with humor!


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