80 Most Funny Lemon Jokes

When life gives you lemons, make jokes! Dive into these zesty one-liners that are sure to squeeze a chuckle out of you. From the sour moments to the zestful twists, we’ve got a slice of humor for everyone.

Lemon One-Liner Jokes

1. When life gives you lemons, make margaritas.

2. I tried to start a lemon business, but it was sour from the start.

3. Asked for a twist in my drink; life handed me a lemon.

4. I dated a lemon once; she was zestful but a bit tart.

5. Lemons make great comedians; they always pucker up the crowd.

6. My lemon detox turned me into a zestful sourpuss.

7. Lemon bars? My kind of nightlife.

8. Why the sour face? Must’ve had a lemony day.

9. Tried to tell a lemon joke; got a sour reaction.

10. I always keep a lemon handy; you never know when life needs zesting up.

Lemon Joke

11. Trust lemons to always give you the zest news.

12. Took a lemon to a party; it was the main squeeze.

13. When lemons age, they become zest-toryans.

14. Lemon’s favorite pick-up line? “Squeeze me!”

15. Love drama? Get a lemon; they’re always in a squeeze.

16. Life didn’t give me lemons; I swiped right on them.

17. Asked a lemon for advice; it said to stay zestful.

18. Lemons in music? Always hitting the sour notes.

19. My lemon diet? All zest, no rest.

20. I’d tell you a lemon joke, but I don’t want to sour the mood.

Best Lemon Puns

21. Why did the lemon go to the doctor?
It wasn’t peeling well.

22. What did the lemon say to the lime?
“Sour you doing?”

23. Why did the lemon stop in the middle of the road?
It ran out of juice!

24. What do you get when you cross a lemon and a cat?
A sour puss!

25. What did the lemon say after a bad joke?
“That one was a bit zesty!”

26. Why did the lemon sit on the clock?
It wanted to be a sour hour hand!

27. How does a lemon ask for a hug?
“Can I squeeze you?”

28. Why did the lemon fail the driving test?
It couldn’t find the pulp-al pedal!

29. How do you fix a flat lemon?
With a lemon patch!

30. Why was the lemon so proud?
Because it was a little zest above the rest!

31. What do lemons wear to the beach?

32. What do you call a lemon that’s good with a computer?

33. Why did the lemon get a job at the bank?
It was good at squeezing out every penny!

34. Why was the lemon feeling stressed?
It had too much on its pith!

35. Why do lemons never gossip?
Because they don’t want to be sour-mouthed!

Lemon Joke

36. How did the lemon break up with its girlfriend?
“I think we should zest apart.”

37. Why do lemons make terrible secrets keepers?
They always spill the juice!

38. What’s a lemon’s favorite type of movie?
Anything that’s freshly squeezed!

39. Why did the lemon go to school?
To improve its lemonade stand!

40. What did the fruit salad say to the lemon?
“Stop being so tart!”

41. Why was the lemon hired for the play?
It knew how to make a dramatic squeeze!

42. I tried lemon juice for the first time,” said the man.
“Now I know what my face looks like when I see my bank balance!”

43. “I took a lemon challenge,” she said.
“Now my face looks like I’ve seen a ghost!”

44. How did the guy feel about his first lemon experience?
“It was a real zesty twist!”

45. At the party, she said,
“This lemon punch is the sourprise hit of the evening!”

46. Why did the woman bring a lemon to the game night?
She wanted to throw a curveball with her poker face!

47. When asked about the lemon pie, he said,
“It’s got a kick, just like watching a plot twist!”

48. The reaction to the new lemon soda?
“It’s like a roller coaster for your taste buds!”

49. After trying lemon candy, she said,
“This is like getting news that it’s Monday again!”

50. When he bit into the lemon wedge,
he exclaimed, “It feels like getting tickled with a jolt!”

Funniest Lemon Jokes

51. Why did the lemon go to the bar?
It wanted a squeeze on the rocks!

52. Why did the lemon never get married?
Because he was a bit bitter about commitment.

53. How do you know when a lemon is drunk?
It gets a little zesty!

54. Why was the lemon at the art show?
He was a fan of still life with lemonade!

55. Why did the lemon get kicked out of the cocktail party?
It couldn’t handle its tequila.

56. What did the bartender say when the lemon asked for a drink?
“Citrus yourself down; I’ll get to you in a minute.”

57. Why did the lemon date the tomato?
They both wanted to make a good squeeze!

58. How does a lemon flirt?
“Hey there, zest looking at you makes my day!”

59. Why did the lemon break up with the grape?
It wanted to see other fruit – preferably something less whiny!

60. What do you call a smooth-talking lemon?
A citrus charmer.

61. Why was the lemon such a great musician?
Because it had the zest beats!

62. What’s a lemon’s favorite type of music?
Sour rock.

63. Why did the lemon get a ticket?
For illegal parking in a no-zest zone.

64. Why was the lemon always calm under pressure?
It had a lot of zest control.

65. Why was the lemon always broke at the end of the month?
Too many zest investments!

Lemon Joke

66. Why did the lemon go on a diet?
It wanted to shed some peel.

67. What did the lemon say at the wine tasting?
“I think this needs a bit more citrus notes.”

68. Why did the lemon lawyer get fired?
Too many lemon laws.

69. What’s a lemon’s favorite pick-up line?
“Is it hot in here or is it just the zest from my peel?”

70. Why don’t lemons make good detectives?
They always twist the truth!

71. Why did the man bring a lemon to the comedy club?
He wanted to see a sour face in the crowd!

72. How did the guy react after trying a lemon for the first time?
He said, “That fruit has a-peel, but it sure is a shocker!”

73. When life gave her lemons, she took a bite and said,
“Life, we need to talk about your gift-giving choices.”

74. How do you make a musician wince?
Play a lemon note!

75. Why did the girl bring a lemon to the spa?
She wanted a sourprise facial expression!

76. The waiter asked, “How’s the lemon tart?”
The man replied, “Just like my ex, surprisingly sour.”

77. When he tasted lemon for the first time, he said,
“I’ve finally puckered up more than at my first kiss!”

78. Why did the actress eat a lemon before her audition?
She was going for a sourpporting role!

79. At the lemon tasting, one guy said, “This feels like my last breakup.
Sour with a touch of bitterness.”

80. Why did the critic bring a lemon to the movie?
He wanted to practice his sour face!


Thanks for taking a zesty journey with us through these lemony laughs! Remember, when life feels sour, add a twist of humor. Stay fresh and keep the zest alive!


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