70 Lobster Jokes To Make You Laugh

Dive into a sea of laughter with these lighthearted lobster jokes! Perfect for a quick chuckle, they offer a playful twist on our favorite shellfish friends.

Lobster One-Liner Jokes

1. “A lobster’s favorite app? Snap-chat!”

2. “Why did the lobster refuse to share? Too shellfish!”

3. “Lobster’s favorite exercise? The crab walk.

4. “Ever seen a lobster in a library? It’s always browsing the shell-f help section.”

5. “Lobsters are bad at sharing secrets; they always crack under pressure.”

6. “Why did the lobster blush? It saw the ocean’s bottom.”

7. A lobster’s favorite keyboard key? The space bar, to avoid tight claws-trophobic spaces!

8. How do lobsters flirt? They wink and say, ‘You had me at shell-o.'”

9. “Why are lobsters bad at football? They’re always passing the shell.”

10. “Lobster’s favorite U.S. state? Maine, for obvious reasons.”

11. “Lobsters in fashion? Always ahead of the current.”

12. “What’s a lobster’s favorite movie? Claw Wars.”

13. “Why don’t lobsters ever donate? Because they’re a little shell-fish.”

14. “Lobster’s least favorite day? Fry-day.”

15. “Why did the lobster go to the bar? To get a little shell-faced.”

Lobster Joke

16. “Lobster’s motto? ‘Seas the day!'”

17. “Why are lobsters great detectives? They always find the fishy clues.”

18. “Lobster’s favorite James Bond film? ‘The Spy Who Clawed Me’.”

19. “What do you call a sophisticated lobster? A claw-nnoisseur.”

20. “Why don’t lobsters like sharing their toys? Because they’re mine, all mine!”

21. “Why was the lobster a good musician? It had natural claws for rhythm.”

22. “Lobster’s favorite game? Hide and sea-k.”

23. Why was the lobster a great actor? It always knew its shell lines.”

24. What’s a lobster’s idea of a good time? A sand dance party.

25. “Why don’t lobsters share? They’re a bit too shell-centered.”

26. “Lobster’s favorite dance? The shell-shake.”

27. Why don’t lobsters do well in school? Too much daydreaming about the sea.”

28. “What do you call a lobster with a PhD? A doctor of shellology.”

29. “Why did the lobster cross the beach? To get to the other tide.”

30. Why are lobsters bad at basketball? They’re always afraid of the net.”

Best Lobster Puns

31. “Once upon a time, there was this lobster…” –
A clever play on the phrase “lobster tails.”

32. “What’s the difference between a dirty bus stop and a lobster with breast implants? One is a
crusty bus station, the other is a busty crustacean.”

33. “Why don’t lobsters like to share?
Because they’re shellfish.”

34. “What do you call a Chinese lobster?
A crust-asian.”

35. “What do you call a lobster that’s afraid of tight spaces?

36. “In which part of the bread factory do lobsters work?
The crust station.”

37. “Why did the lobster blush?
Because the seaweed.”

38. “Have you heard about the lobster that rode a sea mammal into battle?
He did it on porpoise.”

39. The lobster drained its bank account.
It was shelling out money.”

40. “The lobster and
I didn’t sea eye to eye.”

Lobster Joke

41. “Why did the lobster join the band?
It had a talent for drumming up a storm.”

42. “What do you call a lobster that’s good at math?
A calculator.”

43. “Why don’t lobsters share their dessert?
Because they’re shellfish about their sweets.”

44. “What’s a lobster’s favorite day of the week?

45. “Why was the lobster a great philosopher?
It pondered the deep sea.”

46. How does a lobster answer the phone?
‘Shello, who’s claw-ling?'”

47. Why did the lobster go to the gym?
To work on its bisque-ceps.”

48. “What do you call a lobster with a map?
A navigator.”

49. “Why did the lobster refuse to play cards?
It was afraid of being dealt a bad claw.”

50. “Why did the lobster bring a ruler to the party?
To measure the fun.”

Funniest Lobster Jokes

51. “What did the lobster say in the traffic jam?
‘This is claw-ful!'”

52. “Why do lobsters hate cold water?
It makes them feel crabby.”

53. “What’s a lobster’s favorite subject in school?

54. “Why did the lobster go to the doctor?
For a pinch test.”

55. “What do you call a lobster that tells jokes?
A crack-up.”

56. “Why was the lobster a good mediator?
It was great at smoothing over rough waters.”

57. “What’s a lobster’s favorite kind of music?

58. “Why did the lobster refuse to play football?
It was afraid of getting boiled.”

59. “How do lobsters stay updated?
They read the current news.”

60. “Why don’t lobsters ever get lost?
They use GPS (Global Positioning Shellfish).”

Lobster Joke

61. “A famous lobster
is a shell-ebrity.”

62. “Lobsters travel by

63. The lobster teacher was amused with the speech made by one of the students.
The speech seemed quite crabtivating.”

64. “During the wedding, a lobster sang a very nice song to the new wife.
The wife said that was shrimply the best for herself.”

65. “What’s the difference between a battling lobster and a cart lobster?
The later farts into the hay while the other darts in the fray.”

66. “The lobster failed to maintain confidence
because of the sea weed.”

67. “The lobsters went out for a party.
The young lobster followed them due to pier-pressure.”

68. “Lobsters tend to be quite sandguine
when it comes to their personality.”

69. “The lobster did not go to work
because it had experienced a mussel pull in the leg.

70. “The lobster was very gigantic,
it was truly one shell of a creature.”


We hope that you enjoyed these claw-some lobster jokes! They’re perfect for sharing a laugh with friends and family, or just to brighten your day with a bit of ocean-inspired humor. Until next time, keep smiling and let the good tides roll!


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