75 Most Funny Lollipop Jokes

Unwrap a bundle of laughter with these lollipop-themed jokes! From sweet puns to sticky situations, these jokes are perfect for adding a pop of humor to your day. Whether you’re a candy connoisseur or just in need of a sugary giggle, these jokes are sure to stick with you!

Lollipop One-Liner Jokes

1. Lollipops don’t jog, they prefer a slow twist.

2. In a race between candies, lollipops always stick to last place.

3. Never play hide and seek with a lollipop, it always gets licked.

4. Lollipops don’t do well in debates; they always get tongue-tied.

5. My lollipop joined a band, it’s on stick duty.

6. Lollipops in an elevator are always going up a level.

7. I offered a lollipop to a time traveler; he said he’s had sweeter futures.

8. Lollipops don’t play chess; they can’t handle check-mates.

9. A lollipop’s autobiography would be a sticky read.

10. Lollipops don’t swim; they just float around.

Lollipop Joke

11. At the candy convention, the lollipop was the most popular stick figure.

12. Lollipops don’t like drama; they prefer a smooth lick.

13. A lollipop at a dance just goes round and round.

14. Lollipops don’t use phones; they’re too wrapped up in themselves.

15. In the candy kingdom, lollipops reign supreme, no contest.

16. A lollipop’s favorite subject? Popsychology.

17. Lollipops don’t like fast food; they’re savored slowly.

18. If lollipops could talk, they’d tell the sweetest stories.

19. Lollipops don’t do puzzles; they’re already well-rounded.

20. A lollipop in a garden is always a plant’s sweetest friend.

Best Lollipop Puns

21. Why did the lollipop visit the doctor?
It was feeling a little sticky!

22. What’s a lollipop’s favorite dance?
The Twist!

23. How do you put a baby alien to sleep?
You rocket with a lollipop!

24. What do you call a lollipop in a jacket?
A pop in a coat!

25. Why did the lollipop stop telling jokes?
It was getting too many eye rolls!

26. What do lollipops use to browse the internet?
Their sucker search engine!

27. Why don’t lollipops play cards?
Too many licks and they lose their suits!

28. What do you call a lollipop with a cold?
A cough drop!

29. Why did the lollipop go to the bank?
To get a little more interest in its flavor!

30. What did the lollipop say to the chocolate bar?
“Stick with me, and we’ll make a sweet team!”

Lollipop Joke

31. What do you call a lollipop that’s a detective?
A sucker for clues!

32. Why did the lollipop write a book?
To stick to its story!

33. What’s a lollipop’s favorite TV show?
“Game of Cones!”

34. Why was the lollipop always early?
It was on a roll!

35. How do lollipops stay informed?
They read the swirl news!

36. What do you call a lollipop that plays soccer?
A goal-pop!

37. Why did the lollipop go to the moon?
To have a little space to unwind!

38. What do you call a lollipop on a skateboard?
A rollipop!

39. Why did the lollipop join the choir?
It had a sweet voice!

40. What’s a lollipop’s favorite day of the week?

Funniest Lollipop Jokes

41. Why was the lollipop always calm?
Because it couldn’t lose its temper or it would melt!

42. How do you know a lollipop is a good friend?
It always sticks by you in hard times!

43. What’s a lollipop’s favorite type of story?
A sticky tale!

44. Why don’t lollipops work in libraries?
They can’t help but make a pop!

45. What did the lollipop say to the lemonade?
“We’re both so sweet and twisted!”

46. Why was the lollipop so good at soccer?
Because it always found itself in a sticky spot!

47. What’s a lollipop’s favorite weather?
A swirl wind!

48. Why did the lollipop go to outer space?
To become a starburst!

49. What do lollipops do on New Year’s Eve?
They pop into the New Year!

50. Why did the lollipop start a blog?
To give everyone a taste of its thoughts!

51. What’s a lollipop’s favorite hobby?
Stick-figure drawing!

52. Why are lollipops bad at keeping time?
They always melt away the hours!

53. What do you call a lollipop in the desert?
A mirage-a-pop!

54. Why did the lollipop go to the gym?
To get a lick of exercise!

55. What do you call a lollipop that’s an artist?
A pop art piece!

Lollipop Joke

56. Why don’t lollipops make good detectives?
They always end up in a sticky situation!

57. How does a lollipop sign off its letters?
With “Best licks!”

58. Why was the lollipop so good at math?
It always knew how to stick to the numbers!

59. What did the lollipop say to the bubble gum?
“Stick with me, and we’ll go places!”

60. Why don’t lollipops like secrets?
They always end up getting unwrapped!

61. Why don’t lollipops make good politicians?
Because they always get licked in the end!

62. What did the lollipop say in the bar?
“I’m looking for a mouth that can handle my flavor!”

63. Why are lollipops terrible at keeping secrets?
They always get exposed with just one twist!

64. What’s a lollipop’s least favorite day?
The end of a diet.

65. Why don’t lollipops have long-term relationships?
They always break up once they’re sucked dry.

66. What’s a lollipop’s favorite movie genre?
Anything but documentaries – too much reality makes them melt!

67. Why did the lollipop go to therapy?
It had an identity crisis after losing its wrapper!

68. What did the lollipop say to its therapist?
“I feel like everyone’s just using me for my flavor!”

69. Why don’t lollipops play poker?
They always lose their stick in the game.

70. How do lollipops view life?
A sweet beginning with a bitter end.

71. Why did the lollipop visit the dentist?
It was tired of being bitten all the time!

72. What did the cynical lollipop say?
“Life’s all about getting chewed up and spit out.”

73. Why are lollipops bad at long-term planning?
They’re always getting licked into oblivion.

74. What’s a lollipop’s favorite existential question?
“Am I more than just my flavor?”

75. Why don’t lollipops make good friends?
They disappear when things get rough.


These lollipop laughs will certainly sweeten your day and bring a smile to your face! Remember, life can be as delightful as a candy store, so keep enjoying the sweet moments. Until next time, keep those giggles sticky and your humor sweet!


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