70 Funniest Mango Jokes

Dive into the juicy world of mango humor where shakes get crowned and the “king of fruits” reigns supreme. Prepare for a burst of laughter with a tropical twist!

Mango One-Liner Jokes

1. Why did the mango go to school? It wanted to be a little brighter, inside and out.

2. How does a mango get into an Ivy League school? Perfect peels on its SATs.

3. When the mango saw the coconut’s hair, it thought, “Now that’s nuts.

4. What did the mango say after a breakup? “I feel so empty inside, like I’ve lost my pit.”

5. The mango said to the peach, “I find your lack of peel disturbing.

6. Why don’t mangoes get stressed? They find life’s pressure makes them sweeter.

7. What’s a mango’s favorite hobby? Stirring up trouble in smoothies.

8. Why did the mango get a gym membership? It wanted to work on its core strength.

9. What did the grape say to the mango? “Stop wining, at least you’re not in a jam!”

10. Why was the mango always in business class? It couldn’t help being upper-crust.

Mango Joke

11. Why did the mango lawyer never lose a case? It always found a loophole to peel.

12. Did you hear about the mango that fought a banana? It was fruitile.

13. What do you call a frozen mango? Out of the frying pan and into the freezer.

14. Why don’t mangoes get into politics? They can’t handle the debate pits.

15. How does a mango write its life story? By starting at the core of the matter.

16. Why was the mango always cast in horror films? It had a real knack for looking peeled.

17. What’s a mango’s favorite science fiction show? “Starfruit Trek.”

18. Why did the mango stop at the door? It heard there was a fruit draft.

19. How does a mango fix a broken heart? By becoming stone-cold.

20. Mangoes never solve puzzles; they’re afraid of being in a jam.

Best Mango Puns

21. Why did the mango break up with the apple?
Because it found a peach too a-peel-ing!

22. What do you get when you cross a mango with a comedian?
A fruit that’s a-peeling to everyone’s funny bone.

23. How does a mango get to work in the morning?
By peach of transportation!

24. Why was the mango always the best dressed?
Because it never wanted to be called

25. What’s a mango’s favorite TV show?
“Game of Scones” – where every character is a fruitcake.

26. What do you call a mango who’s a priest?
A mango of the cloth.

27. Why did the mango go to school?
To become a fruit-ure leader.

28. What’s a mango’s favorite sport?
Squash, because it’s one way to become a smoothie.

29. Why don’t mangoes ever get lonely?
Because they hang out in bunches!

30. What did one mango say to the other before a race?
“Let’s get ready to tumble!”

Mango Joke

31. Why did the mango get a job at the bank?
It was good at checking accounts – it had perfect Balance.

32. What did the mango say to the avocado?
“Man, go make us some guac!”

33. Why did the mango stop in the middle of the road?
It saw the green light and thought it was a lime!

34. How did the little mango get to the big city?
By the fruit train, of course!

35. What’s a ghost’s favorite fruit?

36. Why did the tomato turn red?
Because it saw the mango salad dressing!

37. What’s a mango’s philosophy of life?
If life gives you mangos, make mango-lade!

38. What do you call a mango that’s a detective?
A smoothie operator.

39. What’s a mango’s favorite Beatles song?
Mango Submarine.

40. Why did the mango go to yoga class?
To find its inner peach.

Most Funny Mango Jokes

41. Why did the mango go to school?
Apparently, it needed to “concentrate.”

42. I saw a mango reading a book on philosophy.
Now it’s a mango of few words: “I think, therefore I am… ripe.”

43. A mango walks into a bar.
The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve food here.”

44. Why did the mango stare at the orange juice carton?
Because it said “concentrate,” and that’s a very serious suggestion.

45. What did the mango say to the raisin?
“I guess some of us age better than others.”

46. Why don’t mangoes ever get into arguments?
Because they always find a way to smoothie things over.

47. Two mangoes sitting in a tree.
One says to the other, “Don’t look now, but I think we’re in a jam.”

48. I bought a mango that had an instruction manual.
It said, “Step 1: Eat. Step 2: Hope for the best.”

49. How does a mango get a job?
It submits a pit-ticular set of skills on its resume.

50. Why did the mango get an award?
For being outstanding in its field. Which is odd, since it’s typically found in a tree.

51. A mango just won the lottery.
It’s still a mango, but now it’s a richer flavor.

52. I told a joke to a mango.
It didn’t laugh, just sat there looking ripe.

53. Why was the mango a good detective?
It was great at peeling back the layers of a case.

54. A mango walks into a vegetarian restaurant.
The chef says, “We’ll make a dish out of you yet.”

55. I have a joke about a mango,
but I’m worried it won’t be ripe enough and the punchline will be too sour.

Mango Joke

56. Why do mangoes make terrible secrets-keepers?
They always let things slip through the peel.

57. What’s a mango’s favorite hobby?
Pulp fiction.

58. Why was the mango always single?
It couldn’t find anyone who could handle its tang.

59. Ever tried a mango smoothie?
It’s like a regular mango, but without all the excitement.

60. I dropped a mango.
It wasn’t very a-peeling afterwards.

61. Why did the mango join a band?
Because it had great jam sessions.

62. How does a mango spice up its relationship?
It whispers sweet no-things into its partner’s ear.

63. What did the mango say after winning a game?
“I’m the top banana… Wait, wrong fruit!”

64. What’s a mango’s life motto?
“If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you don’t, just fruit it!”

65. Why did the mango stop at the green light?
Because it saw the salad dressing!

66. Why was the mango always picked first in sports?
Because it was always in the ripe condition.

67. Why didn’t anyone want to box the mango?
Because it had a mean punch.

68. What do you call a romantic mango?
A man-gogh, because it’s full of the art of love.

69. How did the mango get into the fancy party?
It slipped in as a smoothie.

70. What did the mango say to the blender?
“I’m going to mix things up a bit.”


And that wraps up our tropical comedy tour! I hope these mango jokes added a slice of sunshine to your day and proved that humor can be just as sweet and refreshing as the king of fruits itself. Keep that zest for laughter alive until we peel back the humor again!


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