72 Most Funny Marathon Jokes

Ready to sprint into the race of laughter? These marathon jokes are paced right on track, designed to run you through a course of chuckles and grins. Get ready to hit the miles of comedy, and let’s dive into the long-distance world of marathon humor!

Marathon One-Liner Jokes

1. I tried running a marathon, but I couldn’t finish. Too many long runs-on sentences!

2. Marathoners eat pasta before a race because they like to go the extra noodle mile.

3. I ran a marathon once. The ice cream truck drove pretty fast!

4. Why don’t marathoners make good comedians? They always run out of punchlines!

5. Marathoners don’t get lost; they just take the scenic route.

6. I asked a marathoner for a joke, but he kept running it into the ground.

7. If you can’t run with the big dogs, maybe marathoning isn’t your sport.

8. I once ran a marathon backward; I wanted to see what second place looked like.

9. A friend said he runs marathons for the thrill. I get the same thrill just watching them.

10. Ever seen a marathon runner’s phone? It has only running apps!

11. I was going to run a marathon, but then I realized it would be a running mistake.

12. Why don’t marathon runners ever lie down? Because they can’t resist running!

13. I never win at marathons, but at least I’m outstanding in my field.

14. Marathon running is a great way to lose weight fast, especially if you drop the medal.

15. The hardest part of marathon training is explaining why you’re late to non-runners.

16. Tried telling a marathon joke, but it was a stretch.

Marathon Joke

17. Marathoners’ favorite key on the keyboard? The long ‘run’ key.

18. I like to watch marathons from my couch; it’s a spectator sport.

19. A marathon is just a sprint that’s slowed down to enjoy the scenery.

20. The only thing longer than a marathon is a marathon runner’s playlist!

21. I don’t think marathon running is my calling; I can’t even run errands.

22. I finally ran a marathon; my GPS took me the long way around!

23. Asked a marathoner how to improve my time. He said, “Run faster.”

24. I tried to keep up with a marathoner once. I was panting by the time we left the parking lot.

25. My marathon time improves drastically when I hear my phone ring at the finish line.

26. Never stand behind a marathon runner; they’re always a step ahead.

27. Told my friend I finished a marathon in record time. Forgot to mention I was driving.

28. They say marathon running is 90% mental, and the other half is physical.

29. Marathons: for people who find 26 miles too short to drive.

30. My marathon training plan is simple: run as far from home as I can, then run back.

Best Marathon Puns

31. Why don’t marathon runners ever get married?
Because they’re always running from commitment!

32. Why did the marathon runner bring a pencil?
In case he wanted to make a long-running list.

33. I asked a marathon runner for his best advice.
He said, “Just put one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles.

34. Why did the tomato turn red?
Because it saw the salad dressing and realized it had another marathon to run!

35. What’s a marathon runner’s favorite school subject?

36. Why did the scarecrow run a marathon?
He wanted to prove he wasn’t just outstanding in his field!

37. How do marathoners spice up their food?
They use Runny mustard!

38. Why did the marathoner break up with his stopwatch?
He felt they were always running out of time.

39. I wanted to run a marathon, but I couldn’t because it was a 26.2-mile race, and I only downloaded a 25-mile playlist.

40. Why don’t marathon runners tell jokes?
They always fall flat on the finish line!

Marathon Joke

41. What did the marathoner do after he tied his shoes?
He had a quick 26.2-mile jog.

42. Why don’t marathon runners ever pause their watches?
They don’t have the time for it!

43. I told my friend I’m running a marathon.
He said, “That sounds like a stretch.”

44. Why was the math book great at marathons?
It had too many problems to run away from.

45. Why do marathoners make excellent musicians?
They’re always in tune with their pacing.

46. What did one marathon shoe say to the other?
“I think we’ve been laced into something really long here.”

47. Did you hear about the bakery running a marathon?
They’re hoping for a sweet finish.

48. Why did the marathon runner cross the road?
To tell someone he just ran 26.2 miles.

49. What’s a ghost’s favorite part of the marathon?
The boo-st stations!

50. I decided to run a marathon,
but I quit because I didn’t want to jump to a running conclusion!

Funniest Marathon Jokes

51. What’s a marathon runner’s favorite breakfast?
Fast food!

52. Why don’t marathon runners play cards?
They don’t want to run out of suits.

53. Why was the marathon runner bad at basketball?
He kept running out of bounds!

54. Why did the marathon runner bring string to the race?
In case he reached the end of his rope.

55. What do marathon runners and computers have in common?
They both have trouble with too many tabs open.

56. Why did the marathon runner bring a ladder?
Because he wanted to get to the next level!

57. Why don’t marathon runners ever get lost?
Because they always stick to the beaten path.

58. What did the marathon runner do after a hard race?
He hit the ground running… again!

59. Why was the bicycle unable to finish the marathon?
It lost its training wheels!

60. Why don’t marathon runners ever write a novel?
They’re afraid of too many long paragraphs.

61. What’s a marathoner’s favorite type of movie?
Anything but a running time over 2 hours.

Marathon Joke

62. Why did the marathoner eat snails before the race?
He figured they would slow the competition down!

63. Why don’t marathon runners become boxers?
They’re more into running rings around people.

64. What’s a marathon runner’s favorite type of joke?
The ones that go the extra mile!

65. How do you know if someone’s run a marathon?
Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

66. Why did the marathon runner carry a hammer?
He wanted to nail the finish!

67. What do you call a horror film about marathon running?
“The 26.2 Mile Scream.”

68. Why did the marathon runner become a banker?
He was used to dealing with long-running interest.

69. What did the out-of-shape marathon runner say?
“I’m just here for the runner’s high-carb diet!”

70. Why don’t marathon runners like fast music?
They’re afraid it might make them sprint!

71. Want to know how to keep a marathon runner’s attention?
Just keep the conversation running.

72. What’s a marathon runner’s favorite type of bread?
The one that goes the extra whole grain mile.


We’ve crossed the finish line in this marathon of humor, and we hope the journey brought a smile to your face. Whether you’re an avid runner or simply a fan of a good laugh, these jokes aim to keep pace with your sense of fun. Thanks for joining us on this comedy course – stay fit and keep laughing!


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