80 Funniest Monkey Jokes

Welcome to a humor-filled journey through the jungle! We’ve compiled an entertaining collection of one-liner jokes, all themed around our playful primate friends, the monkeys.

Grab a banana, sit back, and get ready to swing from laughter as we delve into these amusing quips and puns!

Monkey One-Liner Jokes

1. Banana split is a monkey’s dessert divorce.

2. Monkeying around is serious business in the jungle.

3. Monkeys use a banana-phone to make calls!

4. A monkey’s favorite drink? Ape-ricot juice.

5. What do you call a monkey magician? A baboon-dini!

6. Monkeys always eat in bunches, especially at lunch!

7. Monkeys go bananas over banana bread.

8. In monkey business, the stakes are always bananas!

9. If a monkey makes a mixtape, it’s a monk-track.

10. In the jungle, a monkey bar is just a branch.

11. A monkey’s philosophy? No vine left behind.

12. In monkey school, they study ape-gebra.

13. Monkeys do ape-robics to stay fit.

14. Monkeys’ favorite car? The Monkey-llac.

15. Monkey’s motto: “In banana we trust.”

Monkey Joke

16. When a monkey meditates, it reaches a state of monk-ease.

17. A monkey’s favorite pastime? Swing dancing.

18. A monkey’s key to success? Swing high and aim for the tree-top.

19. When a monkey sings, it’s always a chimp-phony.

20. A monkey’s kitchen? The monk-eatery!

21. Monkey’s favorite chess move? Ape-enings.

22. A monkey’s favorite drink? Banana daiquiri.

23. When monkeys host a BBQ, it’s always bananas on the grill!

24. A monkey’s favorite hairdo? Ape-straight bangs.

25. Monkey’s favorite TV show? “Banana-island”.

26. Monkeys always have a-peeling ideas.

27. Monkeys’ biggest fear? Going bananas and never coming back!

Best Monkey Puns

28. Why don’t monkeys play cards in the jungle?
– Because there are too many cheetahs!

29. Why did the monkey like the banana?
– Because it found it a-peeling!

30. What kind of key opens a banana?
– A monkey!

31. Why did the monkey get lost?
– Because the jungle is massive!

32. What do you call a monkey that loves Doritos?
– A chipmunk!

33. Why was the monkey a great salesman?
– He really knew how to “ape-peal”!

34. How do monkeys get down the stairs?
– They slide down the banana-ster!

35. Why was the monkey a noisy eater?
– Because it was impossible for him to eat in “gorilla-mode”!

36. How do monkeys make toast?
– They put it under a gorilla!

37. What do you call a monkey at the North Pole?
– Lost. Very, very lost.

38. How does a monkey stop a movie?
– He presses the “paws” button!

39. What do you call a baby monkey?
– A chimp off the old block!

Monkey Joke

40. What do you call a monkey in a minefield?
– A baboom!

41. What kind of monkey can fly?
– A hot air baboon!

42. What do you call a monkey that loves fast food?
– A Burger-King Kong!

43. How does a monkey keep his pants up?
– With a monkey wrench!

44. Why did the monkey go to the art exhibit?
– To check out the “monk-ey” Lisa!

45. What do you call a monkey who broke the law?
– A gorilla-fendant!

46. What’s a monkey’s favorite Christmas song?
– Jungle Bells!

47. How do you catch a monkey?
– Climb a tree and act like a banana!

48. Why did the monkey get a timeout?
– He wouldn’t stop monkeying around!

49. What’s a monkey’s favorite dance move?
– The banana split!

50. Why did the monkey go to therapy?
– He couldn’t handle his “gorilla-ty”!

51. What’s a monkey’s favorite weather?
– Ape-ril showers!

52. Why did the monkey refuse to play cards with the leopard?
– Because he suspected he was playing with a “cheet-ah”!

53. How do monkeys say goodbye?
– “Ape-arently, we’ll see each other soon!”

54. Why don’t monkeys play hide and seek with elephants?
– Because they always find the elephants behind the couch!

55. What do you call a monkey who likes to read?
– A book-ey!

Most Funny Monkey Jokes

56. Why did the monkey like the banana?
– Because it had appeal!

57. What’s a monkey’s favorite snack?
– Chocolate chimp cookies!

58. What do you call a monkey who shares your apartment?
– A room-primate!

59. What do monkeys serve at a birthday party?
– Ape-cakes!

60. How do monkeys get their exercise?
– By doing jungle gymnastics!

61. What do you call a monkey that’s an expert at karate?
– A chimpion!

62. Why do monkeys make great detectives?
– They always go ape over the details!

63. What’s a monkey’s favorite type of homework?
– Ape-gebra!

64. What do you call a monkey who’s an expert in explosives?
– A ba-boom!

65. What kind of a key does a monkey use to open bananas?
– A monk-key!

66. What’s a monkey’s favorite game?
– Hide and go ape!

67. How do monkeys keep their hair in place?
– With gorilla gel!

68. What do you call a monkey with a wizard hat?
– Harry Primate!

69. What’s a monkey’s favorite dessert?
– Banana cream pie-thons!

Monkey Joke

70. What’s a monkey’s favorite style of music?
– Swing!

71. Why was the monkey a great tennis player?
– He always had a smashing serve!

72. How do monkeys make sure their clothes are wrinkle-free?
– They use gorilla-sized irons!

73. Why was the monkey the best employee?
– He always went bananas over his work!

74. What did the monkey say to his tail?
– Quit monkeying around!

75. Why was the monkey always relaxed?
– Because he never let anything ruffle his fur!

76. What’s a monkey’s favorite exercise?
– Monkey bars!

77. What do you call a monkey who shares all your secrets?
– A blab-boon!

78. Why was the monkey always prepared?
– Because he was always ready to swing into action!

79. What’s a monkey’s favorite type of bread?
– Ape-ricot loaf!

80. Why did the monkey take a ladder to school?
– Because he thought it was high school!


Thank you for joining us on this humorous adventure into the world of monkey-themed jokes! We hope these lighthearted one-liners have added a splash of laughter to your day.

Remember, sometimes all you need to brighten your mood is a good chuckle and a fun-filled monkey pun!


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