70 Most Funny Moon Jokes

Buckle up to embark on a lunar comedy mission! These jokes, freshly imported from the moon’s comedy club, come with a gravity-defying guarantee of laughter. Fasten your seatbelts, as we’re about to take a giant leap into hilarity!

Moon One-Liner Jokes

1. The moon’s favorite Beatles song? Here Comes the Sun” – it’s about its best friend.

2. The moon’s diary is just a bunch of phases.

3. The moon never gets a haircut – it’s afraid of eclipsing its style.

4. The moon’s favorite social media? Insta-space.

5. Why did the moon stop going to school? It was tired of being graded on a curve.

6. The moon’s least favorite day? New Moon’s Day – it feels invisible.

7. The moon’s least favorite book? “Twilight” – too much sun.

8. The moon’s favorite sport? Crater diving.

9. The moon doesn’t do well in interviews – it’s always spacing out.

10. The moon’s favorite restaurant? The Milky Way Diner.

11. The moon’s dating advice? “Just go through a phase and move on.”

12. The moon doesn’t play sports – it might cause a crater.

13. The moon’s hobby? Throwing lunar-tic parties.

14. The moon’s favorite animal? A starfish – it feels connected.

15. The moon’s advice on life? “It’s just a phase.”

Moon Joke

16. The moon’s favorite nursery rhyme? “Hey Diddle Diddle” – it’s the star.

17. Why doesn’t the moon use bookmarks? It prefers to glow over the pages.

18. The moon’s favorite drink? Sodar Eclipse.

19. The moon’s favorite art? Starry Night – it’s a fan of van Gogh.

20. Why was the moon tired? It had a full day.

21. The moon’s bakery failed because it was always half-baked.

22. I wanted to tell a moon joke, but it’s probably over your sky.

23. The moon doesn’t donate to charity because it’s not down-to-earth.

24. The moon’s favorite TV show is “The Big Bang Theory” – it’s a blast!

25. The moon never lies; it’s always full of itself.

26. The moon’s car broke down because it ran out of space.

27. The moon broke up with its girlfriend because it needed space.

28. The moon’s favorite game? Hide and seek – it’s great at disappearing.

29. Why don’t stories about the moon ever end? They’re always full of phases.

30. The moon doesn’t get haircuts – it eclipses them.

Best Moon Puns

31. Why did the moon go to school?
To get a little brighter!

32. What kind of music do moons like?

33. How does the moon cut his hair?
Eclipse it.

34. Why was the moon so broke?
It was down to its last quarter.

35. What do you call the moon’s favorite restaurant?
The Crater Cafe.

36. Why did the cow jump over the moon?
Because the farmer had cold hands!

37. What do you call a clock on the moon?
A lunartick.

38. How do you know when the moon has had enough to eat?
When it’s full.

39. What do you call a moon out of orbit?
A lunatic.

40. Why did the moon skip dessert?
It was already full.

Moon Joke

41. How do you organize a party on the moon?
You planet.

42. What does the moon do when it loses its hair?
It goes through a new phase.

43. Why did the sun go to school?
To get a little brighter than the moon.

44. What’s the moon’s favorite gum?

45. Why don’t people like to make jokes about the moon?
Because it reflects poorly on them.

46. What does the moon wear to a fancy event?
A satellite.

47. Why was the moon sad?
Because it had a dark side.

48. What did the astronaut say to the moon?
“I’m over the moon to see you!”

49. Why did the moon get a job?
To make ends meet during its phases.

50. How does the moon hold up its pants?
With an asteroid belt.

Funniest Moon Jokes

51. Why was the moon so busy?
It had a lot of space in its schedule.

52. How does the moon stay informed?
It reads the Lunar Times.

53. What’s the moon’s favorite snack?
Meteorites and cheese.

54. Why was the moon so good at sports?
It had a strong gravitational pull.

55. What do you call a moon that’s lost its memory?
A forget-me-not satellite.

56. How does the moon paint its house?
With a comet brush.

57. Why did the moon break up with the sun?
They just needed some space.

58. What’s the moon’s favorite day of the week?

59. Why don’t secrets last on the moon?
Because it always lets the light in.

60. What do you call a lunar joke?
A moon quip.

Moon Joke

61. Why was the moon always calm?
It had plenty of space to breathe.

62. What does the moon do when it’s sad?
It goes through a waning phase.

63. How does the moon pay for things?
With star-bucks.

64. What’s the moon’s favorite flower?
Crater lilies.

65. Why did the moon start a podcast?
To share its universal thoughts.

66. What do you call a moon who loves to travel?
A wandering star.

67. Why don’t people trust the moon?
It has a dark side.

68. What’s the moon’s favorite dessert?
Space cake.

69. Why did the moon get into trouble?
It was up all night.

70. What do you call a lunar party?
A blast off.


That’s the end of our moonlit journey through comedy! I hope these lunar laughs brought you a sky full of smiles. Until next time, keep gazing at the stars and smiling at the moon!


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