80 Most Funny Morning Jokes

Morning routines can be a real struggle, and humor is the best way to shake off the sleepiness. Whether you’re an early riser or a relentless snoozer, here are some puns to start your day with a chuckle!

Morning One-Liner Jokes

1. I’m not a morning person; I’m a coffee person.

2. Mornings: Nature’s way of saying, “Try again!”

3. Alarm clocks: Because every morning should start with a heart attack.

4. My bed is a magical place where I remember everything I forgot to do.

5. Morning paradox: The more you sleep, the more tired you get.

6. If morning had a face, I would punch it.

7. Sunshine is the best medicine, unless it’s 6 AM.

8. Coffee: because morning people are made, not born.

9. I rise in the morning because my bed refuses to pamper me any longer.

10. Breakfast: the universe’s apology for waking you up.

Morning Joke

11. I’ve had enough of reality; I’m going back to bed.

12. Breakfast jokes are eggstra special; they crack me up every morning!

13. Mornings should come with a snooze button.

14. The early bird can have the worm; I’ll take coffee.

15. My favorite yoga pose is the “sleeping in” asana.

16. Morning checklist: Eyes open? Check. Heartbeat? Check. Coffee? Need it now!

17. The bed wasn’t just calling my name; it was screaming it.

18. My alarm is set to the theme of “Mission Impossible” for a reason.

19. The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

20. Why did morning look so bright? It “dawned” its best outfit!

Best Morning Puns

21. What did the grumpy toaster say in the morning?
“I’m fed up with these crumby attitudes!”

22. Why did the early bird get a therapist?
It caught too many worms and had issues digesting. Good morning!

23. When the moon went to a morning show, what did it say?
“It’s just a phase I’m going through!”

24. Why do mornings love puns?
Because the day just dawned on them!

25. How do sheep greet each other in the morning?
“Wool you have a great day!”

26. Why was the belt so stressed every morning?
It was always under tension. Hold it together, and good morning!

27. What did one slipper say to the other?
“Sock it to ’em this morning!”

28. Why did the clock get a time-out in the morning?
It was ticking everyone off!

29. Why was the mirror so good at giving advice?
It always reflected well in the morning!

30. How did the zombie like his morning cereal?
A-maize-ing-ly gory!

31. Why did the tomato turn red every morning?
Because it saw the salad dressing!

32. Why did the scarecrow skip the morning news?
Because it was all just fluff and fodder!

33. How do you make an egg-roll in the morning?
Push it down a hill!

34. Why did the bagel apply for a promotion?
It wanted to get a toast of success. Rise and shine!

35. What did the beaver say to the tree in the morning?
It’s gnaw a good time to fall for me!

Morning Joke

36. Why was the orange so good at jokes in the morning?
It was pulp fiction!

37. Why did the coffee go on a date with sugar in the morning?
It felt life was brew-tiful with her!

38. What did the shoes say to the pants?
“I’ll meet you at the bottom!” Step up to a great morning!

39. Why did the strawberry get a lawyer?
It was in a jam every morning!

40. How do you greet a twin in the morning?
“Double the wishes, good morning!”

41. Why do we tell actors to “break a leg” every morning?
Because every play has a morning cast!

42. Why did the morning light go to school?
To improve its brights!

43. What do you call a morning where the coffee runs out?
A depresso morning!

44. Why did the coffee keep checking its watch?
It was pressed for time in the morning!

45. What’s a skeleton’s least favorite room in the morning?
The living room. Too lively!

46. How does a mathematician say good morning?
“Add a great day!”

47. Why was the belt arrested in the morning?
For holding up a pair of pants! Good morning!

48. How do you make cereal smile in the morning?
Just give it a little milk mustache!

49. Why did the bicycle fall over in the morning?
It was two-tired!

50. What’s a ghost’s favorite type of coffee in the morning?
Boooooo-brewed! Good morning!

Funniest Morning Jokes

51. Why did the teddy bear skip breakfast?
He was already stuffed! Good morning!

52. Why was the math book sad every morning?
It had too many problems to start the day.

53. Why did the morning coffee go to school?
It wanted to be a little brew-ighter!

54. Why don’t secrets last long in the morning?
Day always breaks!

55. How do flowers greet the sun?
“Morning, sunshine!”

56. Why did the loaf of bread go for a morning walk?
To feel “butter” about itself!

57. Why do morning spiders make great web developers?
They’re always up at the crack of dawn!

58. What did one bedsheet say to the other in the morning?
“I’ve got you covered!”

59. Why was the cereal feeling down?
It had a case of the morning blues-berries!

60. What did the toothpaste say to the toothbrush?
“We meet again! Good morning!”

61. I was going to become a morning person, but then I overslept.
Guess it’s not dawn on me yet!

62. How do the planets greet each other in the morning?
With universal warmth!

63. Why did the yoga instructor arrive early in the morning?
To help everyone rise and shine!

64. Why was the blanket excited in the morning?
Because it was wrapped up in the day’s plans!

65. What did the pancake say to the syrup?
“Stick with me, and we’ll have a sweet morning!”

Morning Joke

66. Why did the newspaper blush in the morning?
It saw too much daily exposure!

67. What did the coffee say to the sugar?
“You make my morning sweet!”

68. Why was the gym crowded in the morning?
Everyone wanted a running start to the day!

69. How did the ocean greet the shore every morning?
With a gentle wave!

70. Why did the grapefruit never say “Good morning” back?
It was a little sour in the morning.

71. Why did the coffee file a police report?
It got mugged good morning!

72. How does the sun say good morning?
It dawns on you!

73. Why did the scarecrow win an award every morning?
Because he was outstanding in his field! Good morning!

74. How do you know when morning is feeling greedy?
It’s always wanting the break-fast!

75. Why did the alarm clock get a promotion?
It woke up on the right side of the bed! Good morning!

76. Why did the egg hide from the frying pan every morning?
It didn’t want to be cracked up!

77. How do pillows greet each other in the morning?
“Good night!” Because it’s morning for them!

78. How do you make holy water in the morning?
Boil the hell out of it! Good morning!

79. Why did the orange go to the doctor in the morning?
It wasn’t peeling well!

80. How did the bacon say good morning to the tomato?
“Lettuce have a great day!”


Laughter truly is the best way to kickstart the day. No matter how groggy or grumpy the morning makes you, a dash of humor can be your sunshine. Remember, every giggle is a step closer to being fully awake!


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