84 Mouse Jokes to Make You Laugh

Cue the laughter with these whisker-tickling mouse jokes! From cheesy puns to squeaky one-liners, these jokes are perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of playful humor to their day.

So, let’s scamper into this collection of amusing quips that are sure to bring a smile to your face, just like a mouse finds joy in a piece of cheese!

Mouse One-Liner Jokes

1. A mouse’s favorite game is hide and squeak.

2. Mice are great at surfing the web; they love the mouse pad.

3. The mouse couldn’t save any cheese; it had too many holes in its budget.

4. Never trust a mouse’s tale; it might be a long story.

5. Mice always eat cheese in case they need a byte.

6. Mice don’t like cheese puns; they find them too cheesy.

7. A mouse’s favorite movie is “Gone with the Cheese.”

8. Mice are bad at math; every problem multiplies.

9. Mice don’t use pens; they prefer to click.

10. A mouse’s favorite sport? Squeakball.

11. Mice avoid kitchen drama; they can’t stand the melt-down.

12. When mice travel, they never pack cheese; they find it everywhere.

13. Mice don’t like cat food; they can’t stomach the competition.

14. A mouse’s motto: “Squeak now or forever hold your cheese.”

15. Mice don’t like opera; too much high-pitched squeaking.

Mouse Joke

16. A mouse’s favorite exercise? The cheese press.

17. When mice go shopping, they look for the best cheese deals.

18. Mice hate fast food; it’s a trap!

19. Mice don’t like elevators; they’re more into scaling things.

20. Mice avoid online dating; too many catfish.

21. Mice always stay informed; they’re experts at scrolling.

22. A mouse’s favorite snack? Cheese and squeak.

23. Mice hate winter; they can’t stand frost-bite.

24. Mice don’t use vacuums; they prefer dust mice.

25. Mice never play cards; they can’t stand the thought of the joker cat.

26. Mice don’t do well in dramas; they only play squeaky roles.

27. A mouse’s worst fear? A world without cheese holes.

28. Mice don’t like cooking shows; they find them too grating.

29. Mice don’t drink coffee; they prefer cheese tea.

30. Mice never go to space; they can’t deal with asteroid cheese.

Best Mouse Puns

31. Why was the mouse afraid of swimming?
It didn’t want to be a squeak swimmer!

32. What do you call a mouse who can pick up an elephant?

33. Why do mice need oiling?
Because they squeak!

34. What do you get when you cross a mouse with a trampoline?
A squeaky jumper!

35. How do you save a drowning mouse?
Use mouse-to-mouse resuscitation!

36. What’s a mouse’s favorite game?
Hide and squeak!

37. Why was the mouse good at math?
He understood the multiplication of mice!

38. Why don’t mice use spell check?
They like to find their own typos!

39. What do you call a mouse who walks on two legs?
Mickey Mouse!

40. What is a mouse’s favorite record?
‘The best of squeak and roll!’

41. Why did the mouse eat a candle?
For some light snacks!

42. What’s a mouse’s least favorite weather?
When it’s raining cats and dogs!

43. Why did the mouse go to school?
To get a little bit of mouse education!

44. What do mice do when they’re home alone?
Mouse around!

45. Why was the mouse afraid of the water?
It didn’t want to be a wet mouse!

Mouse Joke

46. How do mice celebrate a new home?
With a mouse warming party!

47. Why was the mouse comedian so good?
He knew all the cheesy jokes!

48. What game do young mice play?
Little Squeakers!

49. Why was the mouse confused?
Because his friends were acting cheesy!

50. What do mice do when they’re angry?
They get squeaking mad!

51. Why don’t mice like fast food?
They can’t stand the cheeseburger traps!

52. What do you call a show-off mouse?
A braggart with a tail!

53. Why was the mouse afraid of vacuum cleaners?
It feared the suck-quel!

54. What’s a mouse’s least favorite day of the week?
Trap Tuesday!

55. Why did the mouse avoid the computer?
It couldn’t handle the click bait!

56. Why are mice terrible at saving money?
They always spend it on cheese!

57. What’s a mouse’s least favorite game?
Cat and mouse!

58. Why don’t mice like smartphones?
They always get caught in the snap(chat)!

59. What’s a mouse’s least favorite exercise?
The cat stretch!

60. Why did the mouse stay away from the kitchen?
Too much mouse-havoc!

Funniest Mouse Jokes

61. Why don’t mice use phones?
They prefer to communicate with squeak signals!

62. What do you call a mouse who wins an Oscar?
A star squeaker!

63. What’s a mouse’s favorite dessert?
Cheesecake with extra squeak cream!

64. Why did the mouse join the band?
Because it had squeaky-clean records!

65. What do you call a mouse with a cape?
Super Mouse!

66. Why did the mouse go to the moon?
To get some space cheese!

67. What’s a mouse’s favorite dance move?
The squeaky shuffle!

68. Why did the mouse eat a pencil?
It wanted to digest some facts!

69. What do mice do when they’re bored?
They go on a mouse pad adventure!

70. How do mice keep their fur so smooth?
With a squeak conditioner!

Mouse Joke

71. Why did the mouse refuse to play cards?
Because the cat was a cheetah!

72. What’s a mouse’s favorite street?
Cheddar Avenue!

73. Why did the mouse take ballet lessons?
To improve its poise and squeakness!

74. What do you get when you cross a mouse with a kangaroo?
A jump squeaker!

75. What’s a mouse’s favorite sport?

76. Why did the mouse go to school?
To get a bit more edumousetion!

77. What did the cat say to the mouse?
“You’re meow-sic to my ears!”

78. Why do mice have small balls?
Because not many of them know how to dance!

79. Why was the mouse afraid of the circus?
It heard about the cat-acrobats!

80. What’s a mouse’s favorite TV show?
“American Squeak-ol!”

81. Why are mice terrible at staying quiet?
They always squeak up!

82. What do you call a mouse that gets all the cheese?
A mousopolist!

83. Why don’t mice like playing hide and seek with cats?
The stakes are too high!

84. What’s a mouse’s least favorite musical instrument?
The cat-ar!


I hope these mouse-themed jokes brought some smiles and giggles to your day! Remember, like a mouse with a piece of cheese, it’s the small things in life that can bring the greatest joy. Keep squeaking with laughter and sharing the fun!


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