70 Mustache Jokes To Make You Laugh

Prepare to twirl your imaginary mustaches and enjoy a hearty laugh with these whimsical puns! Whether you’re a proud mustache-wearer or you prefer the clean-shaven look, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to your face. From the distinguished to the downright funny, let’s dive into the world of mustache humor!

Mustache One-Liner Jokes

1. “Mustaches: because every face deserves its own superhero mask.”

2. “No mustache? You’re just avoiding lip shadow.”

3. A mustache isn’t just hair on your face, it’s an attitude on your upper lip.

4. “Those without mustaches: avoiding the lip rug trend.”

5. “Having a mustache is like having a VIP pass to the club of distinguished gentlemen.”

6. “No mustache – no need for a crumb catcher.”

7. “A man without a mustache is like a sky without stars.”

8. “Having a mustache means never being alone, you always have a hair to talk to.”

9. “People without mustaches: saving money on grooming tools since forever.”

10. “Mustaches: nature’s way of saying, ‘This face is fabulous.'”

Mustache Joke

11. “A bare upper lip is just a canvas waiting for its masterpiece.”

12. “With a mustache comes great responsibility… and great styling gel.”

13. “No mustache? You’re just one bold decision away from greatness.”

14. “Mustaches: making a statement without saying a word.”

15. A face without a mustache is like a garden without flowers.

16. “Mustache-less: because sometimes the face likes to go incognito.”

17. “A mustache doesn’t cover your face, it uncovers your style.”

18. “People without mustaches lead a less ‘twisted’ life.”

19. “Having a mustache is like adding punctuation to your expressions.”

20. “Those without mustaches just have clearer soup experiences.”

Best Mustache Puns

21. Why did the mustache get into trouble?
It was always at the ‘hair’ of the moment!

22. How do you know a mustache is a good musician?
When it can hold a ‘note’ under its nose.

23. What’s a mustache’s favorite drink?
‘Espresso’ with a little froth on top.

24. Why did the mustache join the army?
To be part of the ‘hairy’ force.

25. What do you call a mustache that’s a great cook?
A ‘chef-stache.’

26. Why don’t mustaches get lost?
They always ‘stick’ to the upper lip.

27. How does a mustache answer the phone?

28. What’s a mustache’s favorite type of exercise?
‘Lip’ ups!

29. Why was the mustache always calm?
It never ‘bristled’ under pressure.

30. How do you keep a mustache in suspense?
I’ll ‘shave’ the answer for later.

Mustache Joke

31. Why did the mustache go to the party?
To add some ‘flair’ to the upper lip!

32. What do you call a mustache that tells jokes?
A ‘comedy-stache.’

33. Why did the mustache start a business?
To get into the ‘hair’ market.

34. How does a mustache stay trendy?
By being ‘on the fringe’ of fashion.

35. Why don’t mustaches like secrets?
They always ‘brush’ them off.

36. What’s a mustache’s favorite movie?
“The Good, The Bad, and The Hairy.”

37. Why did the mustache cross the road?
To ‘comb’ to the other side.

38. What’s a mustache’s favorite hobby?
‘Brushing’ up on art.

39. Why did the mustache win the race?
It had a ‘close shave’ at the finish line.

40. What do you call an old mustache?
A ‘grey-t’ whisker!

Funniest Mustache Jokes

41. Why did the mustache become a detective?
It had a knack for sniffing out the truth!

42. What do you call a mustache that’s a fashion icon?
A trend-“whisker.”

43. How does a mustache pay its bills?
With “brush” bucks.

44. Why did the mustache go to the library?
To “brush” up on some reading.

45. What’s a mustache’s favorite type of music?
Anything with a good “beard” beat.

46. How does a mustache say goodbye?
“I mustache you farewell!”

47. Why don’t mustaches get lonely?
Because they always “hang out” on the upper lip.

48. What’s a mustache’s favorite game?
Hide and “seek” on your face.

49. Why was the mustache so good at sports?
It always had a “hair-raising” performance.

50. What do you call a mustache on vacation?
A “bristle” breaker.

51. Why did the mustache get an award?
For its outstanding “lip” service.

52. How do you apologize to a mustache?
You say “I’m hair-ribly sorry.”

53. What’s a mustache’s favorite snack?
“Lip” chips.

54. Why was the mustache so smart?
It was always above the “lip” of intelligence.

55. What do you call a mustache that’s a hero?
A “super-stache.”

Mustache Joke

56. Why do mustaches make good friends?
They always “stick” with you.

57. What do you call a mustache in the army?
A “lieutenant lip-fuzz.”

58. Why was the mustache successful in business?
It knew how to “handle-bar” the competition.

59. What’s a mustache’s favorite holiday?
“Movember,” of course!

60. How does a mustache keep a secret?
It stays right under the nose.

61. Why was the mustache so good at yoga?
It had excellent facial balance!

62. What do you call a mustache that loves to travel?
A “roam-ing” whisker.

63. Why don’t mustaches get lost at sea?
They always go with the “flow.”

64. How does a mustache greet its friends?
“Nice to ‘stache’ you!”

65. What’s a mustache’s favorite type of movie?
Anything with a dramatic “twist.”

66. Why did the mustache start a business?
It wanted to be on the “cutting edge” of fashion.

67. What’s a mustache’s favorite book?
“The Hairy Potter” series.

68. How does a mustache stay fit?
By doing “lip-ups.”

69. Why are mustaches so wise?
They’re always under a nose.

70. What do you call a mustache that’s a great cook?
A “culinary whisker.”


We are certain that these mustache-centric quips have added a bit of joy and laughter to your day! Whether you’re sporting a stylish ‘stache or simply appreciate a good chuckle, remember that humor is always the best accessory. Keep smiling and sharing the laughs, with or without a mustache!


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