60 Funniest Neck Jokes

Prepare to stretch your smile with these hilariously tall tales! From giraffes to neckties, we’ve got a collection of jokes that are sure to ‘tie’ your laughter in knots. Dive into these neck-centric quips that prove humor is all around us, sometimes just a head-turn away!

Neck One-Liner Jokes

1. “Why was the giraffe late? It got caught in a neck-tie traffic!”

2. “I bought a faulty necktie. It was a total rip-off!”

3. “Why don’t giraffes play hide and seek? Because they always stick their necks out.”

4. “Why was the necklace so smart? It was full of pearls of wisdom!”

5. “Did you hear about the turtle? It won a neck and neck race!

6. “Why did the vampire wear a turtleneck? To keep a low profile!”

7. “Why are necklaces terrible comedians? They always choke on the punchline.”

8. “What do you call a giraffe’s neck? A skyscraper!”

9. “Why did the scarf go to the doctor? It had a knot in its stomach.”

10. “Why don’t snakes wear v-necks? They can’t figure out which end to put it on!”

Neck Joke

11. “Did you hear about the boastful necktie? It was all talk and no action.”

12. “Why did the turtle wear a scarf? It wanted to come out of its shell in style.”

13. What’s a vampire’s favorite part of a chicken? The neck!”

14. “Why was the necklace always tired? It had too many chains to pull.”

15. “Why did the giraffe refuse to wear a bowtie? It was too much of a stretch.”

16. “Why did the necklace break up with the bracelet? It needed some space!”

17. What do you call a fashionable snake? A neck-tie python!”

18. “Why was the turtleneck popular? It really made a statement in the neck of time.

19. “Why did the vampire wear a scarf? To cover his bite marks!”

20. “Did you hear about the lazy necktie? It just hung around all day.”

Best Neck Puns

21. “Why did the necklace go to jail?
It was caught in a tight loop!”

22. “I had a race with my scarf today;
it was neck and neck.”

23. “Why don’t giraffes like fast food?
They can’t get it down their necks quickly enough!”

24. “Why did the vampire think twice before biting a clown?
He heard it tasted funny in the neck.”

25. “A turtle said it was going to wear a necktie.
I said, ‘Don’t stick your neck out.'”

26. “Why was the necklace a great detective?
It always got to the heart of the matter!

27. “I wrote a song about a neck,
but it was just a long note.”

28. “Why don’t chickens wear necklaces?
They prefer peck-laces!”

29. “I tried to play a neck guitar,
but I couldn’t get a grip on it.”

30. “Why was the scarf proud?
It had a knotty attitude.”

Neck Joke

31. “A scarf and a tie had a race.
It ended in a tie.”

32. “Why do giraffes never win at hide and seek?
They’re always spotted neck and shoulders above the rest!”

33. “Did you hear about the necktie that won an award?
It was outstanding in its field!”

34. “Why did the giraffe get promoted?
It was head and shoulders above the rest.

35. “Why don’t necks like secrets?
They always give them away with a turn.”

36. “A necklace and a bracelet had a fight.
It was a total chain reaction!”

37. “Why was the scarf always calm?
It just hung loosely.”

38. “Why did the vampire get a neck brace?
He had a crick in his bite.”

39. “Why was the neck voted most popular?
It was always the center of a-tension.”

40. “Why did the necklace go to the doctor?
It had a severe case of chain-pain!”

Most Funny Neck Jokes

41. “Why did the short-necked dinosaur refuse to fight?
He couldn’t handle the long-neck-tivity of it!”

42. “Why don’t giraffes drink coffee?
It takes too long to cool down by the time it reaches their stomach!”

43. “What do you call a group of giraffes playing instruments?

44. “Why was the turtle the best singer?
Because he had a neck for it!”

45. “Why do flamingos have long necks?
Because their feet smell too bad!

46. “I saw a fight between two neckties.
It was a real bow-tie.”

47. “Why don’t frogs wear necklaces?
They fear they might croak!”

48. What do you call a bear with no neck?
The same thing, but closer to your face!”

49. “Why did the giraffe get bad grades?
He always had his head in the clouds.”

50. “Why was the cat wearing a necklace?
To have more purr-sonality!”

Neck Joke

51. What did the scarf say to the hat?
You go on ahead, I’ll just hang around!”

52. “Why did the vampire avoid biting zebras?
Too many stripes, not enough neck!”

53. “Why don’t snakes wear necklaces?
Because you can’t tell their neck from their tail!”

54. “What do you call an alligator in a vest?
An in-vesti-gator with a neck for crime!

55. Why did the ostrich get a neck tattoo?
It wanted to be a little more headstrong.”

56. “Why was the turtle a great boxer?
It really knew how to stick its neck out!”

57. “What do you call a dog with a long neck?
A Bark Giraffe!”

58. “Why did the necklace go to space?
To be a little more star-neck-laced!”

59. “Why don’t geese wear scarves?
Because they have down already!”

60. “Why did the vampire visit the giraffe?
It was a once-in-a-lifetime neck-sperience!”


Surely these neck-themed zingers brought some laughter to your day! Remember, whether it’s a long neck or a tight knot, there’s always a pun waiting to ‘unravel’ a smile. Keep stretching those chuckles and have a ‘giraffic’ day ahead!


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