80 Neighbour Jokes to Make You Laugh

Life next door isn’t just about borrowing a cup of sugar; it’s a treasure trove of comedic gold. As fences divide properties, these jokes bridge the laughter gap between neighbours. Enjoy a playful peek over the proverbial hedge and find humour in the familiar antics of residential rapport!

Neighbour One-Liner Jokes

1. My neighbour’s rooster is a real “alarm-cluck.”

2. Saw my neighbour sunbathing in the rain; he’s cloud-tanning.

3. My neighbour’s WiFi name? “ShoutPasswordForPassword.”

4. Why did my neighbour bring a ladder to my BBQ? High steaks!

5. My neighbour’s cat stole my milk; now it’s a “purr-petrator.”

6. Why does my neighbour keep his pool empty? He prefers dry swimming.

7. My neighbour waters his garden with coffee; calls it plant caffeine-ation.

8. Caught my neighbour talking to his plants; he said it’s “floral communication.”

9. My neighbour’s tree house has WiFi, talk about “branching out.

10. Why did my neighbour wear his TV remote? Channeling fashion!

Neighbour Joke about eavesdropping

11. My neighbour’s diet: Gluten-free, dairy-free, joy-free.

12. My neighbour stole my newspaper; now that’s “current event” theft!

13. My neighbour’s fish sings. It’s a bass-tenor.

14. My neighbour cleans his pool with holy water; it’s dive-ine.

15. My neighbour’s dog barks in Morse code; it’s a dot-wuff system.

16. My neighbour’s doormat says, “Did you call first?”

17. My neighbour mows his lawn at midnight; he’s on “night-grass” time.

18. Why did my neighbour put a lock on his calendar? To secure dates!

19. My neighbour named his plants; now he’s got a bud-list.

20. My neighbour’s car broke down, so he calls it a “driveway ornament.

Best Neighbour Puns

21. Why did the two neighbours fight over the electric bill?
Because they couldn’t find any current agreement!

22. My neighbour and I had an argument about who has a greener lawn.
I guess the grass is always louder on the other side.

23. Why did the neighbours bring a ladder to the housewarming party?
They wanted to take the celebration to the next level!

24. My neighbour gave me a plant for my birthday.
He said it’s the “growing” symbol of our friendship.

25. Why did my neighbour get glasses?
Not for reading – to get a clearer view into my living room!

26. My neighbour bought a submarine. I think he’s taking the whole “keeping an eye on me” thing a bit too deep.

27. My neighbour asked if he could borrow a cup of sugar. I asked, “For coffee?”
He said, “No, to make a sandcastle.”

28. I told my neighbour he could borrow any tool except my leaf blower.
That one blows away everyone.

29. My neighbour said he liked my alarm tone.
Surprising, since I only hear it when I oversleep!

30. Why did the neighbour practice drums at midnight?
He was trying to beat insomnia!

31. Why did my neighbour bring a fan to the BBQ?
To fire up the grill!

32. My neighbour’s BBQ invitation said, “BYOM.”
Bring Your Own Marshmallows!

33. Why did my neighbour give me all his lost socks?
He thought they’d find their soul-mates at my place.

34. My neighbour kept all the balls that landed in his yard.
He said it’s his grassroots soccer collection.

35. Why did my neighbour park his car on my lawn?
He wanted to mow-tivate me to trim the grass!

Neighbour Joke

36. My neighbour told me he named his car after me.
I was touched until I saw him call it “Space Invader.”

37. My neighbour claims he’s a night owl.
Apparently, that’s why his rooster crows at midnight.

38. I asked my neighbour why he was on the roof.
He said, “Sometimes, I need a top-level chat.”

39. My neighbour wears camouflage every day.
I pretend not to see him; it makes his day.

40. My neighbour is a detective but always loses track of his keys.
Guess some mysteries are too close to home!

41. When it rained, my neighbour knocked on my door with an umbrella.
Said he’s just “showering” me with love.

42. My neighbour loves sunbathing during snow.
Says he’s working on his winter tan.

43. My neighbour tried to build a flying car.
Now his vehicle’s up in the air in more ways than one.

44. Why did my neighbour bring glue to our chat?
He wanted to stick to the topic!

45. Every time my neighbour misses the basketball hoop,
he says he’s just giving the ground a chance to score.

46. My neighbour wants to open a coffee shop in his yard.
He’s brewing up some ground ideas.

47. My neighbour dresses as an egg every Easter.
Guess he likes to come out of his shell.

48. For Halloween, my neighbour went as a mailbox.
He was truly post-terrifying.

49. My neighbour says if he won the lottery, he’d build a bigger fence.
I’m taking that as an investment in our friendship!

50. My neighbour thinks he’s a vampire, but he’s out in the sun a lot.
He’s just fang-curious.

Funniest Neighbour Jokes

51. My neighbour said he’s installing an elevator in his bungalow.
Talk about uplifting news!

52. Why did my neighbour put a trampoline on his roof?
He wanted higher ceilings.

53. My neighbour plays the trumpet at 3 AM.
He says it’s his dawn chorus.

54. I asked my neighbour why he holds concerts in his garage.
He said he’s into “heavy metal” parking.

55. My neighbour jogged backwards around the block.
He wanted to see what he missed the first time.

56. My neighbour lifts weights only on the left side.
Says he wants to feel unbalanced.

57. Why did my neighbour bring his computer to breakfast?
He wanted to have a byte.

58. My neighbour keeps his smartphone in the freezer.
Claims it helps him make cool calls.

59. Every winter, my neighbour builds an igloo.
He calls it “chill-living”.

60. I saw my neighbour fishing in a bucket.
He said it’s his new compact fishing zone.

61. My neighbour had a party for his broken appliances.
It was a turn-off.

62. Why did my neighbour throw bread at his party?
He wanted a toast!

63. My neighbour wore his shoes on his hands.
He wanted to be a trend-setter, not a follower.

64. Why did my neighbour wear a belt around his head?
He heard fashion is mind-blowing!

65. My neighbour tried to feed the squirrels WiFi signals.
He wanted internet nuts.

Neighbour Joke

66. Why did my neighbour bring a ladder to the bird park?
He wanted a tweet from the top!

67. My neighbour paints fruit for fun.
He’s a real banana Picasso.

68. Every night, my neighbour counts his furniture.
It’s his way of winding down.

69. My neighbour always shouts, “Marco!” when I’m in my yard.
I still haven’t replied, “Polo!”

70. My neighbour keeps knocking on my door asking for his lost socks.
Maybe he’s trying to pull my leg!

71. My neighbour asked if he could plant flowers on our shared fence.
Now we literally have border issues.

72. Why did my neighbour bring his plants indoors?
He wanted an inside herb on household gossip!

73. My neighbour’s cat is on a seafood diet.
Whenever she sees my fish, she wants to diet.

74. I told my neighbour his dog fetches very well.
He replied, “What can I say? He’s pawsome!”

75. Why did my neighbour give me an onion?
He said it’s a peel of friendship.

76. My neighbour’s kitchen is always smoky.
I guess he’s going for that “mist-ical” cooking vibe.

77. Every evening, my neighbour tells me dad jokes.
He’s the father of all puns in our block.

78. My neighbour claims he met Bigfoot and invited him for coffee.
Now that’s a tall tale!

79. Saw my neighbour dancing in his yard.
He said it’s his grass-tap routine.

80. My neighbour is always moonwalking when he takes out the trash.
He says it’s his way of backing out of chores.


As our neighbourly jests conclude, remember: fences divide, but laughter unites. Here’s to shared smiles across hedges. Until the next chuckle, stay connected!


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