85 One Piece Jokes to Make you Laugh

Dive into the whimsical world of “One Piece” with these light-hearted jokes. From Luffy’s stretchy adventures to Zoro’s notorious sense of direction, get ready for a hearty laugh. Set sail into humor and embrace the spirit of the Straw Hat crew!

One Piece One-Liner Jokes

1. Why did Luffy get thrown out of the bakery? He wanted a real Devil’s Fruitcake!

2. Zoro’s favorite direction? The wrong one.

3. Sanji tried cooking in the Sahara, but it was just a desert dessert disaster.

4. Nami once borrowed 1 berry. Now I owe her a treasure chest.

5. Brook says he’s got a funny bone, but I’ve never seen it.

6. I asked Chopper for medical advice, he said, “Just fur the record, I’m a reindeer.”

7. Franky’s fashion advice? Always wear something SUPERRR!

8. Usopp’s nose isn’t long because he lies; it’s just full of tall tales.

9. Robin’s favorite game? Hands down, it’s poker.

10. Jinbei’s idea of fast food? A shark on the go!

11. Hancock thinks mirrors are so beautiful they turn to stone.

12. Buggy’s favorite type of music? Pop, because he can split to the beat!

13. Ace went to a BBQ. Not to eat, just to light the grill.

14. Kizaru’s life motto? Always lighten up!

15. Law tried to play a board game but kept shouting “Room” every turn.

One Piece Joke

16. If Crocodile made a movie, it would be a sand-buster.

17. Luffy’s idea of a balanced diet? A meat in each hand!

18. Enel’s favorite chocolate? Shock-o-late.

19. If Sabo wrote a book, it’d be a blazing bestseller.

20. Doflamingo’s motto at the gym? “Pulling my own strings!”

21. Why did Luffy fail at boxing? His punches were too stretchy for a knockout!

22. When Zoro tried GPS, it got lost.

23. Sanji made a salad, but it was too hot to lettuce handle.

24. Nami’s weather report? 100% chance of raining money.

25. Brook applied for a music gig. They told him he had no body of work.

26. If Franky made a drink, it would be a cola-coaster of flavors.

27. Chopper tried counseling. His advice? “Herd” it through the reindeer vine!

28. Usopp started a blog; it’s 90% fiction, 10% nose.

29. Robin tried hand modeling, but they couldn’t fit all her hands in one frame.

30. Jinbei went swimming, only to get caught in a fishy situation.

Best One Piece Puns

31. Why did Luffy get kicked out of the fruit market?
Every time he saw a Devil Fruit, he wanted to taste a new power!

32. Why did Zoro get lost at the library?
Because there were too many books, and not a single one was a sword manual!

33. Why did Sanji refuse to cook fish at the party?
Because he’s still trying to be friends with every mermaid in the sea!

34. Nami’s favorite math subject?
Trigonometry – she loves those navigation triangles.

35. How do you tickle a One Piece fan?
You “nakama” them laugh!

36. Why was Luffy always bad at hide and seek?
Rubber always sticks out!

37. Brook went to a karaoke bar, but he couldn’t sing.
Well, he was a little bone-tired!

38. How does Franky style his hair every morning?
With cola and a whole lot of SUPERRRR enthusiasm!

39. Why was Chopper at the dollar store?
He was looking for a cheaper way to transform!

40. Why did Robin stop reading her book about flowers?
Because she already had too many hands full!

41. What do you call Usopp’s tales before joining Luffy’s crew?
Snippets of fiction!

42. When Luffy found out there was no meat left on the ship,
he exclaimed, “This is the true One Piece tragedy!”

43. Why did Jinbe decline the invite to the desert party?
He felt like a fish out of water!

44. What’s Ace’s favorite card game?
Hot poker, of course!

45. How does Luffy introduce himself at a rubber convention?
“I’m the stretchiest one out there!”

One Piece Joke

46. Why can’t Buggy become a magician?
Because every time he tries a trick, he falls apart!

47. Sanji started a dating website, but it only accepts cooks and pirates.
It’s called “Love at First Bite & Fight!”

48. How do you organize a One Piece party?
With a lot of “pieces” falling into place!

49. Nami tried to start a bank, but it only accepted Berries.
Talk about a niche market!

50. Why did Brook decline the offer to join the band?
Because he wanted to start his own “bone ensemble” instead!

51. Why did Luffy go to art school?
He heard he could draw out his potential.

52. Gear 5 came out,
and not a single pixel was harmed.

53. The only thing Gear 5 broke was my anticipation,
not the internet.

54. “Gear 5 will be the talk of the internet!”
The internet: “Talk to the hand.”

55. Luffy said Gear 5 would be legendary.
My internet begs to differ.

56. What’s Luffy’s favorite type of movie?
Anything but a stretchy plot!

57. Zoro tried to start a navigation school.
Unsurprisingly, no one could find it.

58. Why did Sanji attend culinary school?
He wanted to spice up his kicks!

59. When Nami draws a map,
even the X marks a treasure fee.

60. Brook joined a band;
they said he had a skeletal talent for music.

Funniest One Piece Jokes

61. What do you call Luffy when he’s feeling down?
A rubber band that’s lost its stretch!

62. Why was Law always calm during surgeries?
Because he could always “Room” for error!

63. When does Hancock feel most powerful?
When she stands in front of a mirror and turns herself to stone from her own beauty!

64. How does Crocodile like his weather?
A little sandy with a chance of Desert Spada!

65. Why did Sabo get along with camping?
Because he’s used to stirring up a revolutionary campfire!

66. They warned Gear 5 would be too hot to handle.
My router didn’t even need a fan

67. When Kizaru takes a selfie, what’s it called?
A light shot!

68. Why did Enel go to space?
He heard there’s a high voltage party on the moon!

69. What did Doflamingo say when he tried being a puppeteer?
“Looks like I’ve always had the strings for it!”

70. Why did Shanks attend the wine tasting event?
To see if they had any that could rival his Grog!

71. What does Kidd do with broken electronics?
Turns them into the ultimate magnetic masterpiece!

72. Trafalgar Law opened a clinic. The slogan?
“Operating within the bounds of the Law!”

73. Remember when Gear 5 was supposed to be the next big thing?
My Wi-Fi doesn’t.

One Piece Joke

74. I got a faster connection just for Gear 5’s release.
Now it feels overqualified.

75. Why doesn’t Brook drink milk?
Because it goes right through him!

76. When Smoker and Tashigi go on vacation, where do they go?
The Misty Mountains!

77. Why did Kaido jump off the sky island?
He thought it was a leap towards a stronger opponent!

78. If Garp is always throwing cannonballs, why doesn’t he join baseball?
Because they told him his throws are over the top!

79. Why doesn’t Borsalino (Kizaru) need a flashlight?
Because he is the light!

80. Carrot tried a stand-up night,
but all her jokes were hare-larious!

80. Why did Rayleigh stop teaching?
He got tired of shining a light on everything!

81. Gear 5 might not break the internet,
but it sure broke my high expectations.

82. Why doesn’t Big Mom need an alarm clock?
Because she wakes up to the sweet call of cake!

83. I thought I’d need a supercomputer to witness Gear 5.
Turns out, a potato would’ve sufficed.

84. Gear 5 was supposed to be groundbreaking.
My internet’s only response: “Seen it, next!”

85. What’s Boa Hancock’s favorite game?
Stone, paper, and no scissors!


As we dock back into reality, remember the laughter and camaraderie the “One Piece” world brought us. Whether you’re navigating life’s seas or simply choosing the next manga chapter, always carry a bit of Straw Hat humor. Until next time, keep the adventure alive and smiling!


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