56 Most Funny Pig Jokes

You’re about to dive into a hilarious collection of piggy puns. These jokes are designed to tickle your funny bone and prove that humor really is a “pig” part of life.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to “squeal” with laughter!

Pig One-Liner Jokes

1. What do you call a pig who wins the lottery? Filthy rich!

2. What do you call a pig who is good at science? Albert Einswine

3. Why did the pig start a cleaning business? He loved hogging all the dirt.

4. How does a pig write a secret message? With invisible oink!

5. Why was the pig a terrible soccer player? He hogged the ball.

6. What do you call a pig that’s good at karate? Pork Chop!

7. Why do pigs always lose at video games? Because they always play dirty.

8. What do you get when you cross a pig and a cactus? A porky-pine.

9. Why did the pig get promoted? Because he was outstanding in his field!

10. How do pigs tell time? With a hogwatch!

11. Why did the pig become an actor? Because he loved hamming it up.

12. What do you call a pig that drives recklessly? A road hog.

13. What’s a pig’s favorite ballet? Swine Lake.

14. Why did the pig never feel guilty? Because he never squealed.

15. Why are pigs bad storytellers? Because their tales are always a bore.

16. Why did the pig get a timeout? He wouldn’t stop pigging out.

Pig Joke

17. How do pigs stay in touch? They use Ham radio.

18. What do you call a pig with three eyes? A piiig.

19. What did the pig say after a long day at work? “I’m bacon tired!”

20. Why don’t pigs make good secret agents? Because they squeal everything they know!

21. Why did the pig cross the road? To get to the mud puddle on the other side.

22. What do you call a pig with laryngitis? Disgruntled.

23. Why do pigs make great friends? Because they’re not afraid to go whole hog!

24. Why did the pig go to the kitchen? He felt like bacon something!

25. What’s a pig’s favorite exercise? Hog-lifting.

26. Why don’t pigs use maps? They always follow their snout.

27. What do you call a pig who refuses to work out? A porky-potato.

28. Why are pigs terrible at tennis? They grunt too much.

29. Why don’t pigs sunbathe? They’re afraid of getting a porker burn.

30. Why did the pig sit in the shade? Because he didn’t want to be a hot dog.

Best Pig Puns

31. Why did the pig take up acting?
Because he had a real talent for hamming it up.But he always hogged the spotlight!

32. Why did the pig start a bakery?
Because he loved making dough.But all his pastries tasted like bacon!

33. Why don’t pigs make good comedians?
They always hog the mic.And their jokes are simply boar-ing!

34. What’s a pig’s favorite type of car?
A Mustang, because it has a lot of horse power.But they always hog the fast lane!

35. Why do pigs make bad secret agents?
They can’t help but squeal.And they always crack under ‘hog’ pressure!

36. Why did the pig become a musician?
Because he had the chops for it.But he always played by ear!

37. What do you call a pig that knows how to paint?
A pic-ass-o. But his favorite color is always pig-ment pink!

38. Why did the pig go to a cooking class?
Because he wanted to learn how to make bacon. But he ended up being the main course!

39. Why do pigs never start a band?
They only know how to play the ‘ham’-onica.And they always hog the stage!

40. Why was the pig studying at Harvard?
Because he wanted to bring home the ‘bacon’. But he became the ‘big pig on campus’ instead!

Pig Joke

41. Why don’t pigs make good drivers?
They hog the road.And they can’t steer without going ham!

42. Why did the pig start doing yoga?
He wanted to be more sow-namic.But he could only do the downward hog!

43. What do you call a pig who can play chess?
A porker prodigy.But he always squeals in delight when he wins!

44. What do you call a pig that’s into fashion?
A glamour hog.But he always ends up in a sty-lish mess!

45. Why did the pig become a gardener?
He loved digging the dirt.But he would always root up the flowers instead of the weeds!

43. Why did the pig become a chef?
He wanted to “ham” it up in the kitchen.But all his dishes tasted like mud!

44. What do you call a pig that can fix anything?
A handy-hog.But he always hogs the tools!

Funniest Pig Jokes

45. Why did the pig take a summer course? Because he wanted to be a “smarty-pig”, but ended up in summer school because he was a slow “porker!

46. Why did the pig get an award? He was outstanding in his “field”, but he always claimed the award was for being the most “boaring”!

47. What do you call a pig who knows how to rap? A “Notorious P.I.G.”, but he’s really just a “ham” artist!

48. Why was the pig at the gym? He wanted to “sweat like a pig”, but he always hogged the treadmill!

49. Why did the pig become an artist? He loved to “pigment” his canvas, but all his paintings were just abstract “slop”!

Pig Joke

50. Why was the pig bad at playing hide and seek? He’d always squeal when he found someone, then blame it on his “porky” manners!

51. Why do pigs never feel guilty?
They never “squeal”, but they always get caught “pig-handed”!

52. Why did the pig go to the movie theater? He wanted to see “Hog-busters”, but he always squealed during the scary parts!

53. What do you call a pig that’s good at playing video games? A “game-boar”, but he’s really just a “button hog”!

54. Why don’t pigs play basketball? They always hog the ball, but really, it’s because they can’t reach the hoop!

55. Why did the pig join the orchestra? He had the “chops” for it, but he kept playing music in “pork-certo”!

56. Why don’t pigs use cell phones? They’re afraid of butt-dialing, but they really just don’t want to crack their “oink-screen”!


And that’s a wrap! You’ve made it through a delightful whirlwind of hog-larious, two-line pig jokes. These puns have shown that with a playful twist, our daily lives can become a comedy barnyard. So whenever you need a quick chuckle, remember these jokes and keep the laughter ‘squealing’!


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