86 Most Funny Pokemon Jokes

Dive into a world where Pokémon battles and humor intersect! From Ash’s quirky tournament adventures to Pikachu’s electrifying antics, these jokes guarantee a “Poke-laugh” for fans of all ages. Ready to get your giggle on? Let’s embark on this humorous journey!

Pokemon One-Liner Jokes

1. What do you call a scared Pokémon trainer? – Ash!

2. Did you hear about the musical Pokémon? It had the Cleffa notes.

3. Why don’t you see Pokémon at the beach? Sandshrew everywhere!

4. My Snorlax isn’t lazy; he’s just on energy-saving mode.

5. Trying to train a Ditto is confusing; it’s always a copycat.

6. Magmar no longer gets invited to BBQs; he always overcooks everything.

7. I told Geodude to lighten up, but he just took it for granite.

8. Whenever I play hide and seek with my Pokémon, Kecleon always wins.

9. I tried to brush my Tangela’s hair, but it was a knotty problem.

10. Never play cards with a Psychic Pokémon; they always Psy-deal.

11. My Golduck said he had a headache, I think it’s just a Psy-duck.

12. Ever heard about the Pokémon that can design websites? It’s a Webble!

13. Why don’t Eevee’s jokes get old? They keep evolving!

14. My friend’s Growlithe always brings the newspaper. What a hot-dog!

15. Stay away from the Scyther at the salad bar, it keeps cutting in line.

16. I asked my Gloom why it was sad, but it’s just a phase.

17. Mew must be good at gymnastics; it always flips out.

18. My Jolteon tried stand-up comedy, it was an electrifying performance.

19. If a Pokémon opens a store, does it become a Shop-it?

20. Always trust a Dragon-type Pokémon, they’ve got the scale of approval.

21. I asked my Pikachu to help with the chores, but he was shocked by the idea.

22. I tried to catch some foggy Pokémon, but I just Misty.

23. Why did the Pokémon go to school? To improve their trainer grades.

24. I’d tell you a ghost Pokémon joke, but it might not have enough spirit.

25. My Bulbasaur doesn’t like gardening; he’s a bud wiser.

26. Wobbuffet? No, Wobbu-best!

27. Jigglypuff really knows how to drop the beat… and everyone else.

28. I once battled a spoon-themed Pokémon, but it was too Alakazam!

29. Did you hear about the Pokémon who does magic? It’s a Psy-trick!

30. My Ekans just can’t, it’s more like a “can’t-coil.”

Best Pokemon Puns

31. Why did Charizard go to school?
– To improve his Flamethrower accuracy.

32. My Pikachu refuses to charge my phone;
it’s a real shocker.

33. Why did Psyduck have a headache?
– Too many thought bubbles.

34. What do you call a Pokémon who works in a bakery?
– Butterfree.

35. What’s Mr. Mime’s favorite part of a joke?
– The “mime” line.

36. Why was it dangerous to play cards with a Gyarados?
– Because it might Dragon Rage!

37. Why don’t you ever shower with a Pokémon?
– Because they might Pikachu!

38. Why did the Pokémon trainer get a boat?
– To sail the high seas!

39. How do you organize a Pokémon party?
– You Planet!

40. Why was Seaking always in trouble?
– Because it couldn’t keep its mouth shut.

41. What did one Geodude say to the other?
– Let’s rock!

42. Why did Wigglytuff sing all the time?
– Because it wanted to hit the high notes!

43. What do you call Bulbasaur’s singing skills?
– Plant-tastic!

44. Why did the Magnemite go to school?
– To improve its magnetic personality.

45. What’s a Pokémon trainer’s favorite place to go in winter?
– Icicle Plateau.

46. What did the judge say when a Skunktank walked into the court?
– Odor in the court!

47. How does an Electric-type Pokémon say hello?
– Watt’s up!

48. Why was Meowth unable to read?
– Because he only knew Pay Day!

49. What do you get when you cross a Pikachu with Charizard?
– An electrifying dragon!

50. Why do Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan get along so well?
– They’re both a hit at parties!

54. What do you call a Pokémon who can’t move very fast?
– A Slowpoke.

55. What type of songs do Clefairy’s sing?
– Rock ballads, because they evolve into Clefable using a Moon Stone!

56. Why was Hypno so good at school?
– Because whenever he had a test, he always said, “I think I can, I think I can…”

57. Why did the Sandshrew go on vacation?
– To sandy beaches!

58. What do you call a plant Pokémon that’s all lit up?
– Enlightened Bulbasaur.

59. How does Pikachu feel when he has a lot of energy?
– Shockingly good.

60. Why did Machoke become a chef?
– Because he’s the best at beating eggs!

Funniest Pokemon Jokes

61. Why did Pikachu eat ketchup before the tournament?
For the extra “zap” of energy!

62. Why was Snorlax always calm during tests?
– Because he couldn’t be bothered to stress!

63. Why did the trainer bring string to the Pokémon battle?
– To tie one on!

64. Why did Growlithe get promoted?
– Because he was a hot dog!

65. How does a Pokémon trainer keep their pants up?
– With a Poké-belt!

66. Why did the Pokémon go to the bank?
– To save their Poké-dollars!

67. Why was Arbok so good at math?
– Because it was an adder!

68. What do you call a Pokémon who can play instruments?
– A Pokémaestro!

69. Why did Dugtrio annoy its friends?
– Because it was always one-upping them!

70. Why did the Scyther get kicked out of the restaurant?
– Because it kept cutting in line.

71. Why couldn’t Dratini read its book?
– It was dragon on!

72. What’s Jigglypuff’s favorite type of jacket?
– A puffy one!

73. How do you get Pikachu onto a boat?
– Pokémon-board!

74. Why did Pikachu take a nap before the tournament?
It wanted to be fully “charged”!

75. What do you call a Pokémon that’s a part-time lifeguard?
– Bayleef.

76. How does Meowth fix a lightbulb?
– With a quick “Meow-thod”!

77. What did the trainer say when their Pokémon ran in circles?
– “You’re just going around in Eevee-lutions!”

78. What kind of car does Pikachu drive?
– A Volt-swagon!

79. Why did Ash keep his sneakers clean for the tournament?
He wanted a “sneak-peak” of the trophy!

80. At the Grass-type tournament, Ash’s strategy?
Leaf no stone unturned!

81. Why was Empoleon always so formal?
– It liked to dress penguin!

82. What’s a Pokémon trainer’s favorite type of music?
– Anything that’s on the Top Char-t!

83. Why did the Pokémon trainer get a ladder?
– To reach the Elite Four!

84. What did the Farfetch’d bring to the picnic?
– A leek sandwich!

85. Why was the Weezing feeling sad?
– Because it couldn’t clear the air with its friend!

86. What do you call a low-fat Pokémon?
– Butter-free!


As we wrap up our comedic Poké-journey, remember that every chuckle is a badge of joy in the vast Pokémon universe. May these jokes inspire lighthearted battles and memorable moments with friends. Till the next laugh, keep catching those smiles!


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