82 Funniest Poop Jokes to Make you Laugh

Embrace the lighter side of life’s messy moments with these delightful doo-doo ditties. Perfect for those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the realm of humor. Read on, and prepare to be flush with laughter!

Poop One-Line Jokes

1. I told a poop joke once; it was a real “crapper”!

2. Being a poop is tough; you always get dumped.

3. Why did the poop go to the party? To have a blast!

4. Constipation is just a crappy situation.

5. I’ve got a joke about diarrhea, but it’s running long.

6. When the poop clocked into work, it said, “Time for number two!

7. Poop jokes aren’t my favorite, but they’re a solid number two.

8. The poop said to the toilet, “I believe we’ve met before!”

9. I was reading a book on constipation, but it’s hard to get through.

10. “Do you like poop jokes?” “Dung right I do!”

11. The pen and the poop were chatting; one was write, the other was just waste.

12. The poop’s life motto? “Stay stinkin’ positive!”

13. Poops make terrible liars; you can always see through their crap.

14. “Have you heard the latest poop joke?” “Yes, and it stinks!”

15. The poop joined the army because it wanted to see “doodie”!

poop joke

16. Constipated people don’t give a crap.

17. The secret society of poops? The Illumi-doo-ti!

18. I bought a poop calendar; it’s really number two focused.

19. Poops are always up to something; you can sense the “bowel play”.

20. I started a poop podcast; it’s trending in the “dumps”.

21. “Got a secret poop joke for you, but it’s on a ‘need to doo’ basis!”

22. “Whenever I tell a poop joke, I always get flushed with excitement.”

23. “Toilets and poop are best friends; one always takes the crap from the other.”

24. “I’ve got a poop joke, but it’s a bit corny.”

25. “The poop said to the flush, ‘See you in the swirl!'”

26. “The nervous poop said, ‘I’m in deep doo-doo!'”

27. “A poop’s dream job? Rolling in the dough at a bakery!”

28. “Ever tried writing with poop? It’s a pretty crappy pen.”

29. “You think poop jokes are low? Wait till you hear one about a septic tank!”

30. What’s a poop’s favorite drama? ‘Gone with the Wind’!”

Best Poop Puns

31. Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?
To get to the bottom!

32. What did one piece of poop say to the other?
“You crack me up!”

33. What’s a poop’s favorite romance movie?
“The Notebook”, because every dump has a story!

34. How do you organize a poop party?
You start with a “plop”!

35. Why did the poop go to school?
To improve its stool skills!

36. What did the poop say to the fart?
“You blow me away!”

37. Why did the poop blush?
Because it saw the toilet paper!

38. What’s a poop’s favorite game?

39. How do you make poop laugh?
Tickle its “butt!

40. Why don’t toilets ever gossip?
They don’t want to talk crap!

41. Why did the poop get a promotion?
It was outstanding in its “field”!

42. What’s a poop’s favorite TV show?
“Game of Thrones”!

43. What did the constipated mathematician do?
Worked it out with a pencil!

44. Why was the poop feeling cold?
It had the “poo-dles”!

45. How did the poop describe its vacation?

poop joke

46. Why did the poop go to therapy?
It had too many flushed feelings!

47. What did the poop say after a breakup?
“I’m feeling dumped!”

48. Why was the poop always calm?
Because it never let things get too “tense”!

49. How do you cheer up poop?
Give it a “poo-t” on the back!

50. Why did the poop never lie?
Because it can’t stand being called “bullcrap”!

51. Why did the poop start a band?
Because it had the “plops”!

52. What’s a poop’s favorite type of story?
A “tall tail”!

53. Why was the poop feeling musical?
It was in a “doo-wop” mood!

54. How does a poop greet in the morning?
Doo-d morning!

55. What’s a poop’s favorite game at the carnival?

56. Why did the poop get an award?
It was “number two” in its class!

57. What’s a poop’s favorite type of math?

58. Why was the poop so good at chess?
Because it always had the next “move” planned!

59. What did the environmentally friendly poop say?
“I’m biode-grate-able!”

60. Why did the poop want a bank account?
To save its “cents”!

Most Funny Poop Jokes

61. What did the poop say to the wind?
You’re quite the fan!

62. Why did the poop avoid the sun?
It didn’t want to be a “hot mess”!

63. How do you greet a poop?

64. Why was the poop so calm during the storm?
It knew how to keep its “crap” together!

65. What’s a poop’s favorite song?
“Drop It Like It’s Hot!”

66. Why was the poop so proud?
Because every dump has its day!

67. What did the poop wear to the party?
A “bowel” tie!

68. Why did the poop refuse to fight?
It didn’t want any crappy confrontations!

69. What’s a poop’s favorite instrument?
The “poo-t” horn!

70. Why was the poop such a good detective?
It always got to the “bottom” of things!

71. What’s a poop’s favorite play?
“Romeo and Doo-liet!”

72. How do you apologize to poop?
Say, “Excuse the stink!”

poop joke

73. Why did the poop go to the art gallery?
To see the “dump-tions”!

74. What did the constipated detective say?
“I’m on the case, but the evidence won’t come out!”

75. Why did the poop go to the library?
To check out the “logs”!

76. How does a poop win an argument?
With solid reasoning!

77. What’s a poop’s favorite candy?
Chocolate “dump-lings”!

78. Why did the poop sit on a watch?
It wanted to be on “toilet” time!

79. How does poop stay in shape?
“Bowel” aerobics!

80. What do you call a well-organized poop?

81. How does poop celebrate Halloween?
With a “ghoul-ish” grin!

82. What did the coffee say to the poop?
“I move people like you!”


In the realm of humor, poop jokes stand as timeless classics, merging life’s everyday realities with a dose of cheeky playfulness. They remind us not to take things too seriously and that sometimes, laughter can be found in the most unexpected places.


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