80 Most Funny Rain Jokes

When clouds gather and raindrops fall, let’s lighten the mood! Dive into these rain-themed one-liners for a splash of humor.Get ready to be showered with laughter!

Rain One-Liner Jokes

1. I once tried to catch fog, but I mist.

2. Clouds make rain look like it’s downloading.

3. I started a band called “Rain.” We’re mostly underground, but we have showers of fans.

4. Wet weather always reigns on my parade.

5. I have a joke about drizzles, but it’s a bit light.

6. A rainy day at camp: when tents turn into waterbeds.

7. Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet puns.

8. A cloud never lost its job over some light rain.

9. I told a rainbow joke; it got colorful laughs.

10. I told my clouds to go on a diet, now they’re light and fluffy.

11. I knew a raindrop who had a drippy personality.

12. Rain’s favorite accessory? Thunderbelts.

13. Rains are nature’s surprise showers.

14. Rain is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party indoors!”

15. Rain on the weekend is nature’s way of saying, “Stay in and binge-watch.

Rain Joke

16. I once dated a raindrop. It was a wet and wild relationship.

17. Thunderstorms are just nature’s rock concerts.

18. I told a thunder joke, but it got stormy reactions.

19. Why’d the cloud stay calm? It didn’t want to storm out.

20. Rainy days: When the world decides to take a shower.

21. When it rains, it pours… unsolicited weather advice.

22. Ever heard of the cloud rapper? His mixtape was fire, but his lyrics were drizzling.

23. Raindrop auditions: It’s all about the plop factor.

24. Wet weather? Rain-check please!

25. Rain gave me mood swings, now I’m storming off.

26. Rain came down in sheets, and I didn’t even get a pillow.

27. No rain, no flowers; no umbrella, I’m drenched.

28. When the sky cries, umbrellas become therapists.

29. Every raindrop’s dream? To become a snowflake.

30. The cloud’s favorite dance? The rain dance, of course!

Best Rain Puns

31. Why did the rain go to school?
To become a little drizzle!

32. What do you call it when it rains chickens and ducks?
Fowl weather.

33. How can you wrap a cloud?
With a rainbow!

34. What do you call a rainy day for a cat?
A purr-fect storm.

35. Why did the rain never get invited to parties?
It always poured!

36. What’s a king’s favorite type of precipitation?

37. Why was the thunder so good at basketball?
Because of its slam dunking with lightning speed!

38. Why did the rain give the cloud a medal?
For outstanding precipitation.

39. Why was the rain always getting into trouble?
It just wouldn’t stop dropping!

40. How does a raindrop say hello?

Rain Joke

41. Why did the sun go to school?
To brighten up its day after the rain.

42. What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?
Hailing taxis!

43. Why are rain clouds so good at volleyball?
They have the best spikes!

44. What’s a rain cloud’s favorite game?
Thunder and lightning tag.

45. Why did the cloud apply for a job?
It wanted to be a rainmaker.

46. How do you know if it’s raining cats and dogs?
You step in a poodle!

47. Why do raindrops like to listen to music?
So they can drop the beat!

48. What do you call two rainy days playing chess?
Check-mate weather.

49. How do thunderstorms invest their money?
In a rainy-day fund!

50. What do you call a month’s worth of rain?
April showers!

Funniest Rain Jokes

51. What’s a cloud’s favorite soda?
Drizzle Pepper.

52. What did one raindrop say to the other?
“Two’s company, three’s a cloud.”

53. Why did the weather report go to school?
To improve its forecast.

54. What did the cloud wear under his raincoat?

55. Why was the rain blushing?
Because it saw the sun’s rays!

56. What does a cloud with an itchy rash do?
Find a sky-dermatologist.

57. What did the rain say to the wind?
“You push, I’ll pour.”

58. Why do clouds look so stylish?
They always accessorize with lightning!

59. Why don’t raindrops tell secrets?
Because they leak.

60. What game do rain clouds play?
Drip, Drip, Drop.

61. How does a cloud propose?
“Will you be my thunder half?”

62. Why did the raindrop give the snowflake a hug?
Because every droplet counts!

63. What do rainclouds and comedians have in common?
Perfect timing.

64. How can you become a rain detective?
Look for the drips!

65. Why was the cloud so angry?
It had a tempest!

Rain Joke

66. Why did the cloud get a promotion?
It was outstanding in its field.

67. What did the cloud say to the lightning bolt?
“You electrify me!”

68. Why did the cloud stay home from work?
It felt under the weather.

69. What do you call dangerous precipitation?
A rain of terror!

70. Why did the rainbow apologize?
It had thrown too much shade!

71. Why did the rain take up gardening?
Because it wanted to see the flowers bloom!

72. Did you hear about the detective who only investigated rain?
He was all about the wet-ness.

73. Why did the cloud break up with the rain?
It felt taken for mist.

74. Why was the puddle so wise?
It had deep thoughts.

75. Did you hear about the raindrop who became a star?
He joined the precipi-tations.

76. What do you call an elegant raincoat?
Dapper-dew attire.

77. Why don’t raindrops tell secrets in school?
There’s always a leak.

78. Why did the umbrella get an award?
It was outstanding in the field, come rain or shine.

79. How did the thunder flirt with the rain?
It gave a wink and a lightning smile.

80. What did the rain say to the drought?
“Feeling dry? Let’s have a drink.”


As the rain patters outside, remember that every cloud has a silver lining—or in this case, a punchline. With humor as our umbrella, even the wettest days can be met with a smile. Thanks for letting these jokes shower you with laughter!


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