80 Funniest Ramen Jokes

Prepare yourself to laugh with a bowl of humor that’s as warm and tangled as your favorite ramen! From broth puns to noodle quips, these jokes are perfect for foodies and fun-lovers alike. So grab your chopsticks, and let’s dive into a flavorful mix of ramen-themed one-liners that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Ramen One-Liner Jokes

1. “Ramen is like life: sometimes salty, sometimes spicy, always satisfying.”

2. “Why don’t some people like ramen? They just can’t handle the heat!”

3. “I told a ramen joke, but it was just too corny.”

4. “Ramen: The original ‘fast food.'”

5. Every time I eat ramen, I’m broth to my knees.

6. “What’s a ramen chef’s favorite movie? Broth Wars.”

7. “I’m in a serious relation-soup with my ramen.”

8. “Why was the ramen so nosy? It kept slipping into everyone’s bowls.”

9. “I tried to write a ramen poem, but it ended up being a haikoodle.”

10. “Ramen is the answer, who cares what the question is!”

11. Why did the ramen go to school? To improve its noo-dle.”

12. “I don’t tell ramen jokes anymore – too many people get steamed.”

13. “What’s a ghost’s favorite food? Spookgetti and meatballs, but ramen is a close second.”

14. “Why did the ramen break up with the spaghetti? It needed more space.”

15. “What’s a ramen’s favorite game? Broth-el.”

Ramen Joke

16. “Why are ramen jokes so funny? Because they’re broth-ally hilarious.”

17. “Ramen: The only thing I need a ‘soupport’ group for.”

18. Why was the ramen so good at basketball? It always hit the noodle shot.”

19. “Eating ramen is like a journey – a few twists and turns and you’re slurped in.”

20. “Why don’t ramen noodles play poker? Too many chances of a tie.”

21. I’m a Ramen-tic at heart.

22. “I told a ramen joke, but it was too soupy for the audience.”

23. “I’ve got a ‘broth’er who’s a noodle chef.”

24. “Ramen: The only soup that counts as a full meal and a tangled mess.”

25. “Why did the ramen stop? It reached its noodle capacity.”

26. I’m on a seafood diet; I see food, like ramen, and I eat it.

27. “Ramen chefs are great; they never pasta judgment.”

28. I’m reading a book on ramen, it’s about time soup got a storyline.

29. “My ramen has a split personality – it’s a bisque-izophrenic.”

30. “I never finish my ramen. I always noodle a little behind.”

Best Ramen Puns

31. “Why did the tonkotsu ramen get promoted?
Because it was ‘souper’ior.”

32. Why did the kimchi ramen win the dance competition?
For its ‘spicy’ moves.”

33. “Why was the cheese ramen so sad?
Because it felt ‘grate’ but nobody understood.”

34. “Why did the duck ramen get applause?
For its ‘quack’ling good taste.”

35. “Why did the mushroom ramen go to the party?
Because it’s a ‘fun-guy.'”

36. “What did the egg say in the ramen bowl?
‘I’m feeling a little over easy.'”

37. “Why was the chili ramen so good at racing?
It always spiced things up!”

38. “Why did the garlic ramen refuse to go outside?
It didn’t want to cause a ‘stink.'”

39. Why was the lamb ramen so good at telling stories?
It always had a ‘twist’ in the ‘tail.'”

40. “Why did the tomato ramen blush?
Because it saw the salad dressing!”

41. Why did the ramen fail the exam?
It kept ramen-iscing about the past.

42. What’s a ramen’s favorite song?
“Broth Me Baby One More Time.”

43. Why do ramen chefs make great friends?
They always have thyme for you.

44. What did the ramen say to the vegetable?
“Lettuce be friends!”

45. How do you know when a bowl of ramen is fully charged?
It reaches its peak noodle capacity.

Ramen Joke

46. Why did the ramen go to the doctor?
It had a severe case of the noodle flu.

47. What do you call a ramen that’s a hit at parties?
A soup-er star!

48. Why was the ramen a bad employee?
It always took too many slurp breaks.

49. How do you describe a fashionable ramen?
It’s always in souperb style.

50. Why was the ramen soup blurry?
It was out of focus.

51. Why did Naruto refuse to eat his ramen?
He was waiting for Sasu-ke some more in it.

52. What do you call a Dragon Ball character eating ramen?

53. How does a Sailor Moon character eat her ramen?
With a Moon Stick.

54. What’s a Titan’s favorite ramen?
Attack on Tantanmen.

55. Why did Luffy from One Piece enter the ramen shop?
He heard there was a One Noodle treasure.

56. What do ramen chefs say in Dragon Ball?
“It’s over bro-thousand!”

57. How does Ash from Pokémon like his ramen?

58. Why did the anime hero go to the ramen shop?
To get some power-up noodles.

59. What’s a Fullmetal Alchemist’s favorite ramen ingredient?

60. How do you know a ramen bowl is an anime fan?
It’s always talking about Naruto.

Most Funny Ramen Jokes

61. Why was the beef ramen so confident?
It always thought it was broth-taking.”

62. Why did the chicken ramen cross the road?
To prove it wasn’t chicken-flavored for nothing.”

63. What do you call a pig who knows karate?
Pork Chop – the favorite of pork ramen chefs!”

64. “Why did the veggie ramen win an award?
For being out-standing in its field.”

65. “Why did the spicy ramen go to the doctor?
It had a burning sensation.”

66. Why did the shrimp ramen go to the gym?
To get a little more ‘shrimp’ in its soup.”

67. “Why was the miso ramen so popular?
Because it always ‘miso-nated’ with everyone.”

68. “Why was the seafood ramen so wise?
It had plenty of ‘sea-food for thought.'”

69. “Why did the tofu refuse to fight the ramen?
It didn’t want to ‘tofu’ with tradition.”

70. “What’s a curry ramen’s favorite sport?
Bowl-ling for spices.”

Ramen Joke

71. Why did the ramen stop arguing?
It didn’t want to stir the pot.

72. What’s a ramen’s favorite workout?
Noodle lifts.

73. Why was the ramen a bad actor?
It couldn’t stop noodling on stage.

74. What did one ramen say to the other in a race?
“I’m pasta than you!”

75. Why did the ramen go to the bank?
To save some dough.

76. Why was the ramen from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure so popular?
It had a stand-out flavor.

77. What do Tokyo Ghoul characters add to their ramen?
Kaneki-wheat noodles.

78. How does a Gundam pilot eat ramen?
In a mobile soup.

79. Why was the ramen in the anime world so strong?
It was full of power-ups and transformations.

80. What’s an anime detective’s favorite ramen topping?


Whether you’re a ramen aficionado or just in it for the laughs, we hope these jokes added a little extra flavor to your day. Remember, life is like a bowl of ramen – best enjoyed with a hearty dose of joy and a sprinkle of laughter!


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