88 Funniest Shrek Jokes

Join us on a quirky journey where classic fairy tales meet today’s humor. From Shrek’s take on modern life to Donkey’s catchy quips, get ready to see old favorites in a new light. Dive into these laughs straight from Far Far Away, and enjoy the fun fusion!

Shrek One-Liner Jokes

1. Tried WiFi in the swamp; now my signal has layers.

2. Shrek’s favorite playlist? Swamp & Bass.

3. Donkey’s diet tip: “Eat what you bray for!”

4. Puss in Boots on dating apps: “Swipe right for nine lives of fun!”

5. Why did Fiona love digital art? Pixels beat being locked in a tower.

6. Shrek’s take on streaming? “Netflix and swill.”

7. Donkey’s online dating profile: “Single and ready to bray-ngle!”

8. Dragon’s selfie tip: “For a hot pic, just breathe!”

9. Puss in Boots’ shoe review? “Four out of four paws!”

10. Shrek’s motto for virtual meetings? “Unmute your ogre voice!”

11. Fiona’s tech grievance: “Why no ‘ogre’ filter on these apps?”

12. Donkey at the club: “Turn down for bray!”

13. Dragon’s online shopping? “Looking for a ‘fiery’ sale.”

14. Shrek’s review of modern kitchens: “Needs more onion storage.”

15. Puss in Boots on social media trolls: “I’ve fought bigger hairballs!”

 Shrek Joke

16. Fiona’s tweet: “Went from tower isolation to online sensation!”

17. Donkey on GPS: “Lost? I just follow the loudest bray!”

18. Shrek’s green juice review: “Tastes like home!

19. Why did Dragon download Tinder? “For a sizzling match!”

20. Puss in Boots’ take on modern tech? “If it doesn’t purr, I defer!”

21. Shrek on skincare: “My secret? 100% organic swamp mud.”

22. Donkey’s take on modern music: “If it ain’t got that bray, I just walk away!

23. Puss in Boots’ opinion on cat videos: “Amateurs!”

24. Fiona on hair tutorials: “Been braiding since before YouTube was a thing.

25. Dragon on home security: “Why use cameras when you can breathe fire?

26. Shrek’s favorite smartphone feature? “Onion mode.”

27. Donkey on karaoke: “Braying out loud is my specialty!”

28. Puss in Boots on fashion: “Boots before suits.”

29. Why did Fiona love podcasts? “Beats being sung to by birds any day.”

30. Shrek’s view on viral trends: “If it doesn’t grow in the swamp, I’m not hopping on it.”

Best Shrek Puns

31. Why did Shrek recommend therapy for Donkey?
Because he wouldn’t stop talking about his “ass-ociation” problems.

32. Why did Shrek wink at Fiona at the onion stand?
He said, “We’re peeling off more layers tonight!”

33. Why did Puss in Boots avoid dating online?
Too many catfish in Far Far Away.

34. How does Shrek spice things up in the bedroom?
With layers of romance, of course!

35. Why did Fiona blush when she saw Shrek coming out of the shower?
She got a glimpse of his “ogrewhelming” physique.

36. Why was the Dragon always so moody around Donkey?
Donkey didn’t believe in “forehoof play”.

37. Why did Shrek avoid the tavern after hours?
Too many “ogre-zealous” fans wanting a piece of him.

38. How does Shrek describe a spicy date night with Fiona?
A real “swamp and swoon” evening.

39. Why did Puss in Boots always swipe left in Far Far Away’s dating app?
Too many “bootsy calls”.

40. Why did Donkey and Dragon need couples therapy?
Turns out, size does matter in Far Far Away.

41. Why did Fiona love Shrek’s kisses so much?
He had lips that were to “ogre-die-for”.

42. Why did Shrek make a private swamp area for him and Fiona?
To explore the “wild ogre-side” without prying eyes.

43. Why was Puss in Boots the ladies’ favorite?
Because he knew how to “purr-suade” them.

44. How does Shrek ask Fiona if she’s in the mood?
“Want to muck around in the swamp tonight?”

45. Why did Donkey join a dating site for horses?
He had a thing for “ass-cending” the social ladder.

 Shrek Joke

46. Why did Fiona blush when Shrek cooked dinner?
He served “seductive onions” in a sultry sauce.

47. Why did Shrek recommend an “ogre and chill” night?
Because he knows how to set the swampy mood right.

48. What did Puss in Boots say at the singles bar?
“Want to whisker me away?”

49. Why was Dragon so flirty with Donkey?
He had that irresistible “ass-titude”.

50. How does Shrek keep the romance alive with Fiona?
By occasionally being her “knight in slimy armor”.

51. Why did Puss in Boots get a reputation on Far Far Away Tinder?
For his sultry “cat-chy” profile picture.

52. When Fiona tried a modern spa day, what did she say?
“This mud mask has nothing on the swamp!”

53. What did Shrek tweet after a bad hair day?
“When your swamp style becomes a city scare.”

54. Why did Donkey and Dragon start couple’s vlogging?
“Inter-species romance: The highs and fire-breathing lows.”

55. How did Shrek feel about electric scooters in Far Far Away?
“Good, as long as they don’t clog my swamp.”

56. Why did Puss in Boots become a trending meme?
That one photo with the “boots and ‘tude.”

57. What did Fiona post on her fashion blog?
“Gown to Swamp Chic: A Transformation Story.”

58. Why did Shrek and Fiona refuse to get a smart fridge?
“We don’t need tech to tell us we’re out of onions.”

59. How did Donkey describe his energy drink?
“A kick in the ass-taste!”

60. When Shrek saw virtual reality for the first time, what did he say?
“Can it replicate the scent of a swamp at dawn?”

Most Funny Shrek Jokes

61. Why did Shrek take Fiona to a fancy restaurant?
He wanted to show her a “swanky swamp” experience.

62. How did Shrek compliment Fiona’s new dress?
“It brings out the ogre in you, and I’m loving it!”

63. Why did Puss in Boots never settle down?
Too many “tail tales” to tell.

64. Why did Dragon get jealous when Donkey talked to other creatures?
She wanted to be the only one to “fire” up his heart.

65. What did Shrek say when Fiona wore a bikini in the swamp?
“Now that’s a view worth getting mucky for!”

66. How did Donkey describe his wild nights with Dragon?
“Hot, fiery, and slightly scale-y.”

67. What did Shrek whisper to Fiona under the moonlight?
“Ever thought of making our own little ogres tonight?”

68. Why did the Fairy Godmother avoid Shrek at parties?
She heard he liked things “spelled” out in the bedroom.

69. How does Shrek seduce Fiona when they’re alone?
“Ready to peel off another layer, my dear?”

70. What did Shrek say after a romantic dinner?
“Dessert is on me… literally.”

71. Why did Puss in Boots get kicked out of the Far Far Away club?
Too much “cat-nip and slide.”

72. How did Donkey impress Dragon on their first date?
He said, “I might be small, but I’ve got a giant personality.”

73. Why did Shrek and Fiona have so many kids?
Swamp nights were never cold.

74. What did Fiona say about Shrek’s dance moves?
“You really know how to shake that green booty!”

75. Why did Donkey start writing poetry?
To serenade the “ass-tonishing” ladies of Far Far Away.

 Shrek Joke

76. What did Puss in Boots use as a pick-up line?
“Want to make this kitty purr?”

77. How did Shrek describe his relationship with Fiona?
“It’s like an onion – always something new to discover.”

78. Why did Lord Farquaad’s dating profile get no matches?
His height was listed as “fun-sized.”

79. How does Shrek maintain the spark with Fiona?
With “ogre-candles” and swamp serenades.

80. Why did Donkey take dancing lessons?
He wanted to “hoof” his way into Dragon’s heart.

81. What did Shrek say when he tried online dating?
“Must love swamps and not mind layers.”

82. How does Shrek feel about 21st-century technology?
“I prefer my swamps unplugged.”

83. Why did Shrek become an influencer?
Because he wanted to show off his “ogre-achievements.”

84. What did Donkey post on his social media after a fun night out?
“Living my best ass-life!”

85. Why did Puss in Boots get banned from the photo app?
Too many “self-paws.”

86. How does Shrek describe the modern world?
“It’s like an onion, every new app reveals another layer.”

87. Why did Fiona start a fitness channel?
“Turns out, rescuing princesses is a great workout.”

88. When Shrek tried a smart home device, what did he ask?
“Hey, Onion, play swamp sounds.”


And that wraps up our hilarious detour with the gang from Far Far Away! From medieval mishaps to modern memes, Shrek and friends never fail to entertain. Thanks for sharing these laughs with us. Until next time, keep the fairy-tale fun alive!


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