85 Most Funny Sister Jokes

Navigating the world of sisterhood is a journey of shared secrets, borrowed outfits, and playful jibes. Delve into these witty puns that capture the essence of sibling squabbles and the unbreakable bond that ties them together. After all, sisters have a unique way of keeping score!

Sister One-Liner Jokes

1. My sister says she’s timeless… probably because she broke all the clocks.

2. “Sis, your perfume is to die for… literally, I can’t breathe.”

3. My sister said she wants her beauty sleep; I told her she might need a coma.

4. Every time my sister wears my clothes, a part of my soul dies a little.

5. “My sister says she’s timeless; we all wish her clock would tick faster.”

6. “Sis, is that my dress or a cry for help?”

7. Whenever my brother and I have a fight, our pets place bets.

8. “When my sister tries on jewelry, even the pearls choke.”

9. “My sister says she wants a life; good to know she’s thinking ahead.”

10. “She asked for an immortal beauty routine; I said start by not aging.”

11. Every time my sister uses my makeup, I consider it a crime scene.

12. My sister borrowed my hat; it’s been mourning ever since.

13. “Sis tried to steal my shine; too bad she’s used to the shadows.”

14. “When my sister wears heels, it’s her altitude adjustment.”

15. My sister says she’s a rare gem; yeah, fool’s gold.

Sister Joke

16. “She claims that dress is her ‘killer outfit.’ Hope it doesn’t take it literally.”

17. “Sis, is that your new shade of lipstick or a warning sign?”

18. “My sister wants to be a star; I told her to shoot for the black hole.”

19. “Every time she borrows my shoes, their life expectancy drops.”

20. “My sister tried a dark and mysterious look; now we can’t find her.”

21. My sister wanted to be an astronaut; she said she needed space from our family.

22. My sister’s favorite place to relax? The graveyard; she says it’s dead quiet.

23. “I’d die for some chocolate,” says my sister every Easter.

24. My sister loves the elevator music genre; she says it lifts her spirits… then drops them.

25. My sister said she feels alive at ghost parties, probably the only time!

26. Sister’s life motto: “Eat or be eaten… preferably by zombies.”

27. My sister’s diet secret? Haunted cake – it’s supernatural.

28. My sister’s in a relationship with her calendar; it’s a date with destiny.

29. Why’d my sister bring a noose to the party? She heard it was a tie event.

30. My sister asked for a vampire pet; she wanted something that wouldn’t bite the dust.

Best Sister Puns

31. Why did my sister join the cemetery committee?
She’s dying to get involved!

32. Why did my sister bring a shovel to her birthday party?
She said she’s digging her way out of another year!

33. My sister said she’d kill for a good tan.
I told her not to go overboard, it’s just skin deep.

34. Why did my sister attend ghost school?
She said it was her “boo”-calling!

35. My sister’s favorite movie is about quicksand.
It’s a sinking feeling she can’t get out of.

36. Why did my sister wear a belt with a watch on it?
She said her time was waist-ing away!

37. My sister and I played hide and seek.
She’s been missing for a week. Best game ever!

38. Why did my sister go to the vampire dentist?
She had a biting issue!

39. My sister always wanted to be a lightbulb.
Guess she just wanted to brighten up the underworld!

40. Sister: “I’d kill for the perfect shoe collection.”
Me: “Hopefully not starting with mine!”

Sister Joke

41. Why did the sister bring a dictionary to the fight?
Because her brother never understood the meaning of “stop”!

42. Brother: “Why are you even arguing with me?”
Sister: “Because practice makes perfect!”

43. Why did the sister bring a calculator to the fight?
To add up all the times her brother was wrong!

44. Brother: “You’re so dramatic!”
Sister: “Thanks, I’ve been practicing for our next fight.”

45. Why did the brother bring a mirror to the fight?
So his sister could argue with her reflection for a change!

46. Sister: “Why do you always act like you’re the boss?
Brother: “Because when you act like a clown, someone’s got to be the ringmaster!”

47. Why did the sister bring a stopwatch to the fight?
She wanted to time how long it took her brother to realize he was wrong!

48. Brother: “You couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn!
Sister: “I don’t need to, I’ve got you for target practice!”

49. Why did the sister bring a map to the fight?
So her lost brother could find a point!

50. Brother: “You think you’re so smart.”
Sister: “Well, at least one of us has to!”

Funniest Sister Jokes

51. My sister joined a zombie choir.
She said the dead notes are the hardest!

52. Why did my sister start a gardening service for graveyards?
She heard people were dying to get in!

53. My sister bought a haunted fridge.
Every time she opens it, she sees a salad dressing!

54. Why did my sister attend a seance?
She wanted to be the “life” of the party!

55. My sister said she’d die for a good cup of coffee.
I told her that’s a steep price for a brew.

56. Why did my sister apply for a job at the graveyard?
She heard they had lots of openings!

57. My sister’s favorite exercise?

58. Why did my sister bring a ladder to the graveyard?
She wanted to reach new depths!

59. Sister: “I’m on a skeleton diet.”
Me: “So, you’re just having a bone to pick?”

60. My sister said she wants her last meal to be a battery.
She wants to charge into the afterlife!

61. Why did the sister bring a notebook to the fight?
She wanted to take notes on her brother’s mistakes!

62. Brother: “You’re adopted!”
Sister: “At least they had a choice with me!”

63. Why did the brother bring a calendar to their fight?
He wanted to pick a better date for their next argument!

64. Sister: “I’m telling Mom!
Brother: “Go ahead, I’ve already bribed her with chocolate.”

65. Why did the sister bring a compass to the fight?
She wanted to point out her brother’s direction in life!

Sister Joke

66. Brother: “You’ve got no rhythm.”
Sister: “I’d rather have no rhythm than two left feet!

67. Why did the sister bring a broom to the fight?
To sweep up her brother’s weak arguments!

68. Brother: “I’m older and wiser!”
Sister: “More like older and louder!”

69. Why did the brother bring a magnifying glass to the fight?
To see his sister’s point of view, since it’s always so small!

70. Brother: “Every time we argue, I’m reminded of
why I was an only child for those glorious two years.”

71. Sister 1: “You stole my necklace!”
Sister 2: “I thought it was a free sisterly loan!”

72. Sister 1: “Why are you wearing my dress?”
Sister 2: “Because it asked for a day out!”

73. Sister 1: “That’s my favorite bracelet!”
Sister 2: “Well, it seems to like my wrist better!”

74. Sister 1: “You’re wearing my shoes, aren’t you?”
Sister 2: “I’m just breaking them in for you!”

75. Sister 1: “Why is my purse in your room?”
Sister 2: “It said it needed a vacation!”

76. Sister 1: “You borrowed my earrings without asking!”
Sister 2: “Consider it a sisterly exchange program!”

77. My brother thinks he’s a chef;
the only thing he’s good at cooking up is an argument.

79. Sister 1: “That’s my skirt!”
Sister 2: “It’s just visiting my wardrobe for the weekend!

80. Sister 1: “You’re using my makeup?”
Sister 2: “Just giving it some real beauty practice!”

81. Sister 1: “You borrowed my hairbrush again?”
Sister 2: “It enjoys the variety!”

82. Sister 1: “That’s my new coat!”
Sister 2: “Oh, it looked so warm and inviting!”

83. Sister 1: “That’s my handbag!”
Sister 2: “It matches my style today; I’m doing it a favor!”

84. Sister 1: “Why are you wearing my necklace?”
Sister 2: “Just testing its durability for you!”

85. Sister 1: “You’re wearing my perfume?”
Sister 2: “It smelled like it needed some fresh air!”


Sisters tease, laugh, and share a lot together. Hope these jokes brought a smile! Until next time, keep enjoying the fun side of having a sibling. Cheers!


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