83 Sloth Jokes to Make You Laugh

Welcome to a world of leisurely laughs with our collection of sloth jokes. Perfect for a slow chuckle, these puns are a tribute to the unhurried charm of sloths. Sit back, relax, and enjoy these playful jests that capture the essence of slothful humor.

Sloth One-Liner Jokes

1. Why don’t sloths get good grades? They always take too long on tests.

2. A sloth’s favorite movie genre? Slow-motion pictures.

3. Why don’t sloths play hide and seek? They always fall asleep waiting.

4. If sloths were race car drivers, they’d always be in the slow lane.

5. How do sloths cheer at sports? “Go… team… eventually.”

6. Why don’t sloths get stressed? They take things one branch at a time.

7. A sloth’s favorite drink? A “slow” screwdriver.

8. Why don’t sloths like fast food? It’s too much to digest quickly.

9. Sloths don’t get haircuts. They have slow-growing hair.

10. If sloths were musicians, they’d only play ballads.

11. Why don’t sloths use computers? They can’t handle the fast pace of the internet.

12. Sloths don’t play games; they prefer slow and steady wins the race.

13. A sloth’s favorite board game? Slow-ry.

14. Why don’t sloths play soccer? The 90-minute game takes them a week to finish.

15. If sloths had a TV show, it’d be called “The Slow and the Sleepy.”

16. Why don’t sloths like fast music? They can’t keep up with the beat.

17. A sloth’s philosophy? “Slow and steady loses the race, but who cares?”

18. If sloths were authors, they’d write one book every decade.

19. Why don’t sloths like tight schedules? They prefer to hang loose.

20. Sloths don’t do marathons; they prefer year-long sprints.

21. I told a sloth joke, but it’s taking forever to get to the punchline.

22. Sloths are bad at hide and seek; they’re always spotted hanging around.

23. If sloths were good at technology, they’d only use the “slow-fi.”

24. I bought a sloth a calendar, but he said it had too many days.

25. A sloth’s favorite exercise? The dead hang.

26. Sloths don’t use microwaves; they prefer slow cookers.

27. I asked a sloth for the time; he’s still looking at his watch.

28. Ever seen a sloth in a hurry? Me neither.

29. Sloths don’t chase their dreams; they leisurely stroll after them.

30. I challenged a sloth to a duel. He said, “I’ll get back to you.”

Best Sloth Puns

31. Why don’t sloths excel at debates?
Because they always take too long to get to the point!

32. What do you call a sloth that can rap?

33. Why did the sloth get a job in construction?
Because he was great at hanging around.

34. What’s a sloth’s favorite part of a joke?
The “hang” line!

35. How do you apologize to a sloth?
Slowly and with lots of patience.

36. What did the sloth say to his girlfriend?
“I love you a sloth!”

37. Why don’t sloths ever get lost?
They never rush anywhere!

38. What do sloths make for dinner?
Slow-cooked meals.

39. Why was the sloth invited to the party?
Because he knew how to hang out.

40. What’s a sloth’s favorite movie?
The Fast and the Fur-ious: Sloth Edition.

41. How does a sloth propose?
“Will you hang with me forever?”

42. Why are sloths such good secret-keepers?
They never hurry to spill the beans.

43. What’s a sloth’s favorite exercise?
The slow-motion replay.

44. Why did the sloth cross the road?
To prove he wasn’t fast food!

45. What do you call a sloth in a race?
A slow-runner-up.

46. Why don’t sloths play cards?
They can’t deal with fast-paced games.

47. What’s a sloth’s favorite music genre?
Slow rock.

48. How did the sloth win the award?
By doing the bare minimum at a relaxed pace.

49. What do sloths use to text?

50. Why did the sloth refuse to play hide and seek?
Because good luck hiding when you take five hours to find a spot!

Funniest Sloth Jokes

51. Why did the sloth get fired from his job?
Because he always took things too slowly!

52. What do you call a group of musical sloths?
A slow band!

53. Why did the sloth break up with his girlfriend?
He needed more “me” time… very slowly.

54. What do sloths say when they’re shocked?
“Well, that’s a turn for the slower.”

55. Why did the sloth go to therapy?
To address his fear of speed!

56. What’s a sloth’s favorite game?
Slow-motion tag.

57. How do you know a sloth is lying?
His story takes too long to believe.

58. Why was the sloth a good comedian?
His punchlines were always “hanging” around.

59. What’s a sloth’s favorite subject in school?
History – because it moves at their pace!

60. Why did the sloth refuse to race the tortoise?
He didn’t want to push himself too hard.

61. What do sloths wear to bed?

62. Why did the sloth refuse to use the elevator?
He preferred taking things one step at a time.

63. How do sloths cheer on their favorite sports team?
In slow motion: “Go… team… go…”

64. What do sloths write in their diaries?
“Today, I thought about moving…”

65. Why did the sloth win the award for being humble?
He always takes things down a notch.

66. What’s a sloth’s idea of a wild night?
Moving to a different branch.

67. How do sloths handle stress?
They don’t. They hang away from it!

68. What do you call a sloth who’s a detective?
Sherlock Slow-mes.

69. Why did the sloth break the world record?
For the longest nap.

70. Why don’t sloths ever get into arguments?
Because they always take a long pause before responding.

71. Why did the sloth refuse to start a diet?
He couldn’t commit to any fast changes.

72. What did the sloth say after a long day?
“That’s enough work for a month!”

73. Why was the sloth a bad actor?
He always paused too long for dramatic effect.

74. How do sloths survive a race?
By taking one slow step at a time.

75. What’s a sloth’s favorite type of story?
Bedtime stories that take all day to tell.

76. Why did the sloth refuse to play football?
He couldn’t handle the fast passes.

77. What does a sloth say when it’s excited?
“Yay… in a few hours.”

78. Why did the sloth turn down a promotion?
It sounded like too much work.

79. How did the sloth become a yoga master?
By perfecting the long pause.

80. What’s a sloth’s life motto?
“Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?”

81. Why did the sloth break his coffee machine?
It was too “espresso” for him.

82. What’s a sloth’s favorite weather?
Slow showers with a chance of naps.

83. Why did the sloth get a good deal on his house?
He had plenty of time to negotiate.


Thank you for joining us on this slow-paced comedic journey! We hope these sloth jokes have added a bit of relaxed joy to your day. Remember, sometimes the best laughs come when you take the time to just hang around and enjoy!


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