64 Most Funny Snake Jokes

Prepare to laugh, slither, and hiss with joy! Here’s a collection of our funniest snake-themed jokes, designed to tickle your funny bone.

Whether you’re a fan of our legless friends or just enjoy a good giggle, these humorous lines are sure to have you grinning from ear to ear. Let’s get ready to ssssmile!

Snake One-Liner Jokes

1. A snake’s favourite drink is hiss-key.

2. Snakes are the best at hide and seek; they always blend with the grass.

3. If a snake could sing, he’d be part of the hiss-t pop.

4. A snake’s favorite punctuation mark is the hiss-ten dash.

5. Snakes never hold grudges, they just let it sssslide.

6. Snakes never engage in gossip, they just hiss and tell.

7. Snakes never need to get a haircut, they’re always ssssslick.

8. A snake’s favorite card game? Ssssolitaire!

9. Snakes love magic shows, they’re all about the ssssmoke and mirrors.

10. A snake’s favorite meal? Mice cream!

11. The snake couldn’t pay his rent, he was a couple of bucks sssshort.

12. The snake always loses at chess; he can only move diagonally!

13. Snakes are the best comedians, their jokes always make you hiss-terical.

Snake Joke

14. Snakes never need to iron their clothes, they’re naturally sssmooth.

15. A snake’s favorite footwear? Sssneakers!

16. A snake’s favourite lesson is hiss-tory.

17. Don’t trust atoms, they make up everything, said the snake to his proton friend.

18. The snake’s dating profile said, “Seeking mate with no legs and lots of hiss-teria!”

19. Snake parties are always ssssssspectacular.

20. Snakes never lose at poker, they always have a straight face.

21. The snake lost his job, he couldn’t keep hissss attention on his work.

22. My snake friend doesn’t need to buy boots, he’s got scale protection.

Best Snake Puns

23. Why don’t snakes use Amazon?
– They can’t slide and Prime at the same time!

24. What do you call a snake that’s exactly 3.14 feet long?
– A π-thon!

25. Why are snakes so hard to trick?
– Because you can’t pull their leg!

26. Why did the snake break up with the harp?
– She had too many strings attached!

27. What’s a snake’s favourite subject in school?
– Hiss-tory!

28. Why don’t snakes drink coffee?
– It makes them viperactive!

29. What do you call a snake who works for the government?
– A civil serpent!

30. How does a snake write a letter?
– With a boa pen!

31. What do you call a snake that bakes?
– A python-baker!

32. Why did the snake get a job?
– Because he couldn’t make both ends meet!

33. What type of book does a snake like to read?
– A coil-bound notebook!

34. What’s a snake’s favorite dance?
– The Mamba!

Snake Joke

35. Why did the snake refuse to play cards?
– Because he knew he couldn’t bluff with a straight face!

36. Why did the python join a band?
– Because he had the scales!

37. Why did the snake cross the road?
– Because it was the chicken’s day off!

38. How can you tell when a snake is feeling down?
– He can’t keep his chin up!

39. What do you call a snake in a hard hat?
– A boa constructor!

40. What do you call a snake that tells jokes?
– A stand-up hissterian!

41. Why don’t snakes wear glasses?
– Because they have perfect 20/20 hission!

42. What’s a snake’s preferred method to make a decision?
– Flip a sssssssssss-coin!

Funniest Snake Jokes

43. Why did the snake always get the lead role in plays?
– Because he was a great hiss-perian actor!

44. What type of snake is good at math?
– An adder!

45. Why do snakes make terrible comedians?
– They have a dry hiss-terical sense of humor!

46. Why did the snake get in trouble in school?
– Because he couldn’t keep hissss attention on the lesson!

47. How does a snake keep its skin moisturized?
– With reptile cream!

48. Why did the snake start a cleaning business?
– He wanted to make every place squeaky-clean!

49. What do you call a snake that bounces?
– A spring cobra!

50. What did the snake put in his drink?
– A reptile refresher!

51. What do you call a snake who became a farmer?
– A corn adder!

52. What do you call a snake who’s great at basketball?
– A slam dunk hisster!

53. What did the snake give to his wife on their wedding anniversary?
– A bouquet of hiss-op!

54. Why did the snake go to the party?
– He heard it was going to be ssssmokin’!

55. What did the snake say to the tightrope walker?
– You’ve got some hiss-terical balancing skills!

Snake Joke about sneaker shoes

56. Why did the snake go to therapy?
– He couldn’t come to grips with his lack of hands!

57. How do snakes end a fight?
– They hiss and make up!

58. What do you call a snake that became a law enforcement officer?
– An inve-sting-ator!

59. What do you call a snake that’s a master at calligraphy?
– A hand-ssss-script expert!

60. Why couldn’t the snake talk at the meeting?
– He had a frog in his throat!

61. What’s a snake’s favorite magic spell?
– Abra-ka-dabra!

62. What type of snake always gets lost?
– A missss-placed python!

63. Why do snakes never miss a meeting?
– Because they always slide in on time!

64. The fashion-forward snake never leaves the house without his belt

– it’s made of genuine snake skin!


As we wrap up our slithering journey through these hilarious snake jokes, we hope they’ve added a dash of humor to your day.

Remember, a good laugh can make any situation lighter and snakes aren’t always as sssscary as they seem. Keep these jokes in your back pocket for whenever you need a quick chuckle, and never forget to ssssmile!


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