105 Most Funny Soccer Jokes

Ready to kick off with some laughs? From the field to the stands, these soccer jokes will have you scoring chuckles in no time. Whether you’re a fan or a player, prepare for a comedic goal-fest ahead!

Soccer One-Liner Jokes

1. Why was the soccer ball stressed? It was getting kicked around at work!

2. Why did the soccer player bring string to the game? To tie the score!

3. What do soccer referees send during the holidays? Yellow cards!

4. What do you call a soccer player with no legs? A goalie!

5. Why did the soccer player wear a hat? He wanted to head the ball!

6. What position do skeletons play? Skullkeeper!

7. What’s a soccer player’s favorite dessert? Slide tackle tarts!

8. Why do soccer players have such clear skin? They always cleanse their kicks!

9. What’s a soccer player’s favorite tool? A screw-kick!

10. Why was Cinderella terrible at soccer? Her coach was a pumpkin!

11. Why do soccer players excel in school? They know how to use their heads!

12. What’s a soccer ghost’s favorite position? Ghoulkeeper!

13. Why did the soccer player bring tea to the game? For the tea-off!

14. Why did the soccer ball go to school? To get kicked up a grade!

15. How do you stop a soccer player from charging? Take away its credit card!

16. What do soccer players and time have in common? Clockwork passing!

17. Why did the computer go to soccer practice? To improve its boot up time!

18. Why did the soccer player sit at the bank? To save his goals!

19. Why are soccer players excellent at math? They know all the angles!

20. What did the bad soccer announcer get? A red card for foul language!

 Soccer Joke

21. Ronaldo’s cocktail? The hat-trick – one sip and you’re floored thrice!

22. Messi’s wine is like his play: smooth, intense, and leaves you wanting more.

23. When Neymar said he’s into diving, I thought he meant wine.

24. Beckham’s whiskey: It bends smoothly down your throat.

25. If Zlatan made wine, it’d probably serve itself to you.

26. Ramos’ dating advice? Play hard, but watch out for the red flags.

27. Suarez at a steakhouse: “I’ll have the bite-sized, please.”

28. Bale’s hair salon: “We’ll knot get it wrong!

29. Pogba’s coffee: Expensive, but worth the transfer.

30. Pirlo’s night out? More like a wine masterclass in disguise.

31. Ronaldinho’s smile? So bright, it lights up a bar.

32. Kante at a party: Pops up everywhere, especially where the drinks are!

33. Özil’s vision isn’t just on the field – he spots the last drink at every party.

34. Modric in a pub quiz: Always central to the right answers.

35. Aguero’s surprise parties? They always hit you at the last minute.

36. Why did Casillas start a bank? He’s an expert in making saves.

37. Buffon’s age is like a fine wine, better with every sip and save.

38. Mbappé’s drink choice? Something that’s gone in a flash!

39. Gerrard’s dance lessons: Perfect until the last slip.

40. When Rooney drives, he doesn’t make U-turns – only unexpected transfers.

Best Soccer Puns

41. Why did Ronaldo open a bakery?
He was great at rolling the dough and scoring sweet goals!

42. Why did Messi go to the bar?
To dribble past the bartender!

43. Neymar went to a wine tasting.
He found the experience quite… diving!

44. What does Beckham and a fine wine have in common?
Both get better with age!

45. Why did Suarez go to the steakhouse?
He heard they had a good bite!

46. When Pogba mixes a cocktail,
he calls it a “Pog-tail”. It has a kick!

47. Why did Ramos take up poker?
Because he always played his cards right, even when they were red!

48. Zlatan doesn’t order drinks.
The drinks order themselves for Zlatan.

49. Mbappé walked into a bar,
but before the bartender could ask, he was already at the other end!

50. Why did Gerrard open a dance school?
He had some legendary slips!

51. Casillas can’t play hide and seek.
Good luck hiding when you’re always saving!

52. Why was Modric suspected at the cocktail party?
He was always stirring things up!

53. Ronaldinho tried stand-up comedy.
His jokes always had a cheeky twist!

54. Why did Kante get kicked out of the bar?
He was everywhere, even behind the counter!

55. How does Aguero order his coffee?
Swiftly, before anyone can intercept!

 Soccer Jokes

56. Why did Pirlo start brewing beer?
His free kicks were as smooth as craft beer!

57. Why did Buffon start a wine business?
Because he had a history of fine saves!

58. Bale went to a karaoke bar, but instead of singing,
he just took free-kicks into the crowd.

59. Why was Özil such a hit at parties?
His vision was unparalleled; he could spot a drink from across the room!

60. Rooney and Tevez once walked into a bar,
but the real action was their transfer out!

61. How do you describe a soccer player who just got a haircut?
A fresh cut on the field!

62. Why did the scarecrow become a soccer goalie?
Because he was outstanding in his field!

63. What did the soccer net say to the ball?
“Caught ya!”

64. How did the soccer fan react when her team lost?
She was totally goal-smacked!

65. Why don’t skeletons play soccer?
They don’t have the guts!

66. What’s a vampire’s favorite soccer position?
Sucker forward!

67. Why did the soccer player bring a pencil to the game?
In case he had to draw!

68. What did the soccer referee write in his diary?
Felt blue today – showed too many yellow cards!

69. Why was the soccer field so hot?
Because all the players were on fire!

70. Why was the soccer ball proud?
It had made it to the goal-post!

Funniest Soccer Jokes

71. Why did Neymar host a wine tasting?
Every time he sipped, he fell over, but everyone agreed the wine had a great dive to it!

72. When Ronaldo tried bartending,
he mixed drinks with so much flair that everyone got a little… dizzy.

73. Why did Messi refuse to play cards?
Every time he tried to deal, he just dribbled all over the table!

74. How does Zlatan celebrate a good joke?
He says, “I am the punchline.”

75. Why did Suarez get kicked out of the casino?
They caught him trying to “bite” the chips!

76. Ramos started a dating service; he promises to help you find your perfect match before getting a red card and leaving you on your own.

77. Özil threw a surprise party.
He saw everyone coming even before they knew they were going!

78. Why doesn’t Beckham order whiskey on the rocks?
He prefers it bent, not straight!

79. Why did Pogba get in trouble at the coffee shop?
He kept trying to transfer his coffee to another mug!

80. When Bale heard about hair transplants,
he thought they meant moving his ponytail from Madrid to London.

81. Why did Gerrard never become a DJ?
Every time he tried to spin, he ended up slipping!

82. Casillas started a savings account,
but he’s so good, the bank hasn’t seen a single withdrawal!

83. Ronaldinho tried to play poker,
but his grin gave away every hand!

84. When Kante played hide and seek, the game was over before it began.
He was everywhere, yet nowhere!

85. Aguero’s favorite cocktail?
The “last-minute winner” – it hits you when you least expect it!

 Soccer Jokes

86. Pirlo’s idea of a wild night?
A fine wine, classical music, and a masterclass in free kicks.

87. Why did Modric get kicked out of the library?
He was always in the center, and he just wouldn’t pass!

88. Buffon’s wine is like his goalkeeping –
aged to perfection and reliable in crucial moments.

89. Rooney started a GPS service.
It guides you in a straight line until you decide to take a sudden, unexpected transfer.

90. Why did Mbappé never play chess?
By the time you made one move, he’d already finished the game!

91. Why did the soccer player like the grass?
Because it tickled his boots!

92. What do soccer players and magicians have in common?
Both do hat tricks!

93. Why did the soccer ball file a police report?
It got kicked all over the place!

94. Why did the computer go to soccer practice?
It wanted to improve its byte!

95. How do trees play soccer?
They log in and branch out!

96. Why don’t soccer players get locked out of their houses?
They always carry spare keys!

997. What’s a soccer player’s favorite musical instrument?
The penalty flute!

98. Why was the soccer shoe feeling depressed?
It was fed up with being kicked around!

99. What does a soccer player do when he needs a break?
He pauses the game and takes a pitch-stop!

100. Why did the soccer stadium get hot after the game?
All the fans left!

101. An American said, “I played soccer yesterday!”
The European replied, “Interesting, I played football today… and every other day.”

102. Why did the American avoid talking about soccer in Europe?
He didn’t want to “foot” his mouth!

103. An American asked, “Do you have soccer shoes here?”
The European responded, “Sure, right next to our baseball bats for cricket!

104. “I bought a soccer jersey in the U.S.!” said the American.
The European winked, “Was it on sale in the ‘lost in translation’ section?”

105. Why did the American bring a round ball to the European picnic?
He wanted a slice of the “soccer pie!”


As the final whistle blows on our joke match, I hope you’ve had a ball of a time! Remember, in the game of humor, everyone’s a winner. Until next time, keep those chuckles rolling!


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