78 Most Funny Soup Jokes

Get ready to ladle out some laughs with these soup-er funny jokes! From brothy puns to hearty humor, these jokes are the perfect blend of wit and warmth. Whether you’re a soup aficionado or just looking for a spoonful of fun, these jokes are sure to bowl you over!

Soup One-Liner Jokes

1. “Why did the soup win an award? It was a ‘souper’ star!”

2. My soup is so smart, it’s a broth-er brain.

3. “Why was the soup always in trouble? It wouldn’t stop stewing around.”

4. “Why did the soup join the army? It wanted to be in the ‘can’ infantry.”

5. “How does soup break up with you? ‘It’s not you, it’s stew.'”

6. Why don’t soups play basketball? They always dribble.”

7. “I started a soup diet, but it’s just a lot of liquid assets.”

8. “Soup’s favorite horror movie? The Silence of the Yams.”

9. “Why did the soup get a job? It needed the dough.”

10. How do you make gold soup? Add 14 carrots.”

Soup Joke

11. Why did the soup write a book? It had a broth of stories.”

12. “Soup’s favorite music? Rock and Broth n’ Roll.”

13. “Why was the soup so trendy? It was always in the ‘loop’.”

14. Why did the soup go to the dentist? It needed a filling.”

15. “Soup’s least favorite music? Heavy meatal.”

16. “How do you compliment a soup chef? ‘You’ve got great taste!'”

17. Why was the soup a great actor? It always played the ‘broth’ role.”

18. “Why don’t soups get stressed? They just broth it off.”

19. “Soup’s favorite detective? Sherlock Bowls.”

20. “Why did the soup go to space? To become a brothernaut.”

Best Soup Puns

21. Why did the soup go to the doctor?
Because it had a leak!

22. What did one soup say to the other?
“You’re stew-pendous!”

23. How do you know if a soup is rich?
When it has lots of stock!

24. What’s a soup’s favorite game?

25. Why did the tomato turn red?
Because it saw the salad dressing and the soup blushing!

26. What’s a soup’s favorite dance move?
The broth-bop!

27. Why don’t secrets stay secret in a bowl of soup?
Because they always come out in the broth!

28. What did the soup say to the spoon?
“Ladle me be!”

29. Why was the vegetable soup so bad at school?
It couldn’t keep its peas and ques!

30. What do you call a soup that likes to gossip?
A soup-er spreader!

31. Why was the onion soup so popular?
It was full of layers of personality!

32. How does soup cheer on its team?
“Go broth!”

33. Why did the soup start a band?
Because it had good taste!

34. What do you call a soup that’s showing off?
A show-bisque!

35. Why did the soup stop telling jokes?
It was afraid of getting a ladle too cheesy!

Soup Joke

36. What’s a soup’s favorite movie?
“The Brothfather!”

37. How do you fix a broken tomato soup?
With tomato paste!

38. Why did the soup go to school?
To improve its consommé-tration!

39. What kind of soup causes trouble?

40. Why don’t computers like soup?
They have trouble with their bytes and sips!

41. Why don’t soups get along with pies?
They can’t agree on a filling story!

42. What did the old soup say to the young soup?
“I’ve seen more bowls than you!”

43. Why was the soup a good comedian?
It always had a stew of jokes!

44. What’s a soup’s favorite piece of clothing?
A soup-er hero cape!

45. Why was the soup so bad at baseball?
It kept throwing meatballs!

46. What do you call a soup that’s lost its flavor?
A soupernatural mystery!

47. Why did the soup write a diary?
To dish out its daily broth-erings!

48. What’s a soup’s favorite instrument?
The drum(bowl)!

49. Why did the minestrone soup go to school?
To become a smarter stew-dent!

50. What did the tomato soup say to the chef?
“You’re stew-pendous at this!”

Funniest Soup Jokes

51. Why did the noodle get invited to all the parties?
Because it was souper fun!

52. What do you call a sleeping soup?
Snooze-dle soup!

53. Why don’t soups play cards?
Because they’re afraid of spilling the beans!

54. What’s a ghost’s favorite soup?
Screamed of tomato!

55. Why did the soup go to the art exhibit?
To see the Van Gogh-urt!

56. What’s a vampire’s least favorite soup?
Stake and potato!

57. How do you know when a soup is a math whiz?
When it can add lots of sum-maries!

58. Why did the potato soup keep apologizing?
Because it felt a little broth!

59. What do you call a humorous broth?
A laughing stock!

60. Why was the chicken soup so vain?
Because it kept looking in the mirr-orzo!

61. Why did the soup get a job?
To earn some bread!

62. How do you catch a runaway soup?
With a soup-er net!

63. What’s a soup’s favorite band?
The Rolling Scones!

64. What do you call a fast soup?

65. Why was the lentil soup so artistic?
Because it was in a good drawing stock!

66. What’s the soup’s favorite exercise?
The bowl lift!

67. Why did the soup write a book?
It had a broth of knowledge!

68. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a soup?

69. What’s a computer’s favorite soup?

70. Why was the soup always calm?
Because it never wanted to stew much!

71. Why did the soup get a ticket?
It was stew speeding!

72. What do you call a soup that’s a detective?
Inspector Gazpacho!

73. Why did the soup break its promise?
It had a slip of the tongue!

74. How do you compliment a soup?
Say, “You’re souperb!”

75. Why was the soup always winning races?
Because it was always in a hurry!

76. What’s a soup’s favorite magic spell?

77. Why did the soup go to the party?
To bowl everyone over!

78. What do you call a soup that’s always on time?
Chilli prompt!


We are certain that you enjoyed this delicious serving of soup-themed humor. Remember, a day without laughter is like a soup without seasoning. Keep stirring up joy and sharing these ‘souper’ jokes with others!


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