65 Funniest Squid Jokes

Get ready to dive into a sea of laughter with these squid-themed jokes! From witty one-liners to playful puns, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to your face. Whether you’re a fan of the deep blue sea or just enjoy a good chuckle, these squid jokes are ink-redibly funny and perfect for sharing with friends and family!

Squid One-Liner Jokes

1. Squids don’t worry about fashion; they always wear their ink-credible outfits.

2. A squid’s favorite exercise? Swim-jitsu!

3. I asked a squid for advice; it told me to go with the current.

4. Squids in a library? They’re always checking out the ink-cyclopedia.

5. Squids don’t get lost; they just follow their ink-stinct.

6. A squid’s favorite day of the week? Ink-sday!

7. When squids paint, it’s always a masterpiece of ink-pressionism.

8. Squids don’t like spicy food; it makes them ink-omfortable.

9. A squid’s dream job? An ink-vestor!

10. Squids don’t play guitar; they play the ink-ulele.

Squid joke

11. Squids don’t use pens; they prefer their natural ink-stincts.

12. Squids at a barbecue? They always bring the sea-sonings.

13. Squids in love are truly ink-fatuated.

14. A squid’s favorite hobby? Inking about life.

15. When squids go shopping, they always browse the tentacle section.

16. Squids don’t get cold; they have their own ink-sulation.

17. A squid’s favorite subject in school? Art-ctopus.

18. Squids don’t like drama; they prefer a sea-renity.

19. When squids celebrate, it’s always a splash.

20. A squid’s life philosophy? Just keep swimming, just keep inking!

Best Squid Puns

21. Why don’t squids trust the news?
Too much ink-accuracy!

22. What’s a squid’s favorite ballet?
The Nut-quid-er!

23. Why was the squid a good drummer?
Because it can hit all the octaves!

24. What’s a squid’s least favorite day?

25. How do squids maintain law and order?
With squid-constables!

26. What’s a squid’s favorite kitchen tool?
The ink-blender!

27. Why was the squid great at hide and seek?
It was a master of disguise!

28. What do you call a smart squid?

29. Why was the squid invited to parties?
It was always the life of the pod!

30. What’s a squid’s favorite candy?

Squid joke

31. Why don’t squids like fast food?
They can’t stand the grease, it makes them squeak!

32. How do squids go up a building?
They take the squ-elevator!

33. What’s a squid’s favorite sport?

34. Why did the squid blush?
It saw the sea-weed!

35. What do you call a squid in space?
A squidlite!

36. Why are squids great in school?
They’re always up for a challenge, tentacle-first!

37. What’s a squid’s favorite book?
“Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”!

38. How do squids send secret messages?
In morse cod!

39. What did the squid say to its Valentine?
You octopi my heart!

40. Why don’t squids like to play video games?
They’re afraid of the console’s kraken!

Most Funny Squid Jokes

41. Why did the squid stop playing poker?
It was tired of being called a card-squid!

42. What do you call a squid that’s a detective?
An ink-vestigator!

43. Why are squids bad at basketball?
They always dribble before they shoot!

44. What’s a squid’s favorite musical?
“The Little Mermaid” – they love the undersea scenes!

45. How do squids make decisions?
They think long and tentacle!

46. What do squids do on sunny days?
They go bask in the sea!

47. Why did the squid blush?
It saw the ocean’s bottom!

48. What do you call a squid who’s good at math?
A cal-cu-lator!

49. Why don’t squids play soccer?
They’re afraid of netting a goal!

50. What’s a squid’s favorite snack?
Fish and ships!

Squid joke

51. Why are squids great at chess?
Because they always think several arms ahead!

52. What’s a squid’s favorite holiday?
Ink-dependence Day!

53. How do squids keep their homes clean?
With tenta-cleaning!

54. What do you call a lazy squid?
A squidlounger!

55. Why was the squid a great comedian?
It had a knack for ink-timing!

56. What’s a squid’s favorite dance move?
The jellyfish jam!

57. Why don’t squids like tight spaces? They need room to spread their tentacles!
58. How do squids get to school? By octo-bus!

59. What’s a squid’s favorite type of music?
Rock and roe!

60. Why did the squid cross the seabed?
To get to the other tide!

61. Squids don’t pay for anything;
they just ink-clude it in their budget.

62. Squids love fast food,
especially krill-thru restaurants.

63. I told a squid joke,
but it just inked away.

64. Squids are terrible at hide and seek;
they always ink their spot.

65. Never give a squid a loan;
they’re always underwater.


We hope you enjoyed this ocean of squid humor! Remember, whenever you need a little laughter in your life, these squid jokes are here to add a splash of fun. Keep swimming through your day with a smile, and share these ink-credible jokes with others to spread the joy!


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