90 Most Funny Squirrel Jokes

Dive into the whimsical world of our furry, tree-loving friends: squirrels! From their nutty escapades to their treetop tales, these puns are sure to crack more than just acorns. Get ready for a hearty chuckle and a dose of woodland wit!

Squirrel One-Liner Jokes

1. I told a squirrel a joke and he said, “That’s acorn-y one!”

2. Squirrels give me pause; mainly because of their claws.

3. Ever tried squirrel yoga? It’s all about the stretch for that unreachable nut.

4. I watched a squirrel juggling; he was nuts about it.

5. “Drop the acorn!” shouted the squirrel cop. “You’re under a nut-rest!”

6. Squirrels are just rats with a better PR team.

7. My squirrel friend said he’s branching out into comedy.

8. Squirrels don’t trust banks; they bury their savings.

9. Why was the squirrel’s computer freezing? Too many open windows.

10. If squirrels ran tech support, they’d just tell you to reboot and stash your data.

11. The squirrel’s favorite movie? “Gone with the Nut.”

12. I saw a squirrel at a keyboard; he was typing up a new branch strategy.

13. Squirrels are actually very kind; they’re nuts about charity.

14. My squirrel friend said he’s in a band – “The Nutcrackers.”

15. Tried a squirrel diet once. It’s nuts.

squirrel joke about nuts

16. Why did the squirrel join the tennis club? He wanted to perfect his nut serve.

17. Squirrel horoscopes always forecast a 100% chance of nutty encounters.

18. The squirrel chef’s signature dish? Nut pie with a side of bark.

19. If squirrels had dating apps, it’d be called “NutMatch.”

20. Squirrels don’t go to college; they’re already experts in their field.

21. The squirrel couldn’t make a decision: it was stuck between two nuts.

22. I asked a squirrel to share its secret. Turns out it was nut-telling.

23. Squirrels with watches? Now that’s nut-time precision!

24. My squirrel friend is a lawyer. He specializes in nut-igation.

25. Ever met a lazy squirrel? They’re the ones without any nuts in their stock.

26. Why did the squirrel sit with the ducks? To get a quack at the nuts.

27. A squirrel in a suit is just nuts dressed up.

28. Squirrels are the best party planners; they always have a stash of snacks.

29. Met a squirrel chef, his signature dish? Nut-ella toast.

30. Squirrels are so 21st century – they believe in a cashew-less society.

Best Squirrel Puns

31. Why did the squirrel swim on its back?
To keep its nuts dry!

32. What do you call a squirrel with a nut allergy?
An irony!

33. How do you catch a squirrel?
Climb up in a tree and act like a nut!

34. Why did the squirrel take a break?
Because it was nuts about vacations!

35. Why did the squirrel go to the party?
To get its nut on!

36. Why did the squirrel give up playing cards?
It wasn’t fond of dealing with a full deck of nuts!

37. How can you make a squirrel laugh?
Tell it an acorn-y joke!

38. Why was the squirrel always calm?
Because it never cracked under pressure!

39. What did the squirrel say to its Valentine?
“I’m nuts about you!”

40. How do squirrels keep their pants up?
With acorn-y belt!

41. Why was the squirrel so good at basketball?
It had a great jump and knew how to shoot the nuts!

42. Why do squirrels never gossip?
Because they can’t keep things under wraps; they always spill the nuts!

43. What do squirrels give each other for Christmas?
Pinecones! They’re a bit nutty, but they like them!

44. Why did the squirrel get a promotion?
Because it was nuts about hard work!

45. Why was the squirrel at the computer?
It wanted to keep up with the latest tech-nut-ology!

squirrel joke

46. How do you apologize to a squirrel?
I’m sorry for acting nutty!

47. What kind of movies do squirrels like?
Anything that’s nut-rated!

48. Why don’t squirrels need GPS?
Because they have a natural tree-sense!

49. What do squirrels use to communicate?

50. Why did the squirrel like to go to school?
It was eager to be at the top of the nut-roll!

51. Why did the squirrel eat candle wax?
It wanted a light snack!

52. How did the squirrel propose?
“Will you be my nut-ter half?”

53. Why did the squirrel blush?
It saw the tree’s bark!

54. What do squirrels give out on Valentine’s Day?
Nut-ty chocolates!

55. How do squirrels celebrate birthdays?
With a nutty cake and a game of pin the tail on the acorn!

56. Why don’t squirrels use calendars?
Every day is nut day!

57. What do squirrels and computers have in common?
Both have bytes and a lot of memory for storing!

58. Why did the squirrel join a band?
It was the best at drumming up nuts!

59. Why did the squirrel become a detective?
Because it was great at cracking cases!

60. What’s a squirrel’s least favorite weather?
When it’s nut-freezing outside!

Funniest Squirrel Jokes

61. Why did the squirrel attend the music class?
To improve its nut-ation!

62. Why was the squirrel good at math?
Because it knew the sum of its nuts!

63. How do squirrels keep their fur so soft?
Nut-ritional supplements!

64. Why was the squirrel always hungry at the computer?
Because it was nibbling bytes!

65. Why did the squirrel break up with the computer?
Too many bytes, not enough nuts!

66. Why did the squirrel sit on the clock?
It wanted to be on nut-time!

67. Why was the squirrel’s computer so slow?
It had too many acorns open!

68. What do you call a squirrel’s savings account?
A nut trust!

69. Why did the squirrel join the circus?
It was a natural on the flying trapeze – always catching nuts mid-air!

70. What do you call a squirrel who can sing?
A nut-tenor!

squirrel joke about acting

71. What’s a squirrel’s favorite musical instrument?
The nut-cussion!

72. Why did the squirrel stop watching the TV?
Too many nut-flix series to catch up on!

73. Why do squirrels hate riddles?
They can’t crack them like nuts!

74. How do squirrels say goodbye?
“See you in a nut-shell!”

75. Why did the squirrel get glasses?
To improve its nut-sight!

76. What’s a squirrel’s favorite type of move?
A nutmeg in soccer!

77. Why did the squirrel sit next to the keyboard?
It heard there was a space bar full of nuts!

78. How do you compliment a squirrel?
“You look acorn-plished!”

79. Why did the squirrel get an award?
For being out-standing in its field!

80. What do squirrels give each other for their birthdays?
Cashews and blessings!

81. What’s a squirrel’s favorite hobby?

82. What’s a squirrel’s favorite type of story?
Anything with a twist in the tail!

83. Why did the squirrel like school?
Because it was nuts about knowledge!

84. Why did the squirrel break up with the pinecone?
It was too prickly of a relationship!

85. How do squirrels say thank you?
“Thanks a nut-ch!”

86. What’s a squirrel’s favorite game?
Hide and nut-seek!

87. Why did the squirrel get a smartphone?
It wanted to take shellfies!

88. How do you know a squirrel is in love?
When it goes nuts over someone!

89. Why did the squirrel wear a raincoat?
To keep its nut-ella dry!

90. What did the squirrel say to its therapist?
Sometimes, I feel like I’m just another nut in the tree.


As we wrap up our comedic climb, remember: life’s quirks can often be found in nature’s smallest antics. Just like squirrels, sometimes all you need is a nutty perspective to find joy. So, keep laughing and keep appreciating the lighter side of the wilderness!


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